Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas Spirit And Fame At Last....Well Sort Of ;)

Thank you so much dear friends for all your lovely words on my gloomy post, you do a wonderful job of perking me up and making me feel all better. You are indeed the best tonic for me, so thank you. I am doing my best to slowly get round to thanking you all so please bear with me. One thing you have helped me understand is that Christmas for me is not about what the tree looks like, or how the house looks, how many presents are under the tree, or even that the lunch gets cooked on time. It is a feeling, a special Christmas feeling that is there deep in ones heart that makes me smile. We could be living in a pig sty, though as long as that special feeling is there and we are all healthy and happy we couldn't give two figs whether the walls were a little wonky or that there were no doors on bedrooms, no carpet on the floors or paint on the walls.

We would be smiling and we would be happy because it is Christmas :) Thank you dear friends for helping me reflect and realise this. And thank you for saying lovely, gentle, caring words for my little baby boy who lives on in my heart.

Of course a little Christmas spirit can be found elsewhere as well as ones heart, how about the local garden center.

Cute little decoration.

Singing Santa's.

Polar Bears.

Alright, not very Christmasy but thought some of you UJ lovers would like a looky ;)

Visiting Santa's Grotto. The little jacket Master P is wearing is one I wore as a little child, it was handmade by my lovely Grandmother, who sadly I never really got to know, she passed away when I was three. It is so lovely to see him wearing it, the slevees are far too short now but I am resisting putting it in the out grown pile.

Happy children coming away with a special present from him, am I the only one who makes my children wait for Christmas day for these special, off Santa presents to be unwrapped, I sometimes think I am. Though they don't mind and like to keep them wrapped, under the tree.

And a special and magical Christmas train ride.

Please excuse the red stripe in my daughters hair, twas put in on the Friday at the Christmas fair, and norty mummy has left it in all weekend. Talking of the Christmas fair, I can't believe I am saying it, but I made more money in two hours than I have EVER made in two hours, I suppose is rather uncouth of me to say how much, but we are all friends, £144.70. Of course I haven't taken into account how much it actually cost to make my pretties but hey shan't bother with doing that, what I shall bother with is spending the money ;)

I had a little play on the kitchen table before the fair.

I like to make and sell things that I would buy, I know some would say that is not the right approach, but the way I see it is, if I don't sell them then I can keep them ;) So I made plenty of cute and simple doorstops, cushions, pretty shoppers, hearts, of course ;) bunting and much more. The shoppers were a real hit as were the doorstops and hearts, I even sold some cushions, and had to ask for bigger bags from other stalls as I didn't think I would sell them as they were over my £5.00 is mostly what people want to spend thinking, and only bought small ones with me. What was making me smile were so many of my friends who knew me but didn't know I did the SEWING thing were really, really impressed with my pretties. I even got asked for a business card as a lady wished for me to make some pretties for her daughters bedroom which she felt was due a makeover, business card, now that did make me chuckle, tis only a hobby madame ;)

A little photograph Mr. Poppins took of my Table at the fair.

Hope you don't mind my little trumpet blowing. Hope you come back.

Anyway if by any chance you would like a little looky at some of the pretties that made their way home with me after the fair and are now hoping to find new homes, I am in the process of popping some into my little blogshop Vintage Daisy all at craft fair prices as I think that is fair, don't you. Don't really feel comfortable with this plugging ones stuff malarkey, I musn't be a very good business woman, but well a little mention won't hurt ;)

Well we have made a start on Dressing up Miss Poppins' shared for now bedroom, they both have their little christmas lights around their sweet Ikea Minnen beds, the lights are a perfect match to her beautiful Paris Rose wallpaper, a pretty lit pink tree for Miss. Poppins and a little fibre optic one for Master Poppins and now their room is certainly feeling like a little grotto :)

So, can't really believe I am mentioning as I shall probably now have to leave the country, but for me Fame at last, sort of. Being a wanna be actress BH is probably the nearest I shall get, I had the bestest time with my blogger friend, there is a little story to tell too about one of our purchases

So am keen myself to see if the little Story gets told.

Right off to hide behind a pillow, please don't throw tomatoes at me.



