Sunday, 29 November 2009

Gallery Walk....

Once a year my local town has a gallery walk where you get given the chance to enter a prize draw and win some gift vouchers or prize from each store that participates. You collect a card at the begining and take a wonder around some delightful stores, of which there were 12 taking part this year.

You are kindly treated to some wonderful food and treats along the way, a nice browse, get your card stamped from all twelve stores, hand it in at the end and then cross your fingers that you may win a prize.

Well last year I won a prize, £30.00 worth of gift vouchers to spend at one of the stores :) So I was really looking forward to another walk around, I took Miss. Poppins and we did have fun.

Here are some of my favourite stores.

First we had the Art Gallery with in house artist, comtemporary art sculptures and ceramics.

Mmmmm something caught my eyes in the corner, and I quickly covered Miss Poppins' ;)

Beautiful ceramics.

After our card was stamped it was off to the Art Glass shop, which is a beautiful store selling vases, bowls, bottles, stemware, wall hangings and pieces by many leading innovative British glass makers.

Then the pretty card and wrapping paper shop.

Then we strolled to a lovely, cute little interiors shop. Once we got our card stamped, couldn't resist a little browse. Having not seen any chapel chairs for ages I am seeing them popping up everywhere now, these little ones that you can see at the table had been sold within a matter of days of being put out. By the way we plumed for the dark ones ;)

I loved the gallery and knit studio, with hand crafted ceramics and textiles.

And our favourite, the old fashioned sweetie shop :)

It was a little wet and windy though that did not dampen our enthusiasm and we reveled in choosing some sweeties. So now that our card was stamped from all the shops, we went to pop it in the lucky barrel and have our fingers crossed we could be a winner :)



  1. Thank you for taking us with you on such a delightful walk.

    I hope you win something! xx

  2. It looks like such a wonderful day, hope you get lucky with the drawings.

  3. What a lovely selection of shops! There's nothing like a bit of browsing to lift the spirits on a wet & windy November day, is there?!
    I hope you're lucky in the draw!

    Willow x

  4. i did enjoy my walk round all those wonderful shops and seeing all the gorgeous delights! suzie xxx

  5. Thank you for the wonderful walk! The shops look great!
    Wishing you the best of luck!

  6. Thank you for the tour of these interesting shops. The prize-drawing is a great idea to stimulate customer traffic.

    Hoping you will win again!

  7. What a gorgeous place to visit!!
    I bet thay really brightened up a dull, cold day!!

    Good luck : )

    Sharon xx

  8. My goodness, you do have some rather special shops. How lovely they all are. Loads of inspiration there.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment... the comments have really helped, as I am finding it so hard at the moment. The academic school just wouldn't have been right for my 11 year old - she's more arty, and into dance, drama, etc. Whereas my eldest is academic thru and thru.
    I had the same issue growing up. Sibling went to brilliant school, me to bog standard, so I know the potential for issues about it, but I don't think it will be a problem as unlike my situation the whole thing was discussed very openly within the family and she knows I don't consider it any less a good school. She obviously doesn't know of my worries about the settling in processes etc. And we're slowly making progress. I think it's harder as it's brought up so many issues for me really.
    Anyway, I mustn't whitter on about myself... once I start I don't stop, which is why I'm not about much at the mo. I hate feeling sorry for myself.
    Your comment meant a lot. Thank you. xxx

  9. I recognise the place with the textiles and ceramics and I think I can see my brooches on the counter..the photo after the handbags! Thank you for giving me a peep.
    I wish I'd seen your moment of glory.

  10. she's more arty, and into dance, drama, etc. Whereas my eldest is academic thru and thru.

    Work from home


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