Monday, 9 November 2009

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Pretties And Chapel Chairs

Well, we have had birthdays.

Thank you so much Coco Rose for the heads up on where I could find the pretty bunting Birthday Banner. As soon as I saw the banner two days before Miss. Poppins' Birthday, I HAD to have it. I can happily say there were 8 candles blown out ;)

I do wonder and maybe you could help me out on this, but I do wonder if I am the only one that sees something on a lovely blog and HAS to have it, even jumping up right there and then, grabbing coat and child and running, no, sprinting to the shops to find the said item, Mmmmm maybe tis only me that does that ;)

The birthday party with friends was lovely, thank you so much Lesley for all your help, and thank you for the cutest presents for Miss. Poppins, the handmade fabric initial is adorable.

Everyone seemed to like their party boxes, well I should hope so ;) I was up gone midnight the night before the party, stuffing those little hearts ;)

We also loved decorating the house with pretty Bunting the bunting is so sweet, a lovely bunting, and I would recommend it to all you bunting lovers. Also, do you play the one for you, one for me game when you are out shopping for Birthday treats for friends and family. Well it was my adorable Sister-In-Laws birthday, Mr. Poppins' sister, and I wanted to get her something special. She has an adorable home, it used to be a guest house, so has 8, I think, bedrooms. She loves the vintage d├ęcor thing so wanted to chose a couple of pretties she would like. She also has three boys so deserves a little girlyness I thought :)

Well, now is when the game begins...

One for you...

One for me...

One for you...

One for me.

Please say you play that game too :)
I also saw in the lovely shop, where actually a couple of my handmade pretties are for sale, some cute paper chains, very similar to the CK ones. They did do a Christmas style too, but I think these are more me.

Cute Caroline Zoob cards.

Pretty ribbon for the Rag Hearts I make. I wanted some special ribbon for a Christmas Rag Heart I am making for a fellow lovely blogger.

It has been our wedding anniversary too. Ten years, which is Tin I believe. Whilst in the pretty shop I saw a little tin like metal on top of a cute pencil ;)

Mmmmm I recognise this.

I knew he would love it...well ok, I KNEW I would love it, and it has been on my wish list for a while. The day itself ended up being really busy and I forgot about the lovely present to open from Mr. P, any guesses what you think is hidden inside the CK wrapping.

I am yet to wrap his little gifts, so think we shall find some special our time and unwrap our little presents.
Alright, so the heart notelet's and holder may not be that useful to him, but as he loves freshly ground coffee, hopefully the mug shall be. I saw the reduced Emma Bridgewater whilst browsing an Antiques and Collectibles centre, they have new pretties in there for sale too.

Ohooo dear, I am playing that one for you one for me game again.

And as the Emma Bridgewater was reduced couldn't help but treat the children for Christmas.

Master Poppins.

Miss. Poppins.

They are so cute :)

Talking of cute, whilst at the Antiques and Collectibles centre I found some adorable Circa 1900 chapel chairs that have been on my wish list for maybe 2 years. I have never found any a, at the right price, or b, at the right price ;) So, imagine my delight when we were browsing and we saw two sets of 6 chairs, in good condition, and with a little negotiation of course, we thought was reasonably priced.

I did have a dilemma, do I go for the dark or light wood. Ohoooo I am normally very good at making a decision, though I suppose waiting 2 years and then having 2 beautiful sets available did have me in a quandary.

I loved the character that was within the darker ones.

Though the lighter ones may go with our decor in the kitchen diner better.

Anyway after a nights sleep, much thinking I came to a decision.

Whilst we were there many a pretty took my eye, would you like a little browse?

And my favourite, an antique Baby Daisy hoover :)

Well I really should go and unwrap Mr. Poppins' Anniversary present, and wrap his of course. I hope he likes them, I know I do ;)



  1. Hi Mary...lovely party bags!
    I LOVE the chapel want one!xxx

  2. The cake looks lovely!!!!! I have to say, I am so glad I bought that cake topper, but I think people are going to get sick of seeing it! Laughing! Wow, what gorgeous lovelies you showed us in this post! I am totally jealous! I have had my eye on the Greengate lovelies since their new range came out, I am a complete Greengate fan. Oh and those chairs.....where do I begin?!!!! Think I might have to rush out now with the kids in tow on a chair mission!!!!!!!! Oooooh I am inspired Mary! xxxxx

  3. Hiya hunni
    Another beautiful post full of pretty's. well if the cake and party bags are anything to go by, miss popping had a fab birthday party.
    Can you tell me who make's the paperchain decorations kit I would love to get one.

  4. Hi Mary happy anniverseary to a lovley couple.
    You always deliver! love the Greengate and the chael chairs, mugs and plates...I feel the same as you, see and must have it! but I am getting so much better as I think I probably have filled this house to bursting.
    The cake is yUm as is everything.
    Well another day has gone and what have I done? not a lot. I had such plans as well.
    Carol x

  5. Oh my goodness, so many lovely things.. where to start ? Love them all !

  6. Thanks for that hunni I think I might just have to go and treat myself hehehe.
    I'm glad you all liked the little parcel and of course it's ok to blog about it.

  7. Love the chapel chairs. The cake looked absolutely great with the bunting.
    Happy anniversary to you and mr. Poppins. Many happy returns.

