Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Day Jenny Gave Me Goose Bumps....

I do love a good swap, not the wife swap kind of thing, but the crafty handmade kind of thing. So when I saw the lovely Paper Bag Swap Over At The contented blog I knew was one I wanted to be involved in. You had to gather some of your crafty ingredients, send over to your swap partner and then they made something, hopefully pretty in my case ;) and send back.

Well I was partnered with the lovely and VERY talented, incredibly, incredibly talented Jenny Flower Now came the GULP, I assured Jenny that I am a little simple maker, and struggle with the intricate stuff, Jenny was so kind and knew that whatever I made for her would be sent from the heart.

Here is what Jenny sent me, I have been crafting with her chosen ingredients, am almost there and nearly ready to send her pretties back to her.

I struggled a little with the velvet, so have handmade a little item with that, I have even sewn my first sequins. I really hope you like your items, somehow I think you know how I felt about receiving your pretty parcel.

Here are the ingredients I gathered for Jenny to work her magic on, and boy did she work her crafty magic on what I sent her.

Well would you like a little looky at what beautiful, so very very beautiful items Jenny sent back.

I almost fell over when I spied the gorgeous keyring.

And look how she has included the pretty buttons I sent her.

The front.

The back.

If you like that, then you are so going to like her cute little hanging owl she made for me, again using the buttons, fabric and felt I sent in such a wonderful way. He has even got sweet little bells.

The beautiful embroidery on the back.

It gets better :)

A glorious fabric jewellery pouch.

With the little buttons handsewn on for good measure.

Something very pretty inside.

Mmmmm gorgeous.

So perfectly neat and tidy.

Maybe you should be sitting down by now ;)

I could not keep this little zipped bag away from your pretty eyes. Isn't it delightful, I cannot really put it into words how I feel about this bag. I am going to use it as a little clutch bag when I go out, I need to share Jenny's remarkable work with everyone I know.

And the back

Sew neat.

And a beautiful pretty lining.

And inside the bag was the most beautiful ceramic floral candle stick, it takes pride of place on my little dressing table, I love that it shall always remind me of her pretty swap :)

I was a little flushed by now, yet there was something else wrapped up all prettily, awaiting me at the bottom of the parcel.

Oh my oh my oh my, words cannot do the pretty hand quilted, and embroidered dressing table mat justice, so I hope my photographs do.

Pure beauty I thought.

There was chocolates too ;)

So now you see why Jenny gave me goosebumps :)

Thank you so much Jenny, you know how I feel, so won't waffle on. What is so special about your swap is I know some of the prettiness about the crafts I like, may not be your cup of tea, we can't all like the same can we, how boring would that be, though you have made for me the most perfect items I could ever have wished to own. Your parcel has restored my faith in how grateful I am to be part of this community. I have been having Bloggy wobbles again and thought that maybe I don't belong in this Bloggy world, and thought my Blog had run it's course.

I have met some wonderful friends through Blogging, you have all been supportive when I have my moments. I am so glad I have this special place to come to, away from RL troubles, though you know I do sometimes share with you ;) There is something quite therapeutic and special about sharing your thoughts to people that you don't know in RL as it were, does anyone else feel that.

Thank you Bloggers for being there when I sometimes need you :)



  1. Wow, those are amazing. Look at all of that intricate work, and you're right, it's so you. How exciting, and what a beautiful bunch of goodies.

  2. ((( )))
    What gorgeous goodies and so very you!
    Look forward to seeing what you made from the stash you were sent.
    I've emailed you hunni
    Love and hugs
    Beki xxx

  3. The goodies are adorable!! I have to say that I would feel a bit nervous doing a swap like that. :) I will be curious to see what you will make with the ingredients that were sent to you. :)

  4. Oh lordy, I have come over all giddy looking at those never ending lovelies! What a talented lady. I can only dream of being that creative. You are one very lucky lady! Have a fab day! xxx

  5. Oh. My. Goodness! What an amazing parcel of goodies! Thanks again for taking part in the swap and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing what you made for Jenny.
    Rachel xx

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  7. So did you like your swap goodies then ;) only joking, really, really lovely and I can't wait to see what you made. Wish I'd known about this swap it's right up my street. Blogland is great isn't it?
    twiggy x

  8. Me again!!
    Some very lovely detailed goodies there :)

  9. Those beautiful treasures are quite amazing! Really really gorgeous, oooh I would love those too. I can see why you are so pleased! Jenny is so talented! suzie. xxx

  10. Not surprising you got goosebumps, every single thing is just so beautifully made, with such lovely details. You lucky, lucky girl.

  11. Wow, she is one talented lady!

    I often feel so on the edge of things in this world because I can't really make anything, and my goodness I couldn't create this gorgeous collection of goodies if you locked me in room with fabric and a sewing machine for a hundred years!!

