Friday, 11 December 2009

She May Not Be Big, But She Is Beautiful....

Is it me, or is really hard to photograph one's decorated Christmas tree. Our trees look so beautiful and glorious in the flesh but I can't seem to capture it in a photograph, maybe I need to go on a how to photograph your Christmas tree course ;) We have two decorated trees, an artificial one, bought in the sale from M&S years ago, and a real one in the lounge. I have to say the artificial one is very real like and also is a fantastic shape, tall and not too wide so fits in our hallway superbly. Yet can I take a decent pretty photograph of it, not really.

The real one in the lounge is a 6 footer though looks much smaller to me, once bought, the kindly man plonked it into a tree stump and we have left it as it is. I do think Christmas trees get a little thirsty and should be in water, though Mr. Poppins says they don't have to be, I am normally almost always right ;) Anyone know how to keep one's real tree looking sprightly. We have plumed for pretty paper chains this year rather than tinsel. Myself and the two Poppins got a little sticky putting them all together, but worth it.

Well here she is small, yet perfectly formed in my opinion.

A couple of my favourite decorations.

All I want for Christmas....

A gorgeous and well loved vintage wooden Father Christmas, he has a little crazing, but in my opinion makes him all the more charmful.

A beautiful crocheted Icicle kindly made for me by a lovely Lady

And on the artificial tree, I am always reminded by my first born.

And of course a Mary Poppins tree wouldn't be a decorated tree without a sparkly pink heart, kindly sent to me from a fellow blogger friend last year in a little Christmas decoration swap we did.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my newly found engagement ring. I am enjoying it all over again, 10 years old, yet feels brand new.

Merry Christmas



  1. Loving seeing all these trees and deccies!! making it feel much more christmasy xxx

  2. Lovely Tree. Each of my ornaments is filled with meaning and love.

    I love Christmas decorations and all that the season brings, but am pants at photographing trees too

  3. Your tree is just beautifully decorated and I love the christmas ornaments! I haven't got mine done yet! suzie. xxx

  4. looks lovely Mary xxx
    We keep ours in water - we have a metal stand thingy we got a few years ago - it clamps it in and you can fill up the little pot bit. Have to say its been up since Sunday had lights wrapped round it. decs put on and moved and moved again ;) and pressies arranged under and still hasn't lost any needles....
    Now I just need to trim up my mantles - wonder if my ideas can get from head to hand succesfully??

  5. What a cheery tree! Love the paper chain, makes it so festive.

  6. I know what you mean about photographing Christmas trees so if you find that course do let me know and I'll join you!

    Victoria xxx

  7. What a pretty little tree Mary. We cut the bottom off ours when we get it home and leave it in a big bucket of water for a few days. then wen put it in the tree stand and give it water daily.
    Glad you managed to fit it in
    Rachael XX

  8. gorgeous poppins tree :-) i havent got ours yet!! eek!

  9. Oh Mary, that looks lovely, so festive, very pretty, you're so right tis hard to do trees, however your tree looks great!xxxx

  10. Oh I can't imagine the sickness in the pit of your stomach when you couldn't find your ring! It is gorgeous byu the way! So happy you two are back together! :)

    When I look at photos in magazines of trees I am always amazed at how well there trees are photographed! You are right....It is IMPOSSIBLE to take tree pics!

  11. Your tree looks really lovely Mary! don't you just love getting out all your favourite decorations - especially when each one has a little story attached to it?! We've always tried to bring a decoration back from wherever we have travelled to in the world, so our tree is a real mixture!!

    Willow xx

  12. The tree looks lovely Mary and the ornaments are delightful.

    I am still in 'where can we put our tree' mode at the moment!

  13. I so agree with you about the photos. I can never get a good photo of mine either! Since photography is all to do with getting the lighting right, I suppose that is the key to the good photo. I took one of mine with a flash and without a flash, but neither turned out really well. Your tree does look very pretty though.
    Blessings, Star

  14. Hiya hunni
    I love your tree it look's fab. It really is beginning to feel like christmas now isn't it.

  15. Oh Mary Poppins I think you should take the photography course and be the teacher! That tree looks amazing and the photo is just perfect. You should see what I'll be posting next week. It won't be half as pretty as yours. I love the freshness of the real tree with the red and white decs. Ours is fake due to hayfever.

  16. The tree and other decoration is lovely. We put up the tree yesterday.
    Have a nice weekend!
    OH yes! Everything living needs water, christmas trees too. If you still want it to look green by Christmas, water it....

  17. Mary I LOVE your tree! It's absolutely stunning, that would make me smile all day long if that were in my house ;o) xx

  18. I was quite jealous you had watched this programme, and thought it wouldn't reach NZ for awhile, but low and behold just after reading your blog, it was advertised on the Living Channel for this week. I have earmarked it for recording, I am so looking forward to it after reading everyone's comments.


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