Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I Have Been Playing With My Friends ♥ ....

Let me introduce you to my lovely pal, he is rather cute, and certainly has a twinkle in his eye, I asked him to put in a good word to Santa, as I would really like as my Christmas present fingers crossed, though he did give me a little wink ;)

Yes it was the big turn on ;) Christmas lights that is, a lovely evening had by all.

Daddy Poppins proving how big and strong he is, though I could see he was struggling ;) by holding not one, but two children at once.

Whilst we waited for our lovely furry friends to make their spectacular entrance, I mooched.

The shoe shop.

The Shabby Chic Shop.

The Wedding shop.

I can never go into one of my favourite shops without coming out with a little treat, I have got to know the owner quite well over the years, she knows what floats my boat as it were, and always pops pretties on one side for me, if I can't get to the shop.

My little treat, I love these Candles and have enjoyed the sent of them for quite some years, my favourites have been, Coffee Galore, Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla And Honey, Powder Puff, Mmmmmm I love them. So when I saw this little fella, thought I would treat myself :)

He smells lovely.

I scooted past the Kitchen shop, too depressing, thinking of my own half finished one awaiting me at home ;)

So it was a lovely evening had by all, certainly has us in the Christmas mood. On our way back to the car couldn't resist a little photograph of a lovely little home that caught my eye, if it is yours, tis beautiful :)

Merry Christmas, Ho! Ho! Ho! :)



  1. Sounds like a wonderful time, all those pretty shops to look around. Hope you get your present, it looks perfect for you.

  2. oohh...looks lovely Mary....I love the Tilly Ba Lou angel...I'm so glad Denise is getting back on her feet!xxx

  3. Lots of lovely things to see , thankyou . I really hope you get your pressie !

  4. Ah Mary, what a lovely post. It certainly was a lovely evening. Hey I spotted those in the hairdressers window and thought of you. Funny.
    Rachael XX

  5. Looks like a great evening, love the house....wish I could say it's mine :)

  6. Glad you had such a fun time.I love the little house too..wonder who lives there!;-)

  7. what a lovely evening - our christmas light switch on is tonight. That little house is rather gorgeous - sadly not mine xxxx

  8. I am afraid that rather gorgeous house is not mine as much as I would like it to be.

    Looks like a really lovely evening in the presence of santa and his furry helpers! And of course shopping thrown in too! Heaven.


  9. Like your style Mary, my kind of list.
    Hohoho !!!!!!!!!!

    love and blessings

  10. Oooh ... I have that candle too! It's gorgeous, isn't it?! .. and very festive! Love the reindeer - what a magical time for the children!
    Sometimes wish mine were still tiny!

    Willow x

  11. Those candles are great aren't they, I love the parma violet ones

    Victoria xx


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