Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Can You Ever Have Enough Tea Towels ?....

Well I am happy to report that the building work shall finally commence on our kitchen diner in a day or two. I have lived with a half finished kitchen for quite a while now, so can't wait to dig my pretties out and begin faffing with displaying them. Here is my little helper helping me prep in readiness for the builders coming, the more jobs we can get done before they descend on us, the more pennies I shall have left in my purse, so hope to do as much as we can before they are here.

For health and safety reasons I want to point out that my three year old is infact on top of a very dinky little ladder, quite shabby chic actually, and I was supervising throughout. Maybe we should cloud over the fact that he also has a sharp implement in his hand. Well a scraper, but in the hands of a three year old....

I have to say he has been brilliant, a natural, he knew exactly what to do and took instruction very well. Mmmmm maybe I shall have to get him to do more jobs around the house.

Obviously I am clearing the kitchen of my pretties that are tucked away, as I wish no harm to come to them during all this banging and knocking, and boy I didn't really realise how much I have gathered. All saved up, shiny and new for the grand kitchen opening event!

Take my tea towels, now I probably have about 10 on the go at any one given moment, some in the wash, some found in children's bedrooms, some underneath beds, some actually being used to wipe dishes.We don't have, nor desire a dishwasher, 8 hands are enough for us to get the job done, so tea towels are a big thing in this house. Imagine my delight then, when I found my secret stash of bottom drawer tea towels, I wonder if they shall ever get used ;)

So come on, what's in your secret stash....



  1. Lovely Tea Towels, but I love the child labour, very cute. Do you hire them out???

  2. Ahh, you have some very lovely pretties there.
    Secret stashes? Errmm, my secret stashes are so secret, I can't ever find them again. I am known for putting things in a "safe" place, only for them never to be found again.

  3. wow i love your secret stash they all look so pretty!!..
    my secret stash is a stash of alsorts..jugs, pictures and candles that i still have yet to find a home for so are all in my wardrobe.. chest of drawers!!!!

    thanks for the comment..jude has been given some steroids that he has to take for 3 days but after that nothing.. we have been given an inhaler to but we already had one that had been prescribed by the gp the other week.. which we do use when he starts wheezing..
    such a scary time and it does tend to be on almost monthly basis ... i keep saying to hubby that if we lived in criccieth by the sea he wouldnt have this problem!!!!

  4. He looks so adorable, but then I have a soft spot for little ones with long hair. I would love for you to link and add my button. I just want peeps to get crafty with their children and stop worrying sbout the mess and the need for perfection. Mostly I want everyone to enjoy.

    So craft away and link away too

  5. I seem to be acquiring tins at an alarming rate - i too am living with half done kitchen so lucky you for getting it finished !!! x

  6. Hmmmm, child labour, I like ;) perhaps I can send J round to help, get the job done quicker. He'll be happy to be payed in ones (biscuits).
    I'm very excited about your kitchen so heavens knows how you feel.
    Glad to see you've signed up for the Childrens craft showcase.

    Beki xxx

  7. Hi Mary,
    LOVE the teatowels!
    I have an award for you on my blog :)
    Please pop over to collect it!

  8. It's so funny you mentioned tea towels today... as I ready myself to move into my own flat I was laughing with my friend when we come to unpack the various boxes of treasures along the way I'm sure we'll find loads of tea towels as that's always been something I've brought on my travels!!

    Victoria xx

  9. I love your collection of tea towels. I bet you can't wait till your kitchen is finished. I've slowly been doing mine, nothing too major, just swapping out old bits for different bits.

  10. Those tea towels would not look out of place stacked in a CK shop!Lovely!
    I am so sorry that your name did not get pulled out of my hat, for my giveaway! I too sobbed when I read your message!! Maybe next time!

  11. I bet you are so glad to get going and cannot wait to get all the pretties out again and on display! I have a massive drawer of teatowels! The rubbishy ones get used everyday....like you get found in the most unusual places, but at the bottom are my favourites only to be used in special circumstances! he he! Have a lovely day! xxx

  12. What a cute little helper :) Am another one who loves little boys with long hair.

  13. What a lovely selection of tea towels. Very pretty.
    My secret stash is wallpaper. Full rolls, part rolls and samples. All brought home because I swore there was some project to use it for. But alas, most are unused so far!

  14. We have some great photos of our boys stripping wallpaper - they love to look at them and remember how much fun it was, getting our house ready to live in! And I think that giving him a scraper (supervised) isn't a bad idea at all - children learn to be sensible with things, and overprotecting them is probably a lot worse.

    Secret stash - it would probably be embroidered cloths. I've been dipping into it a lot more recently! I do like your tea towels, though.

  15. Good luck with the work.
    I've had a HUGE tea towel clear out and feel better for it. I need to buy some more though ready for the new house!

  16. I hope all the work goes smooth and you have a nice new kitchen soon.
    I love tea towels too. I also have some that I don't use because they are just too pretty. LOL

  17. Hi Mary,
    Yes I have been very lucky with Sal's giveaways!
    I really must do my own giveaway soon - I missed my 1 year anniversary!
    P.S My fave teatowel is the greengate one - so pretty x

  18. I love your tea towel collection. I have a mountain of tea towels because the fabric mill I ago to sells them unfinished for 50 pence each and I can never resist a bargain. x

  19. well I do enjoy looking at all your pretties and had to am still amused at what you use to store these tea towels :-)
    I have many stashes I just cant remember what they are as its so long since I have seen them!

  20. your son is the cutest!!

    i am addicted to teatowels - love em!!

  21. I am being a good girl this year and de stashing all my hoarded goodies..using things instead of stashing them *gasp* its going to be tough!!!
    Love your pretty teatowels xx I make the mistake of not hiding them well and people in this house use them(including to mop up spillages!!) so then they aren't so lovely :(
    Glad you are using your child as intended ;0
    The health and safety police would have had a field day on sunday when R was helping daddy cut wood for the fire!!!

  22. Make the most of the child labour while you can - when they get older they no longer want to help! ;-)

    Love your secret stash of tea towels. My secret stashes... Hmmm well I don't think hubby realised I had quite so many sewing machines!

  23. How exciting, a new kitchen! Still to finish mine, having to rectify bad work by the builder, but it's getting there.

    Every room seems to have a stash of some sort in it, from magazines, to fabric, to glass candlesticks. But I think my worst is the pyjama draw which has over 20 sets in it, and 6 of those still with the tags on waiting to be worn LOL! xx

  24. Your tea towels are so pretty, your kitchen will look lovely with those hanging there. When I was young my Mom, when asked if she had a dishwasher, replied... "Why yes I do!" and then proceeded to say each of her 4 daughters names. :-)
    We didn't hate the chore too much, as there were so many of us to help and we would sing as we were washing everything up to help pass the time.

  25. My, that's beautiful! What a great idea too!


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