Monday, 26 October 2009

It Is A Heart Thing....

Special Master. Poppins has a heart condition. He had a successful ballooning to stretch the faulty valve when he was three months old, he is doing really well and his cardiologist doesn't need to see him for three years :)

Is it any wonder I have a thing for hearts, I feel my son has been given a very special one and we were so lucky to have found out so early.

I think many of my makes are heart inspired. I thought you may like to see one of my hearty makes, a little Rag Heart, very pretty and Shabby Chic I thought. And as with all my heart makes, has special meaning to me.

Do you have a favorite inspired pretty that you like to make.

Happy making



  1. Hi Mary,
    I'm loving your raggy heart. What a tumultuous time you've had, so glad your little Master Poppins is on the mend now. As for making special things, I really couldn't narrow it down much but I enjoy making things where I actually know the recipient because you can really tailor it to their likes and put all your love into it.
    Hen xxx

  2. Hello Mary....

    Oh bless him the little barve boy...L

    I love the heart, oh so very pretty!xx

  3. Wow, what a lovely raggy heart you have made! It is no wonder you have a special place for hearts. I get the most pleasure from making things for myself I see, cannot afford, but know if i put my mind to it, can make for myself. The satisfaction of achieving something as perfect as the thing I saw and for a fraction of the cost, always fills me with joy!!!!! xxxxx

  4. Your raggy heart is beautiful :-)

    At the moment I am loving making scarves, mainly because they are so warm and soft and comforting this time of year when the weather is chilly!

    It's good to know your little one has the all clear for a while :-) It must be very worrying for you. My little premmy has a doctors appt next week - she is having bowel probs at the moment and we don't really know why. Hoping it is something simple!

    Have a great week :-)

    Rose X

  5. Your little heart is beautiful. So glad your little guy is doing well.

  6. Glad to hear that Master Poppins is well and doesn't need to be seen for a long time. Long may it continue.

  7. It is great that your little boy is doing so well.
    Love the heart!

  8. What a beautiful raggy heart, it is so lovely and very special. Good news about Master P. :-)

  9. Your heart is wonderful, and very special. Very pleased to hear Master Poppins is doing well.
    I am enjoying hearts at the moment I must say, but I also enjoy little things that I can use up lots of bits and pieces on, like my brooches. The larger it is, the more worrying and measuring and likelihood that something will go wrong lol xxx

  10. this is so pretty I saw it on the SCC you are a clever lady :-)
    Master poppins is a little bundle of joy and such a lovely little chap to know you wouldnt know he had such a stressful start and how brave he is :-)
    Lesley x

  11. He is a little fighter and an absolute joy Mary. Master P has come such a long way. Loving the heart. Is it on wire. Very clever.

  12. love the heart very pretty, i always seem to revert back to making daisy shaped brooches when inspiration fails , dont really know why, but when doodling since a child have always doodled daisies.

  13. Oh your heart is beautiful x

  14. Hi there,
    so pleased the little one is doing well.
    Love your crafty heart - so pretty!

    BH x

  15. Mr Poppins has a special heart indeed, I'm pleased that he is well. What pretty hearts you make Mary!

  16. Glad Master Poppins is doing well xx
    I love your heart, you are so talented and have a big heart of your own! xxx

    Kelly xxx

  17. Yay - for the good news!
    And what a fabulous heart that is indeed.

  18. Hi Mary, thats is good news about mst P. And i do love that heart. xxxx

  19. Big kiss to Master Poppin's heart. He is a brave and special boy with a lovely Mummy with a gorgeous big heart. I don't think I make any pretty things apart from my daughter. xx

  20. Hello Mary

    What a beautiful rag heart! I haven't made one in a long time.
    So pleased to hear that Master Poppins is improving. It is a worry when your child has something. Miss P was born with a cataract in one eye and has poor visibily out of that eye. We have to monitor it, so far no op as it has remained the same as before.
    I like doing several different things as and when the mood takes me.
    Isabelle x

  21. Hello, I have been reading your blog for a little while but cant remember if I have ever commented on it. Anyway, this post really hit home. My son (8) has a heart murmer (sp?) and we didnt know until he was 5 when he went to the docs for an ear infection and they listened to his chest. He has to be seen at the hospital every 12 months and I dread every appointment. Apparently it is mild and he has no symptoms but I just hate sitting there and watching my little boy be prodded and poked about. So I understand this post and its meaning.
    Glad to hear you little on is fit and well.
    GOD Bless,
    Sarah x


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