Friday, 27 November 2009

It Is The Simple Things In Life....

I am finding the simple things in life are making me smile at the moment. I don't know about you but my tastes are changing a little over the course of me writing this little blog. I am deep in my heart a floral girl, but think I may have had floral overload these past couple of months, stepping into my house can sometimes feel like stepping into a flower. I am so enjoying reading my favorite book from the Library and have been renewing it for weeks, I really don't want to give it back ;) It is In Bloom by Alice Whately, you can read a little review of it on one of my favorite blogs.

Anyway the book really has touched me in so many ways. For me, I think the key to the whole floral thing is not to have a floral carpet with floral walls sitting on a floral couch with floral cushions, reading floral books ;) I am coming to terms that actually I quite like a simple space, free of treasures, actually I mean clutter, my simple little brain can't take it anymore. I like simple lines, open spaces, white walls. I think that shall be one of my little New Year's Resolutions, not to bring so much clutter into the house, or tat as Mr. Poppins like to call it. As an avid CS shopper, I shall find it hard I know it.

For instance when I handmake my little cushion covers, I normally jump right into my floral and pretty stash, well no, I held back on this one and jumped into my neutral linens. Of course being a floral girl at heart, had to have a flower in there somewhere, but do you know what, I rather like it, very simple, and quite sweet I thought.

I was really happy with the appliqued heart.

Happy isn't something I have been feeling too lately about my crafty side, been feeling rather sorry for myself and thinking that my pretties are rather basic in their making. I haven't got the personality for the tricky stuff, I would love to have a proper go at embroidery though, and again my tusty library has come up trumps and I have borrowed Jan Constantine's lovely book, please tell me that embroidery is not hard.

So my little handmade cushion may only look like a cushion, but for me has opened my eyes up a little to what decorating styles I am leaning too, simple with a little hint of floral.

What else is making me smile is Miss. Poppins' little Christmas painting, which we have had printed onto little Christmas cards.

I adore my little girl and get so cross with myself at times for shouting at her, how many little girls have held their sweet, tiny dead baby brother in their gentle arms. I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing letting her see him, touch him, hold him. Yet know in my heart, I think, I did the right thing, she has a sweet little twinkle in her eye when she talks about him, which is lovely to see. She has been through so much bless her for her young age, and with all my stresses with Master P. sometimes feel she may feel a little left out. She is growing up so fast and and I don't want to miss a second of it. Maybe one for the Resolution list too.

I am not normally a fan of birdie things, don't get me wrong I love the little garden ones that dance and play in my garden, and I adore the ones that have been lovingly hamdmade for me and I treasure them, but I think some people are birdie people and some are not. Well, I couldn't have chosen more of a birdy tray from Ikea could I, I love it and have been hankering after it for a while though has always been out of stock, so was really pleased when I saw it back in not long ago. Although at first glance looks a little busy, it is actually a simple sweet thing and makes me smile everytime I look at it. Maybe I am a birdie person after all :)

Well I couldn't leave you without sharing a flowery photograph now could I, a little thrifted artificial rose in a beautiful green glass vase, tis very simple, pretty and perfect for my flowery home. Soon to be less flowery home ;)



  1. I'm feeling exactly the same at the moment perhaps there's something in the air 'hehe'.
    When I first met Rich, I had quite a minimal home. Neautral walls, laminate floors and NO crap. I'm craving this kind of simplicity again at the moment.
    I think we're all influenced by other bloggers and end up over loading on things.
    Rich actually kicked me out this afternoon (to go fabric shopping) so he could blitz the lounge for me and what a difference, just my desk to sort as he wouldn't dare touch that lol.
    Have a great weekend hun
    Beki xxx

  2. Hiya hunni
    I think that sometimes the simple things are just far prettier. (Like your cushion) I made some similar for my bed although mine are rectangular one's. I've been trying to streamling my home for months now we seem to have accumulated so much stuff since we moved here it's unbelievable. I think like becki say's other blog's sometimes influence us and we just have to have this stuff but do we really want it????
    Embroidery and needlework is not hard at all you just need to be prepaired to put some time it because it really doesn't appear as quickly as if you were doing it by machine. I do love to do a bit every now and again you should give it a go.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

  3. My new wallpaper in my first venture into floral walls....before that I've always been a plain walls n carpet girl...and touches of colour via cushions and bitsn bobs....but I'm loving the freshness of the white walls on our bedroom....I love the cushion Mary, a pretty pink you say a nice change from floral fabric...and every bit as pretty!xx

  4. I love the cushion, the floral heart just looks so stunning on it! I think simple is good too! After all I am rather simple myself! Ha ha! I love pretty, but too much I suppose of anything can be too much! Have a lovely weekend! suzie. xxx

  5. ooo lovely cushion - more my taste as you know I prefer the plainer backgrounds with the more interesting details in the accessories - and I always beleive "less is more" although I know from blogland I maybe in the minority in thinking that :-) feel free to put me to work next time I visit - I am very good at the de-cluttering ;-)
    I too am trying to make the most of every moment with the daughter - they will be stroppy teenage girls before we know it !

  6. The cushion is lovely Mary as are all your makes. I would love to be clutter free, but I think it will be highly unlikely as I have always liked my umm... collections, or 'tat' as others may cool it. However saying that, we are having rather a blitz this coming week starting tomorrow on DS2 room. LOL wish us luck, it won't be easy!

  7. I love your cushion its really pretty. I have done embroidery (using the term loosley)I think there are loads of books out there that give good descriptions on different stitches from basic to the more tricky. And just experiment. That's what I do! Sometimes its great other times well its crap! lol.

