Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Handmade And Thrifted....

I am doing my best to make, buy handmade, or thrift Christmas presents this year. I really do think there is something quite special about the handmade thing, even a little handmade card given, touches me.

Although I adore shopping, proper, new shop shopping gets me in a tizz, especially at Christmas. I get hot, hungry and a little moody so much prefer browsing junk shops and CSs to see if there is anything my family or friends would like. I shall probably offend, but in my olde age I am learning sometimes you have to stop worrying about what other people shall think so much, like I do, and do what you feel is right in your heart.

What was certainly right in my heart was purchasing Fleur's delightfully handpainted wooden personalised pencil cases, with a set of sweet wooden coloured pencils. I HAD to buy them for my children, though of course it is Santa who delivers them ;)

How could I not resist.

Fleur also puts the sweetest original vintage images on them. One for Master Poppins.

One for Miss. Poppins.

They really are the cutest things, and so lovely to have their names exquisitely handpainted at the top. Thank you Fleur for hand painting them so beautifully, a couple of very special gifts.

I also HAD to have one of these delightful handmade crocheted necklets made by The Scrappy Parrot although I did play the one for you, one for me game, I love so much. I bought one for my lovely Sister, who lives in Cyprus, and I bought one for me. The money I paid for the one for my Sister went to a worthy charity so even more special I thought. My Sister's has been sent, so here is a little photograph of mine.

Isn't The Scrappy Parrot clever, it really is the sweetest thing, and commissioned especially for me, extra special :) Look at the cute crocheted flower.

Thank you The Scrappy Parrot, I adore it and know my Sister shall adore hers too.

Well I have also found some thrifted presents.

Lovely books for the children.

I especially love this 1970s one, a little present from my children to me.

Look at the back cover.

Would you like to know why this book has a special place in my heart, well about two years ago I thrifted this 1970s book.

The back.

I love the fact that now I have my special Mum book too :)

I also found a gorgeous book for a £1.00 that looks perfectly brand new, and would make a lovely gift.

I know exactly who is getting these thrifted, yet brand new rubber gloves for Christmas, and is going to go down a treat I know it. It is Mr. Father-In-Law, he always wears black rubber gloves to wash up, anyone that knows me, would know that I couldn't think of anything worse. When I am at the in laws' lovely home, and he is wearing his favourite gloves, he always come up to me with his scary black gloves on and makes me scream.

Well I thought he could do with a new pair.

Far prettier don't you think.

For a little child I saw a beautiful Rexinter Toy elephant with its original £9.99 price on, being sold for £1.00. Yes a couple of his little stitches had come undone, but I thought he was lovely, so took him home with me.

Well, I stitched him up, gave him a little ribbon and think he is now as good as new.

I also found some 5p Christmas decorations.

And some wonderful 30p each handmade Christmas cards, they are so wonderfully handmade, felt a little guilty buying them at the cheap price.

Mmmmm now who could I give this cute £1.50 brooch to.

Of course, I do see things in the new shops I like for presents too.

I couldn't resist these Christmas toys, Master P shall love his new pals. TK Maxx, so quite reasonable.

Pretty twine from M&S.

Pretty fabric, present for me, Mmmmm maybe.

Well I do so enjoy buying thrifted and handmade presents. I only hope at the Christmas fair I am doing, the lovely ladies and maybe some gents like to buy handmade as presents too. Tis not about the money for me this handmade malarkey, it is the pleasure, hopefully, someone gets by receiving something handmade with love by me.

Right I should really unwrap my anniversary present.

Didn't even manage to pull the CK Christmas crackers last year, they were for decoration purposes only, well you can be guaranteed that they are going be pulled this year.

So pleased your giveaway treats got to you alright Ticking Stripes it was a pure pleasure sending your pretties and glad you and your DD like them :)

Happy Christmas shopping if you are doing any.



  1. What pretty things, I love hunting through thrift stores, I just found the most gorgeous winter wreath last weekend. I've got so many handmade items on my Christmas list this year, I better get cracking.


