Monday, 12 October 2009

Thank You Lovely Neighbour....

Ohooo what a lovely day. Isn't it lovely when the kindness of others makes you smile. I have been greeted by my lovely neighbour who asked if I wanted an old coffee table that they no longer had use for, why of course and thank you I replied. It is a lovely solid piece and thought would be perfect for a Shabby Chic makeover. I see a good sanding and priming, then some nice F&B furniture paint, Mmmmm maybe Dimity. A pile of country livings, a couple of hurricane lamps with lit candles, and a beautiful vase of freshly cut roses.

Well that is in theory anyway. I have been known to take a while to get going on my makeovers, but I think I would quite like to get going on this little one.

I hope you are enjoying some lovely weather wherever you are, it really lifts my soul when the sun is out.

A little photograph I took of Master P.

By the way, what do you think of little boys with long hair. Master Poppins is always being referred to as a Miss. Poppins when we are out and about. It tickles me really as he could be wearing boyish clothes and yet we often get Ohooo your little girl is cute etc etc. Is a little running joke with Mr. Poppins and I, as he shall always correct people who assume we have a little girl and not a boy, whereas I smile and say thank you ;)

Maybe the time has come for a little hair cut.

Well I am off to meet an olde college pal. We studied Drama together and had a right olde laugh ;) I haven't seen her for, wow, it has to be maybe 17 years so am really looking forward to it. We both have children now and hopefully have grown up a little, but I bet when we get together it shall feel like the good days. Actually we are doing a little shabby chic swap. So hopefully shall be fun :)

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine if she is with you.



  1. Oooh, look forward to seeing the makeover on the coffee table! You obviously have lovely neighbours!
    Laura x

  2. Have a lovely time with your pal!

    I think Master P is so cute with long hair, My Uncle David had lovely dark long curly hair when he was a boy....till he was 5....oh he was so cute!

    What a fab gift from your neighbour!x

  3. blimey your on blogging form lately your putting me to shame :-D
    table will look fab with your special touch I bet :-) my parents got a gorgeous mirror at the weekend (similar to the overmantle one in your living room)and only paid £5 for it!!! its to big to sneak out of their house unfortunately though :-(
    enjoy seeing your friend xxxxxx

  4. oh and forgot to say leave Master P be he is so cute (and obviously a boy ?!) apparently I was told there is an unwritten rule that long hair on boys until they start school is fine :-) but if it suits them then leave it! you know my Jacob is prone to long hair and i used to leave it as quite liked it :-D

  5. What fun, meeting up with old girlfriend.
    Great neighbour too. Your makeover will be fun, it is just a case of setting a day for it and getting on. I have used Dimity in one of my bedrooms, lovely colour.
    I Love long hair on little boys, and someof the big one too!
    Do not get it cut yet....I say.
    Our Jude looks like a girl with his pretty face and long curls.
    Master P has beautiful hair, it must stay.
    Have fun this week.
    Carol x

  6. love the coffee table - hope you had a fabulous time meeting your friend xx
    And you know how I feel about the long hair thing.....I took Cam for a haircut on Saturday and she barely snipped the ends!!! Just tidied it - the baby has a mass of blond curls too and I give up correcting people who say isn't she lovely..he is a chunky thuglet always wearing blue etc soooo obviously a boy but people don't look past the hair!!
    (leave it long xxx)

  7. I get a little fed up with people assuming J's a girl, not only is he always in boyish clothes but he looks very much a little boy. Even though i've given his hair a trim, I refuse to cut it all off!
    Look forward to seeing your make over!
    Beki xxx

  8. my nephew has got long curly hair and people are always mistaking him for a little girl,despite the fact he is obviously wearing little boys clothes and is constantly dragging his cars and thomas the tank engine everywhere with him!its funny how people are stereotyping when it comes to hair styles but not with the clothes the little kiddies are wearing!


  9. Very sweet of your neighbours.

    I don't like long hair on boys or men at all but then I'm not a kids person so take no notice of me! :-)

  10. Love little boys with long hair - Will my youngest (11) has lovely blonde locks.

    He'd had it like this for about 5 years now - really suits him.

  11. Lovely coffee table! what great neighbours. I can just see that painted and finished it will look gorgeous.

    I think long hair suits some little boys, gives them a bit of a boho look ( your little boy is very cute). Mind you I like it on big boys too(most of my old BF had long hair and a majority had tats too!). Although weirdly not the DH,(he has neither) it just really would not suit him. Mmmmm but strange that.

    Look forward to seeing your made over table.


  12. Thankyou for letting me know about the tips, they sound really useful - I would have never thought to have done that but it makes sense!
    I bet the coffee table would look fab done up, look forward to seeing the makeover!
    I agree with Lesley - I am really enjoying reading a new post every day so thankyou!

  13. hahaha, Tim is a grade 1 all over. I like the Bruce Willis/Wentworth Miller look. Although, I wouldn't say no to Hugh Grant you understand! :-)

  14. Thank you for your kind words Mary :) x
    You're so right about the FQs, I really should start buying by the metre.
    I worked out what I spent last week on fabric and with my 2 trips to the fabric shop and ebay buys it was near on £80 but don't tell Rich;) 'hehe'.
    Think I better make do with what I have for a while. Only problem is, fabric is really quite addictive!
    Beki xxx

  15. Master Poppins looks fabulous as does his hair. My SIL has always said that she wanted my nephew to have long hair, whether it'll work out that way now he's here I don't know but we love it!

    Victoria xx

  16. Master Poppins looks adorable. He is a handsome boy and I love his outfit! He does well to stay clean. I would have had to take that shot in a hurry. I am not a fan of very long hair on little boys (not Master Poppin's locks) but down to their bottoms length. I don't know why as my partner when I met him had hair to his waist which I gently persuaded him to cut over the years! I look forward to seeing your makeover. I hope you received my email regarding the Daisy banner okay? The weather here is very windy and most strange for this time of year. Thankfully not as hot as it normally gets xx

  17. The coffee table is going to look fantastic if your other makeover pictures are anything to go by!
    I think Master Poppins hair looks great, It makes him look angelic!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  18. Great coffee table!!

    I love little boys with long hair. My eldest had long hair up until he was 6. My youngest has quite long hair - the longer it is the cuter he looks.
    I think once they go to school thats when changes sometimes need to come in. My eldest sometimes got teased because he was the only boy in his class with long hair - so we cut it. Funnily enough, not long after we cut it, the fashion for boys with longer hair came in - now theres quite a few boys with longer hair in his school.


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