  8. ooo i like the greengate stuff and although I have never played that game before i certainly will be from now LOL
    loved the party and the party boxes they were fab and so kind to do one for Jacob as well- must admit having a hard time handing over that fab heart you did for him as I love that fabric!!

  9. What a lovely happy post, full of delicious scrummy things. The chairs are lovely too - green with envy!
    Have a lovely romantic time with Mr Poppins -


  10. Happy Anniversary! What a bunch of lovely things, so gorgeous, I love your taste.

  11. It looked like it was a very happy birthday. Lovely cake! And happy anniversary too! Yes sometimes I spot something on others blogs and think, I want! Like the latedt Cath Kidston book sew! Suzie. xxx

  12. Love the beautiful paisley fabric. I love everything paisley!! Great cake topper too!! I'd drop everything to buy those too!!

  13. Happy Anniversary! How could you think we would be bored if you told us the details of your 'little mood?' Never! So much glory in one post it should be sung as a hymn and treasured. Of course I have to say I love the baby Daisy hoover the best! And Mary Poppins, you must have thought me a right rude old Aussie but my beloved bought home your magnificent pretties on Friday and I IMMEDIATELY posted my emotional thank you on your Vintage Daisy blog under the peronalised bunting section! Have a peep. I truly did! I think you need some sort of feedback section and feel free to move it to a more conspicuous place on your Blog if you wish. I feel the entire world should know how crafty and wonderful you are! In fact on my Fabbo Friday post I am going to do a small piece on your pretties. That's not quite the entire world that follows my Blog (ahem) but 71 people will know of your talents! xx

  14. Miss Poppins had a lovely party indeed. Wish I could have gone to a party like that! Those party boxes looked pretty special. And also loved the paper chain, and the chairs...

  15. Where to start Mary, so many lovely pictures. You really made me smile with this post.
    I love the chairs. I prefer the lighter ones, if it helps!!
    Your cake looks stunning, and I love the cake bunting. Well done Coco Rose for that spot. What gorgeous paper chains too.
    I play the one for you, one for me game all the time. Christmas shopping is the worst time for it. I can completely understand your need to buy yourself hte lovely Greengate things. What lovely prints.
    I also obsess about things that others have and I totally NEED to have!! I NEED to know where the antique and collectible place is you went to. Some of the things in your pictures looked fab.
    Thankyou for such a lovely post.
    Rachael xx

  16. What lovely celebrations!
    I have to say I'm slightly jealous of Miss Poppins friends. I want one of those party bags!!!!

  17. Forgot to say... I recognise that heart noteboard!!! ;)

  18. Gorgeous pictures, loving the cake bunting too! Prefer the darker chairs myself! Ooh which ones did you pick? I'm really loving Greengate at the mo, got their new catalogue and it is yummy! Have a good week x

  19. What great things - i love the kids party boxes!!! And chapel chairs! i love them. I dream of a big rugged table in a lovely kitchen with chapel chairs!!

  20. Hello Mary
    Happy anniversary! What a lot of events going on. I really like the party bags, so much more original than the usual party bags.

    I love chapel seats especially as you can store nagazines or books behind them. It's not easy to advise on the chairs as it's a matter of taste. I'm not keen on dark wood, I prefer lighter or painted furniture. But that's just my taste and also because dark wood would clash too much with everything else I have.

    I know exactly what you mean about seeing something on someone else's blog and thinking Ooh, I must have that. Not to copy, just because you like it! Hen did a post of a shop in Yorkshire recently, she took photos of the shop interior and one of the photos I spotted a multi coloured basket which I liked. I rang the shop and ordered it. I'm so pleased with it. Will show it on one of my forthcoming posts. Blogs are great for that!
    Take care Mary
    Isabelle x

  21. Next time you have a party can I come... obviously because I would want to join in the fun and games, nothing to do with the fabulous party bags!!!!

    Victoria xx

  22. Those party boxes are gorgeous! You're giving me ideas for my girls' next party ;) The cake is a stunner.

    Those chairs are gorgeous, not sure which I would choose either!

    Mel xxx

  23. Thanks hunni I have emailed you back.
    Oh and sorry but your too late the cake's are all gone. all except one which I have hidden away to go in river's lunch box tomorrow.

  24. oh now im the same, i love those paperchains where can i get some? they are so sweet!! fliss xx

  25. Really pretty blog and had to smile at 'the game'. I think you have a lovely and understanding husband, mine would 'snort' if I tried to pass off something I loved as a pressie for him, so vastly different are our tastes. Ho hum.

    Did you come to any decision about the chairs yet? Very interesting to me as I have always - always - been a light wood kind of girl, but this past few months I seem to be veering slightly in a darker direction... hmmm.

    Love Charlotte

  26. LOL no he's not allergic to feathers. you've got me wondering now. I can't wait to see.

  27. What a lot of lovely photographs. I really love the cake bunting. How cute is that! I'm sure it'll begin to appear everywhere... do you find seeing things all over the place starts to put you off? I'm struggling to stay inspired now with fabric letters, because they are everywhere I look, and that always puts me off - I'll have to move on to something else, methinks. I like the felting, because it's not everywhere, at least not the places I look. I hadn't seen your gorgeous brooch - it's really pretty. I do like working with hand felted wool though, it's nothing like the felt you buy. What I would say about felting is, it's hit and miss. Very hit and miss! Probably because I refuse to google 'felting' because I don't want to see lots of felted things and end up copying what I see. Ho hum. Sorry, didn't mean to write an essay! x


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