Thursday, 1 October 2009

You Are Cordially Invited To....

A Party :)

Ohooo please do come dear blogger fiends. I have been so inspired by the beautiful going's on in someone's lovely lounge that it has really made me want to get a shifty on with my own dear lounge. So you are all invited to my special painting and decorating party to help out, come when ever you like :) I hear they are fabulous fun, where everyone chips in and help people out when they need the extra hands on deck.

We need to get some floorboards painted.

Wallpaper a wall or two

Mmmmm sort some wires out.

A little tidy up

Please don't bring a bottle bring a

We have bottles here

And a vintage biscuit barrel bursting with my favourite chocolate bar

So please say you shall come, it shall be a ball :)



  1. I shall work very hard if i'm going to be awarded with a wispa gold.
    Doesn't Isabelles lounge look beautiful? Can't wait to see yours when it's finished!
    Beki xxx

  2. Totally on board for the swap. Let me know what you want!


  3. I'm on me way Mary -s ounds like my kind of party :) x

  4. I'm there! I'm a very hard worker, especially when bribed with oodles of chocs and fine wine. Might make my painting a tad wonky though - hope you don't mind about that!

  5. that would be so much fun - suzys room is looking lovely isn't it? xx

  6. I'll do (almost) anything if chocolate is involved! Pop the kettle on - I'll be there.... Your's will be delightful when it's done I'm sure!


  7. If your paying in choccie, I'll come...:>)

  8. Wispa Gold - my current favourite.

    On my way!!

  9. I am more than pleased to help! Specially to be rewarded wit chocolate. Hummmm!! :)

  10. oooh sounds like fun I'll grab my paintbrush now. can you all come over and do my hallway when were done at yours hehehe.

  11. I'm on my way, paintbrush in hand!! :) Maybe everyone could move on to mine after we have finished your lounge and help me get rid of our awful 1970's peach wallpaper and matching vile curtains?! :)


  12. OOOh chocolate, wine and beer, my oh my. Im on my way! Suzie. x

  13. I shall come indeedy :D I know it will look lovely once we are all finished with it! xxx

  14. I could help by offloading some of the CK wallpaper from you?! ;o)

    Victoria xx


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