Saturday, 12 December 2009

I Lubs Ya Kirstie....

Well there is mucho talk and discussion going on regarding Kirstie and her Christmas programme, and some of it not too complimentary. I love a good olde friendly debate so thought I would say what I thought of her programme. I loved it, warts and all. One reason why I loved it was a, nice to not have a repeated programme on at Christmas for a change, b, I love to see some of the quirky outfits that Kirstie wears, c, I am Christmas crackered and actually looked forward to being transported to another Christmas world, where I can sit back with my green and blacks hot chocolate and 1 or 2 boxes of matchmakers.

In all probability for me, I shall not achieve nor wish to spend the high price tag to pursue any of the crafts that the programme highlighted, though I thought it was interesting to see what crafting can be achieved with a higher than normal budget and an array of helpers. I felt the programme, although in most probability was filmed in July or August had a very special magical feel to it and if nothing else certainly got me in the mood for Christmas, and being a lazy olde mare actually enticed me to get of my backside and do something crafty for Christmas. Yes not in the same league as madame Kirstie and her crafty elves, but inspired me, isn't that what it is all about.

Of course I have one or two little gripes with the programme, soap that indeed cannot be made in time for Christmas, yet obviously the programme may not have had that Christmas feel to it had it been aired 4 weeks ago.

I also thought Meadowgate had a decent olde airing, Meadowgate this, Meadowgate that ;) But by heck if I owned a property like that, I would be shouting it from the rooftops and after all it is available to rent and aren't we all encouraged to network and self advertise our goods.

Having had my little T.V. stint, I have, albeit a very little understanding, of how things operate, there shall be a swarm of, researchers, a big production crew, directors and how much Kristie is actually involved in the choosing of these crafts, only she knows, and anyone whose charming little son shares the same lovely name as mine goes in my good books :)

Anyway I loved it, and if I want to re-mortgage my house to make some gold leaf pear place settings, I jolly well shall ;)

Merry Christmas



  1. Yes I agree, I loved it too. As you say, so nice to have something new at this time of year on TV and her previous programme based on Meadowgate was a huge success so why not ?

    Like you, I had some gripes about it - mostly that anyone would spend that much money decorating a house that they don't even live in.

    I've love to know what she does with her own Devon spread ! But she's great, she's enthusiastic and I dare say she is keeping the economy in Devon ticking over nicely. Good luck to her !

  2. Well although I did feel that some of the ideas were on the expensive side, I did enjoy watching the program, for all the reasons you did! It was full of christmas delight and I love anything christmas! Have a lovely weekend! Suzie. xxx

  3. I love that fact that we are all adults and can agree to disagree. I adore Kirstie, but think it could have aired sooner and been more far reaching, but we can all dream.

  4. I watched 2 out of the 3 programmes and found it very inspirational, yes some of the stuff was very expensive, however it did show really inexpensive things too like how to make the garlands and wreaths, the christmas cards and shopping at the second hand markets. Im going to make a garland next weekend :)We could all take a few ideas from that and I suppose she was getting the idea across that we all can buy some gifts from local crafts people. For instance I bought an adorable handmade bracelet earlier this week for £6.50 and it is packaged really nice too. So it doesnt have to be all expensive stuff. I think it was really enjoyable. Meadowgate was a lovely setting for the programme rather than from a cold clinical set up in an tv office place (whatever you call them)

    All things nice...

  5. I adored the programmes too. I find them so inspirational and although her ideas cost her a forune, they can be seem as a real starting point for those of on more realistic penny pinching.
    I love her enthusiasm and find it very encouraging that such a main stream programme and presenter should be covering such issue.
    I'd love to see more and more. The possibilities are endless.

  6. Gosh,have missed all the series - Heathen homemaker that I am!

    So glad to hear that you found your engagement ring.

    & Your tree looks fab.

    Off to make a very late start on Christmas....

    Love Lydia xx

  7. I loved the programmes - for her passion and the idea that christmas doesn't have to be massed produced.

  8. I also agree, I loved it! I thought it was very inspirational. I loved the soap making idea and am going to try out next Christmas. Some of the ideas were a tad on the pricey side, but if you're a creative person you could do similar things on the cheap ;) It was also nice to watch a brand new Christmas programme on TV and not another repeat! XxX

  9. I loved it. My favourite bit being the soap making. In fact I've already got a few supplies to get making, I know they won't be ready for this xmas, but will be great for birthdays and next xmas. I've made mohair bears before and although the fabric is expensive, it can still be bought cheaper than £120 a metre, also you only need about a fat quarter size to make her bear. Looking forward to the new jamie oliver xmas on next week on channel 4. xxx

  10. I thought it was a nice bit of Christmas escapism, but did enjoy it. Felt quite inspired by it all.
    Twiggy x

  11. Yes , I suppose it is a world far away from most of us!! However, I must say I enjoyed it too, and was inspired with some lovely Christmas ideas. Also most of the extravagant touches, can be made cheaper. It's nice to be inspired, and given new ideas for new crafts!
    How about a programme of crafts hosted by bloggers next time? Any T.V. producers out there interested??!!

