Thursday, 17 December 2009


Hello, hope you are all in fine festive spirits, and enjoying all the Christmas festivities.

I have been enjoying reading all about your children's nativities. We took a trip last night to our local Parish church to see our daughter in hers. She was magnificent in the choir, I don't know where she gets her voice from ;)

When we came home we had some yummy hot chocolate, my favourite is Green and Black's....We sat down for a lovely Christmas read. One book we are loving is Dear Father Christmas.

I read all about it on a lovely ladies blog, Vanessa from Do you mind if I knit who is the illustator of the book. It really is a most magical book and on many of the pretty pages are little envelopes with letters and all sort of wondrous things in them, that children shall love.

Aswell as the letters and little treats there were two favourites my daughter liked, a pretty card from Father Christmas himself.

And a pretty decoration for the tree.

Aren't Vanessa's illustrations beautiful and dreamy. I hope I have done them justice with my photography.

My favorite one, Mmmmm could it be all those prettily wrapped presents. Miss. Poppins and I spent quite a while on that page guessing what was in each one.

And Miss. Poppins' favorite page. In fact little Holly, the girl in the book has a certain look of my own sweet child, and I am certainly getting asked the same sort of questions that Holly asked of Father Christmas in the book.

So a wonderful Christmas book methinks and if you would like to know where I got mine from, Vanessa kindly lets you know.

So, how is your shopping going. I enjoyed my reflection on all the present buying and realised I was getting a little behind. I ordered a couple of pretty CK umbrella's for my two children, and not bad for £8.00 each I thought. It looks like my daughters won't be here until after Christmas so hopefully they can share the one purchased for Master Poppins which has arrived safely, it has cute coloured little planes on it.

I have also been doing some Christmas shopping for myself ;) Do any of you Christmas shop for yourself, I really shall be wrapping these little pretties up and writing my own label and giving myself a big hug.

Some pretty ballet shoes.

And a gorgeous glass bead floral bracelet, I love it.

Isn't it so pretty.

Have yet more Christmas shopping to do, my husband being one of them. Mmmmm well as he has been a very norty boy shall have to think about that one ;)

I have been doing a little crafting too, little sacks and giant sacks for the children, and more pretty bunting. I enjoyed making this for a new little baby.

Hope you are enjoying the festivities.

Merry Christmas


  1. Hello Mary

    Vanessa is a talented artist, beautiful illustrations.

    I really like your red pumps! My sister does that too funnily enough, she buys herself something during the year, wraps it up and opens it on Christmas day!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. ahh i have a book like that,its called the jolly christmas postman and in the envelopes are precious little puzzles games and books.
    i remember when i was at lower school the teacher got us to make our own version of it!i wonder what happened to that....


  3. I love the umbrella and may have to see if we have enough for 2 for the boys!!

  4. thankyou so much for your message of support.
    i have read when you have wrote about your sweet little boy and i seriously admire your strength.i wasnt going to post about my "difficulties" but some days you just feel emotional and need an outlet dont you?and Dont feel like you should be quiet about your little boy,his a part of your life and i feel honoured you would share something so precious.i am a natural worrier and have been worried from day 1 since i found out that i was expecting the baby and now with all these "developments" i am trying very hard to focus on just living day to day and just hoping things progress normally from now on.thanks again for your message it really meant so much to me.

  5. Those red pumps are gorgeous.

    The book looks brilliant too - just wish I'd someone small to buy one for.

  6. Lovely book, with such beautiful illustrations.

  7. glad you are feeling a bit more on top of things xxx
    your gift to me meant so much, thank you so much xxx
    I had a brief quiet moment and enjoyed xxx

  8. The images in the book are certainly wonderful.

    Saturday I'm pulling all my Christmas presents out and hopefully get them wrapped and not realise I've forgotten anyone!!

    Victoria xx

  9. I love the bunting! One of the things I miss with the children all grown up, is reading the christmas books to them! Merry christmas! suzie. xxx

  10. Such pretty things! lovely shoes and love that bracelet.

    I too saw that wonderful looking book on Vannessa's blog, truly magical and scrumptious looking.

    Yes we have enjoyed both our little girls plays. Lala was a star and concetrated very hard on all the actions and singing. Boo was Mary no less. And stole the show! she was so great. They all were. Truly warms you heart. And reminds me why I love this time of the year.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  11. Merry Christmas lovely lady.
    Have a fabulous time.
    Warm wishes and cupcake dreams lol
    Catherine x

  12. Oh we love that book too, ours is a few years old now and looking a bit well loved. I love it when the Christmas box ventures down from the loft and all the lovely stories, toys and DVDs come with it.
    Your bunting is stunning. What a lucky baby.
    Rachael XX


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