Sunday, 11 October 2009

Pretty Threads And Hearts....

Thank you so much for your lovely sweet comments on my little shop makes, I am really happy that a couple of my pretties are now for sale in the most glamorous of Shabby Chic shops, it really is so nice for all of you to be part of the journey. I know there are many of you who maybe think you could have a go at selling your wonderful makes from pretty stores, I say go for it.

For the moment it is working well. Anyway, I don't want my blog to be all about The Shop, shopping, yes ;) but wanted to thank you for your encouraging comments.

Do any of you go a little ga ga over pretty threads, I picked these beautiful colours up very cheaply, and I love them :) I wonder if any of you are like me, and creep off to a secret place to photograph all manner of things, I mean a husband peering into a room with his wife kneeling and doing her best to take a pretty photograph of threads would get you quietly closing the door behind you. Actually I think he is used to it by now ;) When he or one of the children sees me creeping off with something in my pocket and my faithful camera, I get sighs of leave her to it, it shall be a Blog thing :)

I mean you all understand the need to want to take a pretty photograph of threads don't you.

And a couple of my WIP, I love sparkly buttons :)

I adore the pretty Tanya Whelan fabric which I know some of you Bloggers are enjoying playing with. I think I shall buy some in the pink too.

Well, I had actually better get on and use the pretty threads. I have been cutting out some pretty hearts to make. I don't know about you but hearts are a fiddly little number for me to make. I find those pesky corners a real little nuisance, I am too lazy to hand sew them, yet am quite particular about those corners, I like them round and symmetrical. So much ironing, clipping of corners etc and they do resemble a pretty heart, and anyway I think a little wonkiness adds to the charm ;)

Happy Heart Making :)


  1. you must make your lavender hearts completely different to what I do. I draw on the 'perfect' heart shape and then cut a 1 m border, pin the fabrics face in, notch the corners and then cut across the bottom to get a god point.

  2. I did laugh at your sneaking off to take pretty pictures comment. I just get the raised eyebrows and 'blogging' from Rich and Jess!
    I'm just about to try my first heart on the machine, i've always done them by hand so wish me luck ;).
    No worries about the swap and thank you for trying Mr Tescos for me!
    Beki xxx

  3. Hiya hunni
    A little tip for you when making hearts is to sew before you cut. I draw the heart shape onto the fabric with a disapearing ink pen then stitch round your line with the sewing machine and then cut it out. The theory is that it's much easier to work with a larger piece of fabric than it is a small one.
    It works for me so it might be worth a try.

  4. I agree with Karen i stitch and then cut out. i find it easier to follow the line i have drawn rather than the edge of the material if that mades sense.

    you have a real artyness in your pics an i aways love looking at them.

    MM xx

  5. i just use chalk or pencil on everything. Once you have sewn on the line you can't see it and chalk brushes off. i found that when I wasn't drawing on where I should be sewing the hearts were a bit hit and miss. You can use that technique to sew anything. I have made easter bunnies and doves applying the same rules.

  6. Just read the other comments - sewing before cutting is a great idea (will have to try that myself) that way you only have to cut once and only have to draw on once! you coul also do a whole sheet of hearts that way if you needed to work on a batch.

  7. Cute fabrics! I had the ironing board up in the breakfast room today just so I could put something below the window with the best light to take photographs! (the parcel is in the post- be afraid!)

  8. How funny, sneaking off to take photos of random things, can totally relate to that, my husband just shakes his head and has a little chuckle. I so want to make them! Great blog, found you the other day, I am fairly to this world, but have been so inspired! Nadine x

  9. love some of the fabrics for the hearts - they will be gorgeous!!
    I sneak of too for piccies!!! ;)

  10. I take my pics when hubby not around as the eye rolling irritates me lol!!
    I love your sparkly buttons aswell as your hearts....I keep fondling the sparkly buttons you put on the pretties you made me :D


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