    Sharon xx

  12. I loved the programmes..and I like her too!
    I went to Ashburton today and the place was sooo busy.
    I could not even get into the soap shop,where Kirstie had made the soap with Jenny.
    It was packed.
    Kirstie really has done some good for this town!
    And she has inspired me too!

  13. I have to say I think I might be the only person on the planet that has not seen it. I missed the first one and thought I would catch it on catch up so didn't want to watch the rest. I will get round to it. I loved her last series.
    ooooh, I did watch a a programme last night that I had recorded and saw someone I know in it;) Very funny.
    Rachael XX

  14. I loved it I just wished it was on a few weeks earlier to give me time to give the things a go! love it x
    Obviously Kirstie does not live in 'the real world' bless her she has had a privileged upbringing but i love her and her ideas x

  15. I loved it!

    Cheers for the email, will be in touch soon when I'm feeling more "me"..xxxx

  16. As you know I'm in your camp Mary....I thoroughly enjoyed each episode and agree some of the crafts were expensive.
    As I've said before its all relative what is expensive to me could be cheap to Kirstie...but she showed many inexpensive crafts ... icing .... saltdough ...wreaths...cardmaking etc
    Infact if my memory serves me correct, which it rarely does, there weren't that many expensive blowing pears and I so want to make a teddie with revised costs lol
    I loved the show and can't wait for the next series.

  17. I agree, I loved it too .... but don't think I will ever be able to afford to go and make my own glass baubles or spend a fortune decorating a house that I don't live in 365 days of the year!!

    My favourite craft was the soap making .... and I immediately thought "ooooh! Soap - that looks fun and a bit different from the normal handmade pressies I dish out at this time of year ...." but then she said about it taking 6 weeks for the soap to be ready to use .... hmmm - that's no good to me!!

    I love Kirstie ... always fun to watch .... I may even take up a bit of embroidering again! And you are right, it's always a treat to have something new on at Christmas which isn't a repeat from 1985!!


  18. Yes, that style of soap making (ie, from scratch) isn't worth doing. Better off buying melt and pour which takes 5 mins to do and 1 hour to set.

    I thought it was OK no-brain-required-after-a-long-day-at-work-tv. She's a bit of a middle class yummy mummy like Nigella so not really for the masses, but it's a glimpse into another world.

    Please god I hope your son isn't called 'Bay'?!

  19. Pop over to my blog,there is an award waiting for you!

    Jo xx

  20. ah! you know how I feel about it - yes a few things were unobtainable to us normal folk but I think she's lovely and appears really down to earth.. I have decided that I will give only handmade gifts to the ladies in my life all through next year...(men are too tricky!!) so I may have a bash at the soap then!!

  21. We had the first episode tonight here in Australia and it's on for the next 2 nights. I LOVE Kirstie and I loved the first Homemade so I couldn't wait even though I am so not into xmas anymore and I can say I feel totally inspired now I have watched the first one to get off my backside too and get on with the xmas sewing and baking I am supposed to be doing! I loved it yay Kirstie

  22. i loved it too and i love Kirsty. I tapped them so that next year i can take some of the ideas ;)

  23. Hahaha, well the other name is lovely and a real name! :-) It did make me chuckle when she said put the 'bay' leaves under the Turkey skin. :-)

  24. I soooo loved the show too Haven't read through the other comments (somehow I always feel a bit rude doing that - like I'm reading someone's diary) so I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned but there's a facebook page for the show "kirsties homemade" and there's a link to apply to actually be on it !! I've already filled in the form but not sure if she wants to come to Ireland - fingers crossed though :o) Take care - love your recent buys for 39p - how fantastic!

  25. I enjoyed it too... yes it would've been nice to have seen some more average homemaker crafts like candles done in an actual kitchen rather than some factory but then would we have all tuned in and watched it?!

    I always think you need to take these things with a pinch of salt, enjoy them and adapt them to what works for you!

    Victoria xx

  26. I liked Kirsties programme too I got a few ideas one that really helped me out of a soggy salt dough situation them in a microwave brilliant!and I will certainly be having a go at soap and I loved the beaded parcel ties and the sparkly mince pies .I do think she needs to be a bit more thrifty after all we all don't own multiple properties and a celebrity bank card .
    she got me into the Christmas spirit so well done kirsty!!

  27. i really enjoyed escaping to a world where there are no old crisp wrappers in a corner and a drunk looking tipsy christmas tree that every time you try to straighten pokes you in the eye,this programme is how my dream world is!! all fancy and to die for arty friends my only irk with it was Kirsties lipstick - im sorry but the shade of red was so deep for her and I also didn't like that big furry hat, didn't suit her at all, but every thing else about her is fab


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