  1. I think that it is absolutely wonderful that you had such a success at the craft fair, especially making things that you love. Homemade pretties are always so much better when you can see the passion behind them. Well done! Your table looked beautiful.

  2. Mary, I am not surprised at all that your pretties were such a success. You are a genius! Your work is so beautiful and unless everybody at the fair was blind then they could see it! I wish we got that show - don't forget to do a blog on it! And I love the post about the house not being perfect etc. That is so timely for me as we are still in renovation chaos. I was dearly hoping to have the house all done by Christmas but doesn't look likely. Thanks for reminding me that it's not the most important thing. xx

  3. You go for it! It's a nice feeling and we don't get that excited very often do we? Well done with your sales.

  4. Your table at the Fair looks absolutely wonderful! ... and good for you for selling so much too - nice to get something back for all your hard work, and I'm sure the folks that bought your pretties are thrilled to bits with them. So glad you have your 'festive mojo' back!!

    Right, am off to set the Sky box to record BH!!!

    Willow xx

  5. So glad you did so well at the fair. Tou seem to have bucked the trend with so many other bloggers hardly selling anything. You must be a business woman!!

    Jo xx

  6. I am so pleased that you are feeling more positive. Your sewing is fantastic doncha know!!

  7. You blow away!!
    Well done you - how fantastic - all your hard work paid off xxxxxx
    Really really pleased for you :)

  8. Hi Mary,

    I have been really rubbish at blogging lately, but I am pleased to hear you are feeling cheerful :-) I think it is so easy to get down this time of year, it ca be so stressful if you let it! I think you are right, if you really think about what is important then we can all be happy with what we have :-)

    So pleased you did well at your fair, your stall looked fantastic!

    Have a fabulous week :-)

    Rose XXX

  9. I've got my front row seat booked xxx

  10. I have the recorder all ready so i can watch you both a bit later!!
    Also i will have a look at your lovely goodies!!
    would love to meet you - i'm meeting up with melmel on june 5th as me and the family are staying near styal for one night on the way down from scotland - so maybe you could come too!!

  11. im not suprised that you made so much money!i love your pretties and as soon as pennies allow im sure i will purchase!

    i cant believe i missed bargain hunt!!when shall it be repeated??

  12. Just watched BH! It was sooo lovely to see you & Mary ... you certainly kept those BH experts on their toes Lol!! and, for what it's worth, I loved those candelabras (sp?) - so don't listen to a word of it!!!!

    Glad you had so much fun!

    Willow xx

  13. What a lovely post. Really like the polar bear, he is cute. Your stall looked absolutely gorgeous, such wonderful things on there, you are very talented and it is fine to say so too!. Wasn't home today but will defo be having a lookie on BBC iplayer ;o) xx

  14. Well done as the craft fair, your crafts are really pretty and colourful :)

    All things nice...

  15. Your stall looks fabulous I'm not surprised you did so well!

    Victoria xx

  16. Your stall looks fantastic! The stuff you've made looks lovely =) Wish I could make such pretty things! Well Done on the sales!

    Squirmy x

  17. Mary,

    I am so glad you did so well at your fair. Its always so encouraging to hear of a fellow bloggers success, it gives hope to the rest of us aspiring sellings :)

    Sounds like you had a blast on BH, have had visitors today, but love that candlestick it is so pretty. Glad you have your festive mojo on. I have found it hard to find this year, but its coming slowing but surely! lol

    Take care


  18. Excellent news on the stall Mary, your makes are sooo lovely I am not surprised you did well. Glad you gave you business card out. A makeover now that will be fun.
    I have yet to see your starring role but I have recorded it.
    Miss P's room is looking very festive I love the CHRISTMAS garland you have got there.
    Rachael XX

  19. Loved the programme yesterday, and so pleased you did so well at your fair, the stall looked absolutely beautiful!!!
    The Christmassy pics of your children are beautiful, you must be so proud of your little ones, and I bet they're so proud of their mummy too!!
    Glad you feel better, and lets hope we all can look forward to Christmas now : )

    Sharon xx

  20. It's a nice feeling and we don't get that excited very often do we?

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