Thursday, 5 November 2009

* DRUM ROLL *....

The presents have been unwrapped, party food has been eaten, the candles have been blown out and a Giveway winner has been choosen.

Yes, I was having a Mummy moment and Miss. Poppins blew out 9 candles rather than her true age of 8, talk about making her grow up before her years, Ohooo well she didn't notice, and is good practice for me for cake number 2 at her party with her friends ;)

Can you sneak a peek at which tin we choose.

Ohooo I think I shall have one of Miss. Poppins' Birthday mice.

There, thats better, ooops only one left ;)

Miss. Poppins asked her new Birthday dolly to help her choose a winner, and the winner is

Well done Ticking Stripes I look forward to sending you your pretties :)

Thank you all for leaving lovely comments and for entering the Giveaway, I wish you could have all won :)



  1. Congrats Ticking Stripes, can't wait to see what your goodies are.

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Poppins. Hope your dreams and wishes come true. Looks as if Mummy made you a yummy cake. Congrats to lucky Ticking Stripes. I can ease my envy by the knowledge my partner is off to the post office today and I'm sure there is some pretties waiting all the way from England! xx

  3. Oh well done to Ticking Stripes. Very funny about the extra candle! Not done that one before. I love the chocolate mice, but then anything chocky is good in my eyes, and tummy.

  4. That is funny.
    Well done to Ticking Stripes. I wonder what goodies are in store for you.
    Hope Miss P has fun at the weekend
    Rachael xx

  5. Congratulations ticking stripes!!! What a yummy cake, I will be round in a minute. ha ha! suzie. xx

  6. Happy bday miss poppins and congrats to ticking stripes xx

  7. I am now drooling at that cake! Wow you made that, you are very clever. It looks professional.

    well done to ticking stripes on her win too.

    Hope Miss Poppins enjoys the rest of her birthday celebrations too! Happy Birthday there.

    Take care.


  8. Congratulations Ticking Stripes, Luck You xx Thank You Mary Poppins for including me in your draw xxx

  9. Happy Birthday miss Poppins! congratulations Ticking Stripes!So funny this post. Have a nice weekend!

  10. Happy birthday Miss Poppins!
    Can I have some of your cake?
    Congratulations to Ticking Stripes!!!!

  11. Gorgeous cake, and yummy mice!! Is there no end to your talents, Mary!!!????
    Lots of Happy birthday wishes to Miss P,and have a lovely weekend too!!!

    Sharon xx

  12. Thank you everyone for your congratulations! And Thank you Mary Poppins - may I use the picture of the draw to put on my sidebar please? (Don't worry if you'd ratehr I didn't)- Its just so lovely- gorgeous jamas and Ticking Stripes!

  13. This is the Mummy who today put four candles on her six year old's cake- he was NOT impressed!!!

  14. ahh it sounds like she had a lovely day and that cake looks so good i wouldnt be counting the candles either!


  15. Mmmmmm - the chocolate mouse looks delicious! I've never seen those before. Cake looks great too :-)


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