Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String....

Well I have gone for the simple method of wrapping this Christmas. Brown paper tied up with not quite string, but red raffia.

I wonder how you are all wrapping up your little gifts this year.

I wouldn't need much to wrap up these little thrifted gifts, total cost £1.75. A gorgeous Oilily Matroushka photo key ring for 25p.

Think it was the beautiful embroidery that took my eye.

And the cute Coalport posy brooch for £1.50.

I wont need much of my brown paper if I keep finding cute little gifts like these.

One brand new gift I couldn't leave on the shelf was one of these ever so cute Kimmi Junior doll keyrings.

Well, as soon as I saw the name of the doll, some of you know it would be popped right into my little shopping basket ;)

How are you doing with your present purchases, I am wayyyyyyy behind ;)

Merry christmas :)



  1. I've also opted for brown paper this year with string and rather sweet wooden reindeers tied on.
    Love the Kimmi keyring, jess collects the dolls but am wondering if she'll think she can have her own key if I get her one 'hehe'.
    Beki xxx

  2. Hello Mary

    I too will be wrapping with brown paper as we have an industrial sized roll which will literally last us years!

    I vary the ribbons each year though. I haven't decided on which colour to go for this year. I am so behind with it all. So many other things going on.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. purchases good - wrapping waaayyy behind :D
    I'm going for a mixture of pretty paper for some - brown paper and string for others and tissue paper also...for my friend I shall be wrapping up in fabric and ribbon maybe....

  4. I quite like brown paper for wrapping..and you can very easily pretty it up or give it a rustic charm!

  5. i wrapped my presents up in brown paper last year,
    this year its just generic wrapping papers i bought really cheap in the sales lol!
    i do love the brown paper tho it looks classy and chic

  6. how are they 25p???? i would have got loads!!!

  7. WOW ! you have been industrious ! Everything looks gorgeous !!

  8. Hi Mary - I'm wrapping with the pages of an old road atlas of France this year! I'm very happy with the results so far... I do like your gift tags.

    It will be great to have you in the Pause for Advent - I'll put you on the list right now!

  9. Weve gone with brown paper, and some brown and red patterned stuff too :) and string!
    Yours looks lovely - I love wrapping, especially easy square shaped things. Well done on your thrifting - love the keyring.
    I meant to congratulate you on your craft fair - I am so pleased it went well and your pretties have found new homes.
    Looking forward to our swap in the new year :)

  10. Fab wraping ideas, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the keyring, one of my FAVE makes EVER!!!
    ooohhhh so lucky to find that!xxxxx

  11. Am wrapping my pressies this year in brown paper tied up with ribbon/bakers twine.

    I've a huge roll of brown paper and its lasted my years so far!!

    Oilily for 25p - well done you

  12. I'm way behind as well! Still trying to get things sorted for family in NZ - goodness knows if they will arrive in time when I finally get something sorted!

    I've got paper from last year, but when that runs out, brown paper will be the flavour as well.

    Oh hubby loves the cushion as well.

  13. Beautifully wrapped Mrs Famous!

    Loved the prog with you two in it!

  14. Snap I have been collecting red ribbons all year and all my parcels are now sat under the tree wrapped up in brown paper and red ribbons looking very pretty even if i do say so myself.

    Congratulations on the sucess at the fair hunny. You have evey right to be very proud of yourself. All of your pretty's looked very tempting.
    I took river to see father christmas at the weekend and his little present was unwrapped by the time I had finished my shopping in Joules lol.

  15. I love the parcel - so simple and pretty!

    Like Isabelle says I have oodles of the stuff!!

    Not doing too well with my christmas shopping yet... in that I haven'y started!

    Love Charlotte

  16. Mary, We'd be honored if you put our Sugar Kissed button on your sidebar! Thank you! I love your package. We also did a gift wrapping post using brown paper a few posts back. We started the Sugar Kissed Christmas event in late November so you might want to go back and catch up! Thanks for your visit and your kind comment. It means a lot to us. Have a nice week! Twyla

  17. Your parcel is simply stylish! I have no idea what I'll be wrapping my parcels in yet. I'm not really at that stage and usually end up doing it a few days before Christmas. I seem to have come to a halt even though I have quite a bit more to do. It happens every year for me. Someone needs to give me a good kick!

  18. Yep brown paper or bags are the norm for me too, birthdays and christmas. You can just do so much with them and way cheaper than the patterned stuff, I've seen some sheets for nearly 2 quid! I do sometimes vary it with plain solid coloured paper that my stationers sells dirt cheap! xx

  19. Brown paper and red have been a fabulous Christmas wrapping of choice for me for some time.

    I haven't begun wrapping my presents yet although I have lots of brown paper... red ribbons... spots and striped papers all ready to wrap with.

    I'm so serious about my wrapping so it takes me forever but I'm pleased this year that a lot of my presents are in boxes so that should take some of the pressure off with odd shapes!

    Victoria xx

  20. Are those a few of your favourite things? ;)

    Hope all is well your way...

    Lisa xo


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