    I know what you mean about tastes etc. We have been decorating our dinningroom and hallway. I love decorating always have, but over the years I have changed I dont think so much in my taste but the way i approach it. years ago it was all about dramatic colour on the walls for me, very rich and atmospheric. But as lovely and as a fun as that was it got boring really quickly.Plus i always went for colour schemes, which I found after awhile too restricting. I love colour and I am a magpie for certain things. I dont like collections as such, but just random pretty/cool things. I thought long and hard when we did our dinningroom, as much as I love housey mags and blogs you can be influenced. I sorted in my own mind what it is that I love and what maybe wasnt me. I think I got the balance right. very pale walls (never really been into wallpaper as you cant change it so easily) and then you can go mad or not with the colour!

    Dont beat yourself up too much about your little girl. We do what we think is right at the time. Its hard being a parent and sometimes harder for some than others with the things we experience. But I too hate it if I get cross with my girls. And have to remind myself that I am very lucky to have them. That I so easily might not of having lost my first baby.(in the first 3mths of pregnancy)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, and make some more of those pretty cushions they will go like hot cakes I am sure!


  8. Love that cushion! Flowers are gorgeous, but too many can take over.It's having a happy medium I suppose.
    I so love florals & shabby chic, but also love the muted country colours, cream, brick red, and hunter green, and folk art country style. I think I'd love a house of each!!
    Your daughter sound like a little star! You must be so proud of her!!
    Have a lovely weekend!!

    Sharon xx

  9. Your cushion looks really pretty. My house is completely void of florals, which is something I'm trying to remedy. I'm picking up a few things here and there and I am loving it. I think simple can be beautiful too, but I am ready for a few florals.

  10. Mary, your posts are often so amazing. They start off so lightly and before you know it - you're suddenly whirled into darker territory and then you're back to the light again. Just like the real Mary Poppins book! I hate it when I yell at my daughter too. I try not to do it but I have done it - and it makes me feel horrid. At the end of the day we are human beings and they are going to survive a few yellings. As for holding her dead brother - you did the right thing. I have no doubt whatsoever. The light that comes into her eyes is from her soul. Daisy has also seen a dead body. It was our next door neighbour and I still wonder if that was the right thing for her as she asks many questions about death. I think it is very important that they accept death is a part of life. I wish I had more words I could say to you on that topic. Such a heartbreaking thing for you all to go through. But I repeat - you did the right thing, Mary.
    As for not being clever with your crafting - NONSENSE! You're crafting is totally beautiful. The pieces you did for me are beyond adorable.
    I can't imagine you going too simple in your interior design but if you do feel the need to simplify then do so. I love the Swedish pristine pretty way of doing things, don't you?
    And your bird tray is fab. I do love birdies.
    Your daughter's card is wonderful. What a lovely card for people to receive. She has inherited your talent.
    As for the very kind offer of my Daisy getting a little parcel from your treasure. OF COURSE! That would be a total joy but only if you let me send one in return and you don't go too overboard. I know you have a heart as big as Texas.
    Take Care of yourself Mary and don't beat yourself up for shouting at your little one. Any one that is even a casual visitor here can see what a loving and wonderful Mother you are to your children. Take it easy, Mary mate! xx

  11. Hi Mary Poppins,
    I can totally relate to how you are feeling at the moment. I felt a gradual onset but then I did wake up one morning out of the blue and think flowers no more. I wanted to reclaim my space and was fed up with the visual clutter. I wanted white,white,white!,plain hessian. I got rid of furniture and things that were just cluttered in my cupboard. I do find it more calming and I am not spending all my time tidying like I was before or worrying that things are dusty or messy. Its very liberating letting go of stuff too.
    It is hard being a parent and different challenges pop up all the time. Dont feel bad about anything. I am sure everything you do is with love. I have had major arguments with my daughter and I get so upset. I just think to myself I am not perfect and try and keep calm and carry on!
    take care x Dom

  12. Hi Mary,

    Just thought I would "pop" back to say thank you for your kind words.

    And I am so sure that you will still be welcome in the shabby chic world. I am no expert, but I think the whole of shabby chic is more about adapting what you have and making it beautiful. And there are so many ways to acheive that. Its funny because for a long time I denied liking florals, because I think in my youth I was a bit of goth and thought you couldnt like girly things. pretty daft huh? I love dramatic and the pretty and the whole shabby chic thing has always crept in our home for years. Mix it up that is what I say experiment and above all have fun with it! its your home so it should reflect you and not just trends.

    I would be honoured for you to display my badge.

    Take care.


  13. Wow - what a post! Thank you for sharing all of that with us! I think you are doing a brilliant job in all aspect of your life and just remember to be kind to yourself too!

  14. Those Christmas cards are so darling! They make me smile just looking at them!!!

    I think decisions made from the heart are the right decisions...decisions made by you instead of made trying to please others. You have a lucky little daughter...just think to have Mary Poppins for her mom! My daughter would be green with envy if I told her about you! If I showed her Miss Poppins' room my daughter might just pack up her suitcase & be on her way to your home! I can't have that now! :) Yes...the simple things~they are what makes me smile these days too. Take care!

  15. It's completely natural to question our crafting abilities - I do it all the time! For what it's worth, I think your creations are lovely, and that linen cushion is just beautiful! Do have a go at embroidery - I only really tried it out a few months ago and I love it - it's so relaxing - and no, it's not hard. I bought Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray and that taught me all the basic techniques.
    Ooh, and I love that Ikea birdie tray! So bright and cheerful!
    R x

  16. I think you are doing a great job Mary. Your cushion is also beautiful. hope you had a fun weekend.
    Rachael XX


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