Sunday, 15 November 2009

Handmade Extravaganza

Well there has been many a handmade pretty exchanging hands here and I thought you may like to have a little looky.

Firstly, I really enjoyed doing a little swap with Lisa at Knitty, Vintage and Rosy My lovely friend took a shine to a vintage paisley fabric cushion I had made, and I offered to make up a couple of pretties in the same fabric and suggested we do a little swap. Well, I adore the Romantic Homes magazine and Lisa kindly offered to send me one. Brilliant :) So I happily got on with making some pretties to send over to Lisa.
What a beautiful parcel I received from a lovely bloggy friend.

Not one

Not two

But three beautiful Romantic Homes magazines.

I adore these sweet little magazines and they take pride of place on my coffee table, and are a special treat :)

Not only did I receive these, but lovely Lisa also sent some adorable heart shaped vintage buttons. In fact the sweetest, prettiest little buttons I have ever seen. These shall be used in a VERY special project indeedy.

Some lovely, and very me, baby pink polka dot fabric.

Some beautiful embroidery threads.

The cutest vintage ribbon.

And an ever so sweet crocheted mat, all in my favourite colours, I love it and the pretty colours are a joy to look at.

Ohooo what pretty, pretty colours.

And then when you turn it over, you are treated to some cute cherry fabric.

Thank you so much Lisa, I thoroughly enjoyed doing my first international swap, it was brilliant fun and thank you for sending me some wonderful treats :)Would you like a little looky at what I sent Lisa.

Knowing Lisa loved the pretty fabric, I made her a pretty covered clothes hanger for her favourite pretty dress, and cute little brooch that the lovely Gem inspired me to make.

I love making lavender pillows and thought Lisa may like one made out of the same lovely fabric.

I also decorated the edges with some hand sewn vintage buttons taken from my favourite buttons tin :)

A couple of Christmas handmade pretties

And gathered some little treats for Lisa.

So, a lovely swap and I am so happy that Lisa likes everything. Knitty, Vintage and Rosy is a beautiful blog, do have a little looky.

As you know from here I received some beautiful handmade treats for the family from the lovely Karen , who asked if we could do a little swap.

Here is what I had handmade for Karen. A Christmas Rag Heart using pretty Christmas, and gingham fabrics, and some lovely lace kindly given to me from the lovely Elaine at the SC Cafe.

Being a Christmas heart, I popped a little cinnamon stick in through the pretty Ribbon given to me from the lovely TG from the SC Cafe, who has a Yummy website selling pretties.

I also wanted to send a little something for Karen's charming son. So, what do you think little boys love, cowboys I thought, and a little boy always likes to see his special initial on things :)

And the yummy back

I am so glad you liked your little pretties Karen, it again was a lovely swap :)

I have also received some adorable pretties from bloggy friends, we all decided to make a little something for each other.

I received a gorgeous handmade Stanley from kind Mel Mel

And a cute little handkerchief, perfect for a little crafting project.

Thank you Mel Mel.

From the lovely Rachael I was given the prettiest fabric strawberry.

I had given Rachael one of my pretty Rag hearts as a little gift and Rachael as a thank you kindly made a very pretty handmade corsage.

It is very pretty. I adore corsages and have many, really I think maybe 25 or so. I was very inspired by many Carrie Bradshaw wore in the famous HBO series, and also the bigger the better for me. Do you remember the corsage dress Carrie wore in one the opening credits, a vintage one I gather, and it was shortened by the wonderful Patricia Field, I adored the clothes in that programme, Carrie's more than anyone's, my, what I would give to have a closet like hers.

Anyone here queue up for their Jimmy Choo's ;)

Photograph courtesy of HBO

I enjoy making them too, and can be seen fiddling with fabrics making different ones. Here are a couple of my favorites I made a little while ago.

Of course there has to be heart inspired ones too ;)

And now for the very special lady that is Lesley look what a beautiful gift Lesley made for me, a sweet and ever so Mary Poppins pretty eye mask. I love it, she hangs on my bedpost looking all wistful, and I smile everytime I see her :)

A little thank you gift too from Lesley as a thank you for finding her a little something Lesley wanted from a shop.

The most adorable crocheted floral brooch, using the finest mohair. I love it and isn't lovely Lesley clever, it really makes me smile when I wear a pretty that someone has handmade for me, I get a certain glow about me :)

So thank you girlies for all your lovely handmade gifts, I forgot to take pretty photographs of what I made, but Lesley, Rachael and Mel all recieved a handmade personalised hand towel using pretty pink fabric and lace and a little Parisian lavender pillow.

I hope they liked their handmade gifts.

