Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pomanders And Pretty Pretties....

Thank you for your lovely comments on the Shoes They really are a jazzy little number, a sweet wedding anniversary gift from Mr. Poppins and are really girly. Yes, I had a little topple when I slipped them on in the shop but soon remembered how to walk in sky scraper heels, they used to be my best friend BC, before children ;) and like riding a bike, felt like we have now become super pals once again :)

I have really been enjoying making sweet Orange Pomanders. The lovely Lalabibaby inspired me to make them and I enjoyed thinking of things to hang on the pretty twine. I have seen similar pomanders selling for so much more in Shabby Chic shops than I hope to sell mine for at the Christmas fair, I may even pop a couple in my little blogshop, I hope you like them too.

I have used some pretty bay leaves, kindly sent by the lovely Lalabibaby some festive chillies from here and sweet smelling cinnamon sticks. I think the burt orange polka dot ribbon looks perfect too.

Now I do love my lavender so thought it would be a nice change to use some different scents, so these are infused with a hint of Mandarin, Clove and Cinnamon, and is a perfect scent for getting me in the Christmas mood :)

Talking of Christmas do you like the sweet vintagy Christmas decorations I found in a CS, I have been looking for some for yonks so was delighted to find my little selection. I spent a fiver, which could possibly buy one or two of the new shop bought decorations that are on sale, so very good value I thought.

My favorite :)

Love the pretty colours.

Childhood memories of these.

Now I adore the little sparkly snowflakes, I thought of hanging these in the window with pretty ribbon.

So sparkly :)

Also for my fiver some pretty ribbon and a little gift for the Giveaway some sweet little snowflake candles in their own special box. I was tempted to keep them but need to share the prettiness with you all :) Please do feel free to enter the Giveaway a name shall be picked from the pretty tin tomorrow after the Birthday candles have been blown out by Miss. Poppins, her birthday too :)

Well I couldn't only go into only one CS now could I, here is what else I bought.

A cheeky and cheerful 1975 Jackie Annual, the first one ever published, so quite nice to have I thought, was 50p. Also helps that I have seen one selling for over£40.00 ;)

My children love reading these old Disney books found in Jumble Sales and CSs.

So was delighted when we saw these.

One aspect I love about Christmas is reading and watching all things Christmas themed. I can never find the children's Christmas books, can you, I don't know where they disappear to. I love Richard Scarry's books so was chuffed to find the Christmas book for 50p.

Best £1.00 I have EVER spent on Master. Poppins.

Well now you can imagine my little smile when I found a pretty with me on the cover ;)

Sweet little buttons, 10p for 10.

I fell in love with a cute Royal Selangor mirror and brush set for Master Poppins, in perfect condition looked like an unwanted gift.

Was £3.80 which for me I really have to think about for a CS purchase.

It really is clean as a whistle. I remember Miss. Poppins being given a little Royal Selangor pewter egg cup for her christening, so thought I would have a little gander, you can see how much the brush and mirror retail for here

A couple of pretties for the Giveaway very me, but hope they are very you too :)

And a couple of sweet floraly pillowcases.

Well, do you think you have seen your quota of Mary Poppins pretties, would like to see some more, Ohooo my arm is so easily twisted.

I had a lovely visit form a very special SC Cafe friend, Elaine and look what delights Elaine bought with her, I was very overwhelmed with her special, thoughtful, generous and pretty gifts.
Well look what delights for the children.

Now I think this was for Miss. Poppins, I hope she doesn't mind sharing it with me, and as it is her birthday on bonfire night, and has a lovely little pile of pretties to open I reckon she won't mind if i borrow it ;)

How sweet.

Look at her pile of presents, not once has she asked to open any, wouldn't catch me being so coy when I was 7 ;)

Would you like a little peek, hopefully tonight won't be the night when she asks to look at my Blog ;)

We have somehow choosen presents for her that are on the Top Twelve list for Christmas so have done well really well the get them. Yes alright I love her present off Mummy and Daddy too ;)

The Go Go Hamster from Grandma and Grandad though did prove a little difficult to find, I am glad to say though is all wrapped up now waiting :)

I was treated by Elaine too. Elaine knows I love decoupaging HOME letters so very, very kindly handed me these.

How thoughtful to hand me this little book too.

A lovely Catalogue for inspiration.

Adorable, and Ohooo so pretty pair of curtains and the perfect length to hide my modern looking washing machine I thought, and also fabulous for Christmas crafting.

A gorgeous lacey tablecloth, a delightful and very Christmas inspiring pair of pillowcases, I thought would make lovely Christmas stockings, and a pretty fabric sample from LA.

Thank you so much Elaine, so very kind of you. I sent Elaine off with one of my pretty rag hearts and a packet of ginger heart biscuits to hang on the Christmas tree.

Talking of Rag Hearts, I am going to be sending a couple on their way to the shop that sells some of my pretties and I have made one I was thinking of listing in my blogshop, they really are very sweet, quite time consuming but I love choosing the pretty fabric to make each one, as of course no two shall ever be the same. I have used lovely Rosali, a little CK, a dash of vintage and pretty ribbon to make the one here all prettily tied onto galvanised strong wire.

The pretty pink inspired fabrics.

I adore the check wired ribbon too.

Looking pretty.

One more pretty to keep you going, a little treat off my mum :)

Any guesses what you think it is.

