Friday, 2 October 2009

Alright Then One Or Two ;)....

Apologies my hearing isn't as good as it was, do you want to see photographs I mean I could pop one or two on ;)

I love it and I hope you won't be disappointed, a cute little bag to make, adorable photographs, proper size templates, pattern sheet and easy to follow instructions.

I know there shall be many lovely Bloggers reviewing CK SEW so I shall keep my eyes peeled to see what you all think of it

Happy Sewing :)



  1. Thank you Mary!
    I really don't think I want to wait now 'hehe'!
    Beki xxx

  2. thank you mary - i wonder if i can wait till x'mas (something tells me i won't!) ;)

  3. i should be getting mine any day now!!!! I cant wait!!! Thanks for the sneak preview!!!

    Have a lovely weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  4. i think i may the only blogger who didnt have this on pre order !!! i still havent hardly opened the Make one i got for xmas LOL
    love that bird mobile though so may be worth buying just for that :-D
    Lesley x

  5. When my husband questions me as to why the postman is knocking on the door again I shall of course blame you hehehe.
    Thanks hunni

  6. Thank you Mrs Poppins , you are a sweetie. I cant wait for mine to arrive!must get crafting for christmas !
    x Dom

  7. Mine came today.I'm going to do a post tomorrow!
    The fun!!!!!!!!x

  8. Me again...I'm so giddy!LOL

    I'm so looking forward to using some of my vintage CK to make some of the lovely things.....I think a lot of ppl will be having their Christnmas pressies made from here!!!

    I love your pictures is the house coming that we have gone home?? :>)))


  9. Hello Mary

    I was already looking forward to getting my copy of this book but now having seen the photos, I can't wait!!! It looks really good. I like the photography in books another important ingredient in a book. This looks like it will be good.
    Thanks for the sneek peak.
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle X
    P.S Thank you for your very king good wishes, very much appreciated.

  10. grrrrrr!!!
    it looks fab - I can't wait....btw did I mention that I pre-ordered mine in MAY......yes MAY!!!!
    Thanks for sharing ;) x

  11. Ahh you may have just twisted my arm, but I am going to see how long I can go before giving in :D I give myself a week lol. Thanks for the pretty pics, and I will keep a look out for reviews in blogland, but I shall need to get meself some 'vintage' ck fabrics to make pretty things :D xx

  12. Very lovely - I bet you can't wait to get started!

  13. I would like one too! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your really lovely comment too! Suzie. xxx

  14. I think I am going to have to get this book! It looks fab!

  15. Fingers crossed the postman brightens my day and delivers my copy tomorrow!

    Victoria x

  16. Am still waiting for my copy, apparently it is on it's way!

    Getting really excited now! xx

  17. I must get mine ordered! Looks lovely. Thanks for the pics. x

  18. Well having not ordered a book and not likely too I thought they were photos of your makes Mary, as they are items I have seen you and others all make on could definitely write a book between you all.....just as good and probably even better. xx

  19. What gorgeous things , so pretty !

  20. Hello! I am your swap partner for Contenteds paper bag swap! Nice to meet you-(shakes hand in retro but very friendly way!)

  21. Muito bonito tudo que fizes-te ,os cabides ficaram muito giros.

  22. Hello again! Might I please have your e-mail so that I can chat more about the paper bag swap? Thanks xx


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