Right, I really should be crafting for the Fair, I really don't want to be crafting at midnight the night before the fair like I was for the Summer one, Ohooo that twas stressful.I have purchsed some pretty fabric so I should really get on and do something with it, I can't look at it forever can I ;) I am making some simple doorstops to sell, lightly fragranced which are very pretty. Ohooo dear, I do wonder if all my hand made pretties are rather simple in their making, I really don't have the motivation for the intricate stuff.

Good luck to you all doing craft fairs, I only have experience of the Summer one I did. The hearts and bunting were a real favourite, and I know there are some lovely ladies looking forward to browsing at my little table at the fair. But, also you never know what could happen, one can make £100.00 or one could make a £1.00. We shall see, as long as I go with a smile and come back with a smile I shall be happy :)

A couple more photographs of some pretties I have made.

Do you remember the clothes sent to me by the lovely Heather to repurpose into something pretty and sell to make a little money for a worthy charity.

Well here they are before

And after, pretty reversible bunting, two lavender hearts and a cute Alice band.

I love that you can reverse the bunting, depending on the look you want.

Thank you so much Elaine for buying the pretties, and thank you for helping out a worthy charity too :)

I have also made some sweet personalised Christmas stockings, they were given as a gift to two adorable little children.

Well I hope you have been a little inspired to make something handmade, tis always so special I think to make and and receive handmade :)

Thought I would also show you two little items thrifted for Master and Miss. Poppins. If you have ever thought that thrifting clothes or shoes wasn't for you, honestly, some items are brand new with tags, being sold for pennies. I was so happy to find these for my children.

Brand new trendy baseball shoes for Master Poppins and some pretty brand new leather Marabar heart slippers for Miss. Poppins.

Always worth a looky in the CS when you walk past, you know I am a fan, and have found some wonderful, wonderful things.



  1. What wonderful items you've received, and what beautiful things you have made too. I love the coat hanger, the corsages, in fact everything!!!
    Hope you have a great, and profitable time doing the fair. You sure deserve to!!! You are an inspiration to us all!!!!

    Sharon xx

  2. What wonderful items you've received, and what beautiful things you have made too. I love the coat hanger, the corsages, in fact everything!!!
    Hope you have a great, and profitable time doing the fair. You sure deserve to!!! You are an inspiration to us all!!!!

    Sharon xx

  3. What lovely things! both given and received! Hanmade things are always that little bit special!
    I have to say your pretties do look fantastic! It is my aim to own a handmade item from each of my bloggy friends as i find it very inspirational. I managed to get some lovely things at the Vintage and Handmade Fair and will be hitting people's blogshops when I have sorted out a pesky problrm with paypal!!!!

  4. Wow Mary that certainly is a fun packed posting. Lots of lovelies to show. Thankyou so much for the mentions and the link. You are so very kind.
    Hope you have had a great weekend.
    Rachael XX

  5. A lovely post, really enjoyed looking at all those pretties. Pixie xxxx

  6. Such lovely things - you have been so busy! Have a lovely week :-)

  7. I love the heart brooch Mary ;)
    Such wonderful pretties you have received and made. I really wish I could master the coat hangers but sadly I don't have the patience to keep trying.
    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  8. What beautiful things, I especially love the corsages and the bunting. I agree that thrift stores are fantastic, I just found another treasure for the winter season. Such great things, thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. Thank you, again Mary, everything was ever so lovely.

    Lisa xo

  10. It’s so nice you’re always swapping, sending and receiving goodies to friends in blogland. There are so many of you talented ladies out there.

    And 3 copies of Romantic Homes – how perfect.

    Victoria xxx

  11. I love all your pretty girly creations, but I also LOVE your boysie cushion - what a fab idea! I happen to pop by H&M this weekend forgetting about the Jimmy Choos... OMG! Chaos, people were going bonkers, I didn't even bother to look at the rest of teh shop, the queue was waaaayyy too long!

  12. I love all your pictures! That CK paisley is so gorgeous.

    Mel xxx

  13. Gosh what a lovely post and beautiful picures. Thank you so much for my giveaway goodies - they are beautiful! Loving them all!


  14. Hello Mary

    What a lovely swap, so many pretty things. I really like the crochet mat!
    I love corsages and frequently where them.
    Fairs are a great experience. I used to make jewellery in my twenties and frequently sold them at fairs, I loved it!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  15. Mary it is all gorgeous. i love the brooch and the green heart buttons. I have a cardi that colour green they would be perfect for that cardi...nudge nudge! only joking!
    I do love the hanger and keep meaning to make myself some. I have not joined in any swaps but what a great idea they are. We get to see what is out there.
    Good luck with the fair, I am sure you will do well your things are too pretty not to be bought for someone special.
    Carol x

  16. Your makes are fabulous and all those goodies too! Can I come and live at your house!

  17. So many lovely things... and I love, love, LOVE the little crochet mat!
    Love Charlotte


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