Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I ♥ Fabric....

You know I really can't believe how in love I have become with fabric. I can hardly believe it myself. I mean handbags, yes, pretty shoes, yes, a new shiny pink lipstick, Ohooo yes, Wispa Gold's, so yes, pretty writing paper, alright yes, new housey pretties, yes yes, but fabric, really. Isn't it all a little, I don't know old for me. I am in my thirties shan't say which half ;) And thought loving fabric was for when I got a little older and sitting by the warm fire with a little crochet blanket on my knee would take great pride in darning my dear husbands socks or embroidering a little smock dress for one of my grandchildren :)

Well it seems the love has come early. I almost jump with joy when the I hear the postman coming up the path, thinking he may have with him some of my newly bought fabric. Ohooo I hope a couple of you can relate to that feeling of excitement.

Ohooo how high I jumped when my new fabric came.

I am so in love with the pretty Micheal Miller one.

And not only that but some pretty fabric treats from my lovely friend too.

One pretty I enjoyed making with some new Christmas fabric was a little Christmas Tree, and yes a teeny tiny sprinkling of lavender went in too. I really should experiment with some more Christmas smells, Lavender is a favourite of mine, so I guess I tend to use it more. I would love to know what smells and fragrances you like at Christmas, I quite like orange and Cinnamon.

Talking of pretty fabric, my lovely swap supplies arrived from the very lovely JennyFlower for the Paper Bag Swap At Contented Blog I am really looking forward to making something for Jenny, we are having a jolly olde time emailing one another. Jenny was a little nervous that I may be a little scared of her fabric she was going to send, as she had probably gathered from my blog, I am a pretty pink kinda gal. Ohooo Jenny you couldn't be more wrong, I love it and how thoughtful that you have chosen a wonderful selection of beautiful autumnal colours.

Would you like to see what Jenny sent me.

The most gorgeous handmade pretty pink fabric bag, and look at the delightful corsages. I was asked that If I wanted to, I was welcome to keep the little bag for myself. Ummmm yes. I LOVE it. Thank you Jenny.

And look what was inside, and all mine to play with and make something lovely for Jenny and then send it back to her.

I have even got some real posh velvet, I have never worked with velvet before so that shall be fun. I already have one or two ideas of pretties that shall be made for Jenny. I hope she shall be happy with them, Jenny is a very talented crafter and makes beautiful items. So I shall do my best to bring a smile to her face :)

Would you like to know what I sent to Jenny, well of course there was a little pink in there.

Good luck Jenny. Hope you didn't faint with all that pink and girlyness ;)

I am also looking forward to sending a little swap off to lovely Lisa We have been doing a little chatting as it were and thought it would be lovely to do a little handmade and thrifted swap. It is my first international swap so I am very excited. :)

Happy fabric playing :)



  1. Simply adorable, so sweet you lucky lady having this fabric at your disposal! Sharon xxoo

  2. I really do share your enthusiasm for fabric, and threads and ribbons etc etc hehehe and boy you've got some prettys there.

  3. Mrs Mary! Can I have your address I have a present I want to put in the post to you xxxxxxxxx
    please email

  4. I'm a fabric lover too!!! Yes I can say it! Although i have banned myself from buying any fabric till I'm confident with my sewing machine otherwise I'll just keep buying it!

    Victoria xx

  5. I really can't see the attraction to thee fabrics myself, me thinks you're getting a bit old before your time Mary ;)!
    Now, I want to see lots of pretties made with these fabrics and look forward to seeing what you make with your paper bag swap. What's more, can't wit to see what your partner comes up with with all the lovely fabric and ribbons you sent her.
    Beki xxx

  6. I also love fabrics and yarns too. There is nothing more satisfying than getting some new material (and doesn't it always smell nice!) and making a start with it.
    You asked about smells - I like lavender, but also rosemary and I like the two together. Christmas means cinnamon and orange, but let's not go there quite yet. We haven't had Halloween yet.
    Blessings, Star

  7. I love fabric too! You are just so much better at making stuff from it than me :)
    as for christmas fragrances, I'm not keet on that spicey, fruity smell. I love gingerbread and cranberry!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  8. Oh what a neat swap! Hope you both have a lot of fun making something totally different than you normally would have.

  9. I admit I am a fabric lover too although a tragic case as I can't sew! I continue to buy and admire fabric and one day will finally find the time to master this craft! Your fabrics are all mouth watering. We do sound a bit like a bunch of eighty year olds!:) xx

  10. I can sooo relate to your passion for fabric! Ah, gets me SO excited! A quilting shop has just opened in our town and I keep popping in to just look and feel... Also very into pink and pretties! Glad to find your blog, Nadine x

  11. You can't beat a nice shelf full of colourful fabrics!

  12. All very lovely - I've ordered some of the fabric we chatted about from the States, so can't wait. I think it's so pretty and girlie. The problem with fabric addiction I find is you never have enough... I just find it difficult to stop! I'm impressed with all your swap talk and I can't wait to see what you make. xxx

  13. Oooh I love fabric too, it does something to me! Not sure what, but it does! Suzie. xxx

  14. I received you parcel and opened it last night to many gasps of awe andwonder from my very pink three year old! I have some ideas....I won't rush though- what you sent was soo precious!


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