Monday, 2 November 2009

Have You Got Your Christmas Shoes Yet....



  1. Oooh they're fab, I'd never be able to walk in them, though!
    As to the patchwork, you do have to sew but you don't sew all the squares together individually. You basically sew down a whole line of squares, turn it round and do the same the other way, the interfacing is holding them together. It's good for small areas but you wouldn't do a whole quilt that way (well, I suppose you could if you had masses of interfacing!) Have a look at Alicia's blog for the (better) explanation!
    Hen x

  2. I think I would topple over in those!! ;-)

  3. Oh my gawd! where did you get those, they are amazing! suzie. x

  4. Wow, foxy lady! Love shoes..and boots!
    No I have not, but I have already spent far too much on me, so will have to make do with my birthday shoes for christmas!

  5. These are absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately no way I could walk properly in anything like them. LOL

  6. I love them...I'm not great in stilettos - can do high but not spikey!!!! I wear a chunky high heel I feel safer lol!!!
    I am going to buy gold shoes today (if they have my size) my long evening dress is gold and the sandals I bought last year were the wrong shade of gold :) think I've found a match!!!

  7. They are FAB! I love purple.

    Victoria xx

  8. Ok, I own up...I do have a little stash! is true I have been bad lately. I do not know how i get away with it know what I mean when Hubs try peeping in our bags as we try to sneak them in from the car. I have used the, Oh this is old, had it years! too many times now.

  9. Gorgeous, adore the colour although me thinks i'd break my neck in them lol!
    Beki xxx

  10. Gosh really! Thanks for telling me! suzie. xx

  11. Those will add some sparkle and glam for sure.

  12. oooo Mary!!!!!!! dribble dribble :)


    I have quite a few x'mas shoes ;)
    although the ones i've seen that i would love are actually jimmy choos and are over £300!! it's never gonna happen :(

  13. Wow, those are sexy. I would break my neck trying them, though. So, I'll my flat shoes. Hmm, I could use a new pair though.

  14. Many,many years ago I could have walked and even danced all night in those but, sadly not any more. Sob, sob!!

    They are SO pretty.

    Sue xx

  15. Wow! Just click your heels together and say 'there'e no place like home' LOL!

    Hot shoes xxx

  16. Wow!!!! They are beautiful!!! I could never wear shoes that high! Where did you get them from?

  17. Gorgeous, but knowing me i'd probably end up breaking my neck in them! Great blog you have.

  18. They look fabulous!!!!
    Very glam!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  19. I love them but I'm afraid I would have a nose bleed wearing them!

  20. Wow that is one flashy pair of christmas shoe's.
    I remember the one and only time I wore stiletto heals on a night out, unfortunatly it involved an open grated drain and two of my mate's trying to free me before one of us wet ourselves laughing lol. Oh those were the days eh lol


  21. Wonderful shoes!!!
    I'd trip. LOL.
    You are so norty. Fancy sending BM to a lavender farm. I can't imagine how she'd hate it. Tee hee. Thanks for making me smile.
    Have a lovely day. xxx

  22. Very nice Mary. Being a size 3 though, I would fall straight over in them. I notice your feet are slightly bigger.
    Bet you'll look great at the Christmas parties. Any planned??
    Rachael xx

  23. Hello Mary
    Couldn't find an email address for you. You asked me about the CK sample book.. Well, I got it from the Baer & Ingram open day (not something that they openly publicise) which they had about 3 weeks ago. It is held at Kevin McClouds house which is about 10/15 mins away from where I live. His wife ran the business and a couple of years ago they stopped the Baer & Ingram business so occasionally they hold an open day to get rid of old warehouse stocks.. Not sure if they have much more left now or if there will do another one. I am on their mailing list so if I hear anything I'll let you know.
    The CK pattern you have mentioned, I promise to look out for when I am out and about looking for textiles etc..
    Fab shoes! We'll be away for Christmas, I haven't bought anything yet!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  24. I've had to come back for another look at their purpley, sparkly wonderfulness!!!!
    M&S are doing some fab shoes at the moment ... I got a lovely pair of black patent heels (not quite as high as yours!) a couple of weeks ago!
    I love shoes!

  25. What fun! This is my first visit to your blog & I was so glad I stopped by! I will be back very soon! Thanks for the smile! The shoes are amazing!

  26. hey Mary!! i got the gold booklet, as i subscribe i didn't get a choice :(

    I would have much prefered the silver as i'm not a gold person - but i may do a collage on it. x


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