    I think you are very brave, entering a swap like that, and am sure she'll be thrilled with your things too.

    I shall have to stick to buying and dreaming I think!

    Love Charlotte

  12. oh!that swap package is soo gorgeous no wonder you were in awe those things are divine!


  13. Making a swap is difficult, at least for me. But making a swap with ingredients chosen by somebody else is even more difficult. I salute you! I wouldn't have the guts. Jenny made beautiful things for you. I do not doubt yours are equally beautiful.

  14. oh my golly gosh what a lot of scrummy loveliness you had sent !!! and deserve it of course - she is a very talented lady I am very in awe of her work!
    love the new signature I may have to be "inspired" by that one ;-)

  15. Hey, were is the post with the pretty picture. You reeled me in and now it is gone. You removed it, didn't you. Well Google Reader was faster. Don't worry about your blog it is lovely. It has a purpose for your readers/followers. Why don't you just post what your like, whatever you like, whenever you like. And don't worry too much.
    BTW I sometimes have the same worries. We all do, I think.

  16. Please don't stop blogging! I've only just discovered the world of creative and craft blogging and what an inspiration it is!!! I look forward to the end of the day where I can sit on the sofa with coffee and cat, the children in bed and catch up on what you and the others have been creating!!

  17. mary xxxxx
    what a gorgeous swap. Jenny has obviously taken time and care to pick just the right makes for little olde you xxx
    You are right bloggy world is amazing and I love being part of the community :)
    I just recieved my paper bag swap makes today - wow!
    Also a gift all the way for NZ for recycling my old rubbish lol!!
    People are lovely xxx
    (and what spartanwoman just said to you.......didn't I tell ya huh!!! xxx)
    mwah x

  18. I have goosebumps too now! You make my makes look so glamorous- what clever photography! I am delighted you are pleased, and loved working in a differnet style. Thnks for being my partner- and my new pal. xxx

  19. Blimey Mary that was a lovely swap. XX

  20. Hi Mary,

    Yes the library's online service is free... well def within your county.

    We can borrow up to 14 books here and I think you can only renew 6 times but you have them a month at the time so sounds similar to you.

    For fiction without a doubt it's perfect and the non fiction, it does get to a point when all the sewing and cooking books merge into one another

    Victoria xx

  21. I am glad you warned me to grab a chair! Wow! Her work is soooo amazing! I can't imagine all the oooing & awwwwing that was heard at your home as you opened her parcel. Sure makes me feel humble! & inspires me to get out my project tonight now that my kids are in bed! Now I am goning to pick up my jaw off this desk & get sewing!

  22. Well now Mary, what does your tablecloth look like?!! Just kidding really, I'm up to my neck with unfinished goods at the moment so hardly need anything else to add to the pile.

    Those gifts were out of this world!! Lucky you but so deserved. What pretty goodies you received and such lovely fabrics you gave her to work with. Wish I'd joined that swap now!

  23. OOH you lucky lady, what wonderfull pretties. xxx Pixie xxx

  24. Oh my goodness those gifts are fabulous! So much work and love has gone into them, you are so lucky.

  25. Oh my such wonderfully pretty goodies, you lucky thing you.

  26. Hello again, thanks for you wonderful comnent again. I do sell my hearts, so if you want to ask about them my email is :) suzie. xxx

  27. Oh how wonderful!
    How talented of her to come up with so many pretty ideas,you must have been so excited opening one after the other.
    Have a great weekend
    Kisses Kristina XxX

    The word verification is trils did i say too much? x

  28. You are a very lucky gorl I too would have had goosebumps. Everything is gorgeous!
    Carol x

  29. What lovely goodies :-)

    Keep meaning to ask you about the wallpaper in your blog header - think it would look lovely in my new bedroom...........

  30. Just returning after a very long blogging break over the summer ... so lovely to see all my favourite blogs are still here and going strong!

    What a gorgeous swap! So many lovely things to show us, and great photos too.

    I've realised how much I miss blogging!

    Willow xx

  31. Crikey, you lot are all so talented.... I used to sew and knit and embroider but now can barely sew in my son's nametapes!

    Huge thanks for your kind words about my book. It's aimed at 11+ readers and is pretty dark.... But, yup, it's doing well on Authonomy and I'm hoping it will be on the Editor's Desk next month.
    Nowhere near a publishing contract yet, but one can but hope!


  32. Well done spotting the Asda jug! Yes thats the one I got for my mum - she likes red! I liked the blue but wasn't a yellow fan, so did you buy all three? And if you did where are you going to put them?!! xx

  33. Yes I know it is silly not to use it, but I want to use it for a perfect project, and I want to keep it for me!! ;)
    But what if I use it and make a mistake and it all gets wasted?! Will need to think of something reeeally good and not too hard to use it on...hmmm xx


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