Now do you know ;)

It is so pretty and look forward to wearing it on Miss. Poppins birthday. She is going to the cinema with some friends to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox, anyone seen it, and then some pizza. So we shall have our hands full, though I do have a blogger friend who is helping me out :)

If it is anyone elses birthday, Happy Birthday and have a good one :)



  1. oh my what a lovely post I now have a huge case of the wanties lol.
    Those pomander look very warming and festive I bet the smell just devine.
    I do very much remember those foil christmas decorations from my child hood In fact I'm pretty sure that my grandad still uses them on his tree.
    and those rag hearts are just amazing. What do you use as a base? Is it wire?
    I've got a feeling I shall be keeping a close eye on your shop.
    Ps. The pretty little crochet granny square with the flower in the middle, Did you make it? it is very pretty.

  2. What wonderful goodies, love the pomanders, they look as though they smell of Christmas. The rag hearts are beautiful as well. So many lovely things, keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway.

  3. What an overdose of loveliness MaryP .... I studded my orange slices with cloves yesterday and the smell that wafted round the house was divine. Our CS has been a bit lacking lately but I will be popping in again on the school run shortly. Mind those heels ! x

  4. Thanks for getting back to me hunni and for your lovely comment about the bean bags.
    I have dropped you an email.

  5. You have been busy :)

    Love the rag heart/

    Also can I come & play with Miss Poppins birthday pressie - I wonder at nearly 40 if I'm too old for one of those?

  6. Firstly lots of love and birthday kisses for the lovely Miss P for tomorrow.
    I am also loving your pomanders. How did you infuse them? I bet they smell divine. I was in a very local garden center yesterday and they had some in a very similar vain, no where near as nice though.
    That raggy heart looks fab, well done you. I'll bet they will be popular.
    I've got my letters by the way, just need to sort out some napkins.
    Hope Miss P has a fun day tomorrow.
    Rachael XX

  7. A lovely cheerful post, that has made me smile hafter a dreadfully hard day!
    Cheers Mary....xxxx

  8. What a gorgeous collection of finds! I too have so many childhood memories of the aluminium foil like Christmas decorations. We've had them ourselves since I was a child and they are the thing that symbolises Christmas to be in so many ways. I weirdly love their smell. Mam always tries to throw them away because they are getting "raggy" but I always save them, they catch the light so magnificently!

    I'm surprised you can still find them!

  9. love the dried oranges decorations and the rag hearts -really pretty x

  10. Gosh what a haul! I a quite coveous- especialy of the Richard Scarrey book. xx

  11. What a lot of pretties. I remember all those xmas decs, we used to have loads of those foil balls. The rag heart and pomanders look lovely. Hope miss Poppins has a great birthday. ((((hugs)))) Pixie xxxx

  12. Mrs Poppins I thought this was The Generation Game for a moment!
    so much and so many lovely gorgoeus things! The ragged heart is fab as is everything...books, pomanders, decorations .......
    Love all your christmas smells too!

  13. How lovely of Elaine, bloggy/scc friends really are wonderful aren't they ;).
    I did laugh when I saw your Christmas decs as when Rich moved in with me he bought his decs with him. They were his Grandmothers and some his Great Grandmothers. Therefore very old and we've argued every year about them NOT going on the tree. This year I can't wait to get them on lol.
    Your rag heart is gorgeous, I know you said you'd googled them and they'd already been done but I will always think of them as a Mary P original.
    Beki xxx

  14. What a great post!
    Love the pomanders!
    As for vintage Christmas decorations...well they are just wonderful, aren't they?

  15. sooo much stuff Mary!! lovely!!

    oh yes i remember those decorations from my childhood!!!!
    I have some of those lovely disney books for the boys, and those lovely snowflakes will look great hanging in a window!! xx

  16. Please Mary pack and come here right now! I need a nurse, feeling so yuk with a flu virus! Men are ok when we are ill but they do make us feel bad for being out of salts sometimes.
    My mum is in hospital after a very bad fall and I cannot get to visit her, Jude is coughing all over the place and Kate is delicate?!?! it is all going on here at the mo! A matron is required if you are up for the offer!

  17. I am soooooooo envious of your Christmas decorations. I was only complaining to another blogger I’m next lucky with Christmas decs. The shiny cone/circle ones really do bring back memories!!!!

    I have been buying the Disney books for my nephew and I love Richard Scarry. I’ve never seen the Christmas one before so I’ll have to send out some good thoughts to the thrifting fairies to find one of those!

    I was always too old when Sylvanian Families came out so I brought them for my friends little girl when she was of age – more so I could play with them though!!!

    Victoria xxx

  18. What a lovely bright, cheerful, pretty post!! Love it all!!
    Those shabby chic hearts and your lovely spicy pomanders are wonderful!!!
    Hope that Miss Poppins has a lovely day!! : )

    Sharon xx

  19. what a lovely picture filled post I can rely on you for things to oooo and ahhhh over :-)
    we are very excited about saturday and hope she had a lovely day today!

  20. Yahoo...just found your lovely blog...your pomanders are so lovely..I made them a few years back so the smell of them is one I can remember...I could almost smell them when I was looking at your images. Vintage Christmas decorations are lovely...I try to snag them up when I see them. But I do love those knitted balls...what a sweet tree one would have if it was covered with them. Off to see what I have been missing and read some of your past posts.

  21. Do you know what, I dont know where to start , there is so much here that I love. I think I can smell those pomanders, they are fab, and all the opther goodies. I love the stitchery , of course! Eye candy springs to mind! suzie. xx

  22. Hi,

    I was looking round through www. for lovely and cute ideas for christmas-no I´m not too early this year-please do not say early ;-)
    And then I saw Your wonderful ideas,gifts and I has to write this comment down.
    Keep on!


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