  2. Wow, what gorgeous lovelies you have come by! I am like you, Christmas shopping fills me with dread, I get hot and bothered, irritated by all the people and all the queues, and never find what I want. Since I started making my own bits and bobs, many family members have requested some for Christmas presents, the trouble being I only have one pair of hands and not a lot of time, so this year they may be a little disappointed, but, I will be well prepared for next year for sure! xxx

  3. You made some wonderful choices for your Christmas presents this year.

    Victoria xx

  4. Fabulous bargains! I think my favourite is the elephant, he is so cute!

  5. hand made presents are always the best!
    i had those christmas crackers last year,i kept all the paper from them for christmas crafting this year hehe
    is that sad?lol


  6. Some lovely presents there, but I never have that kind of luck when thrift shopping :( must try harder!!

  7. You have done really well, Mary! I think your ethos is absolutely right. We have made loads of chutneys and jams which I am currently decorating with thrifted fabric tops and vintage wallpaper border wraps. I honestly think that most of our family are going to get more use out of them, and the thrifted bits and bobs we've bought them, than they would from a new-bought present.

  8. What wonderful things you have discovered. Hope I'm as lucky on Thursday


  9. Ooh you lucky girl....can I come and shop with you. How fab having thrift shops with such treasures! I wish we had them here in Peterboro. I'm like you in that I HATE commercial christmas shopping with all the crowds, stress and hassle. I too try to make or buy secondhand pressies for those dearest. I always think it shows you care much more.
    Happy wrapping x x x

  10. Great Christmas presents! I love the pencils, those boxes are so cute!!
    I think its lovely to base presents on what you think the person will like regardless of where it's from! Handmade things, I'm beginning to learn can be by far superior to a generic, shop bought present!

  11. oh what a great collection!
    You have done well :-)

    The pencil cases are fab!

    Rose X

  12. Cute ellie....;)
    I'm so glad you liked the Stanley.....I love my pressies....My Sister has just tried to pinch the pillow....cheeky so and so!

  13. what lovely thrifted and handmade goodies. I love the pencil boxes. xxx Pixie xxx

  14. Well done Mary you have some lovely presents there. I love the little pencil boxes and the little elephant is looking loved once more.
    Rachael XX

  15. Some lovely, pretty things there! I love thrifting but never find such nice things!
    I love the pencil cases...so cute!

    Squirmy xx

  16. What a sweet post Mary ... such pretty gifts...

  17. What a beautiful post and so inspirational. This year I am going to try and 'do' Christmas really differently... spend less, do less, just try and enjoy it a bit more. Love the idea of setting limits on spending and thrifting / hand made / found bits and bobs are perfect companions to this... Now I just have to convince my family!
    Love Charlotte

  18. So sorry to take so long to reply about the chairs, I'm soooo behind at the mo. No doubt you've already made the decision but personally I like the darker chairs. we have a mixture of 2 sorts, dark and light, we bought them from a company called pew corner about 6 years ago. Not much help really but you'll love them whatever you decide, we love ours but be warned, they are quite low so make sure you don't have a really high table. By the way, I'm loving all those gifts you've found esp. the pencil boxes - gorgeous!
    Julia xx

  19. I love the books and oh my, those adorable pencil cases are just superb! Hand made gifts that are beautifully done and with love cannot be beaten! xx

  20. I love it all. I really need those pencil cases for my daughter, the black gloves made me laugh, and the cards- beautiful. I also loved the Fireman Sam, we don't have him here yet, but I stocked up on DVD's on my last trip to London.

    My son is in love with Fireman Sam. I love that you are reusing what is already out there, giving them a new home! So clever, and kind to our planet!

  21. I'd be so pleased to receive any of those lovely things as Christmas gifts.
    Twiggy x

  22. Just dashing on before going to bed...I think the black gloves for your FIL is such a lovely thoughtful gift, love the others too but that one was brilliant xx

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  24. Hiya hunni
    Just popped over to say There's something for you over on my blog.

  25. Lots of lovely items! Am with you on the shopping centre front, just can't stand them at this time of year, they make me go all cold. Christmas is about time for family and friends with good food and wine and some little gifts thrown in, they can keep all their commercial hype. xx

  26. I am so so pleased you like the pencil cases, they look great on this post!!!! Thank you for the link - I've already had another order !!!

    Giveaway soon I promise!



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