Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Christmas Heart....

Is it really too early to hang up a sweet little handmade Christmas lavender heart. Really, really is it. She is very cute, teeny weeny and smells so sweet.

I mean she is not too Christmasy, well, unless you turn her over.

Maybe it is a little early. So I shall pop her in my little Christmas hamper of handmade goodies to keep ready for sale.

I am really enjoying making some decorations for the School Christmas Fair. I like to keep things simple in the Poppins house, time is always at a premium so thought I would stick to little hearts, etc. I also couldn't do a fair without offering some of my Christmas bunting for sale.

If you are making some lovely decorations for Christmas I would love to know what you enjoy making :)

The Sun is smiling :)



  1. Your little heart is gorgeous . What a great score with the coffee table below , that will look great !

  2. It's never to early for Christmasp pretties.. esp as Boots have released their Christmas gift guide which everyone knows is the start of celebrations! Bring on starbucks red cups and M&S's Christmas ad!

    Victoria x

  3. Lovely little heart! it is so pretty, And no its not too early. I quite often have little bits hanging round the house that are supposed to be for christmas! As long as they dont look to full on festive. I think its a nice gentle start to thinking about the festive season. Although every year i would love to be organised enough to decorate the house for Halloween. As I love all that stuff.

    I have an absolute load of hearts that I did last year. Just waiting for me to finish them off and then sell them. But I keep wimping out. I have a blog shop almost ready to go then keep worrying about this that or the other. And stopping myself. I really do need a swift kick! lol.

    Hope your fair goes really well.


  4. Like you Mary, I like to keep things simple so it's christmas hearts for me at the moment. Although I am thinking of trying stars, candy canes and a few other bits, we shall see ;)
    Beki xxx

  5. Never too early to start if you ask me! I have a question to ask you - I think I shall email you it will be faster to explain! XX

  6. That is lovely (as is everything you make. I've been making zillions of red gingham hearts for christmas craft fairs but they're not nearly as sweet as yours!

  7. I love that heart!

    I so need to find out how to make these!


  8. Never too early for christmas - I still have hearts & gingerbread men hanging over our fireplace from last year!

    Son2 still has a string of paperchains up - he's planning on seeing how long they last! Some sort of odd record attempt!

  9. Very cute Mary. You are doing well, I need to make a start as well...

  10. Loving that gorgeous Christmas heart the colour is fab.
    Oow yes bring on the M&S ad's i love those. wonder what they will be this year.
    In the cupcake house we have lots of new Merry Christmas word pegs in white and purple, snowmen heart decs and new felt gingerbread hanging men, what smell yummmy and festive.
    I love this time of year the cold nights and Christmas in the air.

    Catherine x

  11. Isn't that sweet? I'm making some decorations that will have to remain secret as lots of them are for presents, but they are mainly paper-based. Lots of red and green card and recycled textures!

    I'm doing a series on Advent ideas, Mary, so if you have anything wonderful up your sleeve for Advent, please do pop over and follow the advent posts which are listed on my sidebar. I'd love to hear your 'take' on Advent.

  12. That heart is so beautiful I would be hard pushed to put it away after christmas!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  13. Nope...not too early for your sweet little heart, keep her backside covered though! at least for a few more weeks, then you can show her off in all her full glory.
    I am getting quite excited about Christmas now!
    Carol xxx

  14. So sweet! it's a lovely,lovely little heart! you are a great artist! and it's not too early for a nice Christmas heart, I love Christmas!. Have a nice day!

  15. Such a sweet heart. I love all home made things and at Christmas with all the tinsel and overload in the stores they are even more welcome. xx

  16. Your little sweet heart has made me wish Christmas was here already.

  17. Your little heart is very sweet and definitely should be out on display! I love Christmas decorating and every year keep adding to my handmade Christmas decs. I love looking at all the blogs for inspiration and get very giddy when decorating. Our house ends up looking a bit like a grotto!!!

    I'm planning to put up some Hallowe'en decs too, hopefully this week if I'm organised enought :) xxx

  18. Hi thankyou so much for the 'whoop' I love it :))
    Only the back of the house has been painted as it was an awful browny dreary concrete colour, it made me feel depressed every time I went out there. The front of the house is half brick and small stone pebbledash aboce, sounds disgusting but is actually nicew, ha ha, so that didnt need doing.
    Yout heart is fab, I agree with Victoria once Boots get their catalogue out roll on christmas!! Claire xx

  19. lovely Mary.
    Yes of course that package was for you xxx
    Whe you made something with the Paris fabric that Gem gave us, I thought of the venice and travel fabric I had xx
    I'm making owls as you saw on my blog, but they are a bit time consuming so you would have to charge big pennies for 'em :D


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