Thursday, 26 November 2009

I Love My New Job....

I am rather enjoying my new role as Product Trial representative. Alright it isn't a role I have been professionally given as it were, or am even being paid for, but I do so enjoy it. I love to trial out products before they get released out for public sale. One of my favourite companies is Sarah Smith I adore their pretty makes and have fun trialing their products.

Some of you who have got to know me, know I can be a little obsessive in the amounts of particular items I buy, duvet covers being one of them, so I shan't tell you how many of the Sarah Smith cloths I have under the sink ;)

First to trial for Sarah Smith was their ever so cute Flower Power Scourer which was a delight to work with, and is now for Sale in some superstores. Then I trialed the Sarah Smith Pretty Pattern Wipes They were so useful here at the Poppins' household, they are especially excellent at killing bacteria and germs off surfaces, and of course very, very pretty to look at.

Now I am trialing some Window And Glass Cloths designed specifically to clean windows and glass surfaces, so far they seem to be working a treat, so am looking forward to giving my feedback to the Sarah Smith team.

I MAY have found my perfect (unpaid) job :)

If there is anyone out there who would like me to trial any of your designs and products, I am honest, reliable, prompt with my feedback and very much enjoy my testing out.

I wonder what shall come through my letter box next ;)



  1. Great job!:>)))
    wanna test them out on my house....????ffed

  2. This sounds like a great job! How did you get into that, Mrs Poppins?
    .... and LOL Mel's comment!!!

    Willow xx

  3. I did a SS trial for some of the screen cloths for TVs/laptops and asked to be put onto the list of trial people, but haven't heard anything since! Maybe I need to get in touch!
    P.S Are you a duvet coveraholic? I am! :D

  4. Oh Mary what a lovely job. i'm with Mel though.
    Rachael XX

  5. I love doing that too. I managed to get in with th sarah smith Glass cleaning cloths too. I thought I'd be able to give them a really good workout because if they can clean my grubby windows then they must be good hehehe.

  6. Sounds like lots of fun, and who doesn't want to use pretty things to clean?

  7. What a great job never mind its unpaid you get the products!
    Hope your well x x

  8. Fab job! I would love that. I think I could do with some of the glass wipes for the doors between the living room and dining room, I'm sure you know only too well what little sticky fingers are like!

    Mel xxx

  9. Sounds like my dream job as well. And you don't have to put up with annoying bosses. I must tell you that my daughter spotted your Blog header and screamed in excitement that it was 'Daisy's Mum' and demmanded an online Flickr tour of Daisy's pretty bedroom. My Daisy loves the see her vintage toys and pretties and was almost beside herself to recognize some Enid Blytons she has. I think my Daisy could live quite happily in your lovely home! Enjoy your weekend dxx

  10. Sounds like a great job, I just read a book about mystery shoppers and it sounds such fun

    Victoria xx

  11. Sounds very good, and interesting too! I don't know if you still want to know about the hearts, but my email is
    Have a lovely weekend! suzie. xxx


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