Monday, 28 September 2009

Whizzing By....

Goodness friends, has it really been that long. It amazes me how time whizzes by and I am left spinning in a daze at how quickly the days trundle on.

And what have I been up to in my little olde life, well....


Christmas Stockings.

Fabric and lavender gift tags.

Cushions for the Shop

I am jolly pleased with my buttonholes :)

Cowboys for the boys.

I adore working with Pom Pom trim :)

Mmmmm I may have to keep one for myself, I know which one I have my pretty eye on. Well if I told you I honeymooned in Paris would that give you a clue. You may need to click on photograph, the wonderful fabric was a lovely gift from Little Gem's World and I love it, so methinks the Parisian lavender pillow is going nowhere.

More lavender pillows using vintage embroidered linens.

Isn't the embroidery exquisite.

I also enjoy using vintage embroidery for making lavender hearts.

I love the sweet colours.

Vintage embroidery too for the draught excluder I made for chilly nights.


I have been groovin after these polka dot cake tins for a while, they were featured in Ideal Home a while ago yet have now only been on sale in store, Ohooo Tesco if you would like to know.

And I thought a bargain pack of ten lovely cotton red gingham tea towels would be fabulous for making Christmas decorations, and only £3.00 for ten.

Books from fabulous Amazon.

I purchased a wonderful old necklace from the CS, lovely pearly beads wrapped in what looks like American tan tights :)


I fell in love with the cute CK emery boards when I saw them, and had my eye on the vintage paisley cupcake cases for a while. Well look what Mr. P treated me to. The CK emery boards are Ohooo so cute and the cupcake cases are so sweet, don't know if I shall be able to use them for baking. The pretty vintage french necklace was a lovely present, and he thrifted it too. Good boy, he is learning ;) What lovely gifts from the darling husband :)

The necklace is adorable.


My new gorgeous Beach hut purchased from Bloomin Myrtle I love it so much, please go visit Elaine who is a wonderful crafter and whose attention to detail and value for money prices, amaze me :)

My new thrifted vintage Sewing book.

A bargaintastic 20p

I adore the photographs.

The Introduction. Click if you would like to read.

My new pretty pink Vintage Daisy labels.

A lovely book by Ms CK called In Print, I know many of you have the book and I indeed have had if from the library but is so nice to have one I can have full time at home and peek into every now and then. I purchased it from Dreaming Of The Simple Life who also included some lovely fabric and who kindly donated the money I gave to a very worthy cause KIN :)

My lovely new vintage Richard Stump dress I purchased for the astonishingly respectable price of 40p from the scout club jumble sale, I do like it, looks quite cute on, has a little belt and the prettiest buttons, though may keep and use the fabric, I have seen RS vintage dresses sell for, well certainly more than 40p, Mmmmm haven't decided what to do with it.



Giveaway win from the lovely Florence And Mary

I won a delightful Romantic Homes magazine yet the very kind Victoria also sent some wonderful CK soap, a beautiful CK Paris Rose card and an ever so jaw droppingly gorgeous Kate Forman catalogue. I shall tease you a little methinks.

Thank you so much Victoria a wonderful giveaway prize.

A wonderful parcel I also unwrapped was from the ever so lovely Cheap2Chic a fabulous friend from the SC Cafe. Beautiful and ever so me LA fabric that my friend no longer had any use for, and thought I should be the lucky new owner, how kind. I know that I shall enjoy making pretties for Miss. Poppins and I with it. Thank you so much D for your very special, kind, generous, and pretty parcel :)

I have also been a little sad and have been reminiscing. It was little baby Joshua's 4th anniversary of his due date on September the 24th. He came very early on June the 12th, I know his birthdate is important but I also like to remember his due date too, as it is always a little reminder of what could have been. Though I hadn't remembered it was his due date for a while into the day as I was busy sewing and what not, in fact it was probably the first time in four years I had woke up on Joshua's due date and not remembered. So I was cross and sad, though lovely friends helped me smile :)

Of course there are a million and one different things I have done too, though feeding the dog, washing the dishes, we have no posh dishwasher here, only me ;) hiding my little grey hairs with mascara, clapping my hands ever so loudly because Master P has done a p, and burning the beans doesn't really make for pretty viewing ;)

Well I wonder what I shall have been up to when I next see you ;)

Happy conker collecting, to keep those spiders away ;)



  1. Wow - all gawjus as usual. Especially Loving the embroidered cushions . XX

  2. What a super blogpost - you've been SO busy ... love the cushions ... well, love all of it really. xxx

  3. Mary Mary Mary you do love to fill your posts with so many lovely things, I love your catch up posts. I almost didnt recognise the paris fabric, but I'm so pleased you like it and that its been handy. Love the green paisley cushion very much...I bet they shall love them in the shop. And beautiful vintage goodies too.
    Look forward to the next post as always xxxx P.S Hope you got my PM?

  4. What wonderful taste you have my dear, I can say this because........
    I very nearly bought the nail files today but resisted. Me thinks I have to watch my spending at the moment 'hehe' which is why I resisted the CK in print on Saturday. I've put it on my birthday list instead and as for the tins, I just can not get them.
    You're right, the tea towels are great for some little projects and what a bargain.
    As for your embroidered hearts....... truly gorgeous Perhaps you could put some in your blog shop......!
    Have a great week
    Beki xxx

  5. i just got that mccalls sewing book on saturday too!

    ooooh i am so going off to tesco for some of those tea towels, I have such shameful scabby tea towels...

  6. Yes it is a little confusing, I have been doing lots of swapping lately :D I am not sure who makes the parisian fabric, I didn't keep any for myself and split it equally between you and C, but I don't think it had a selvedge...perhaps it is from a German shop? I meant to say I should keep a look out for those tea towels as I have to come up with some Xmas ideas and red gingham hearts have been mentioned! xx

  7. I adore that green cushion, is it for sale?

  8. Hi Mrs Poppins
    Love the pretty post. The christmas stockings are lovely. As well as your gorgeous cushions and lavender hearts and pillows. Its a great way to use vintage tablecloths as you can see their beauty all the time. I always fret about some of my tablecloths so they only come out on special occasions as I know what i am like when I wear white!
    Love the tesco tins and tea clothes. Tescos are good for bits and peices. I live closer to an asda so its alwways a treat to go to tescos(and I do get excited really!).
    x Dom

  9. my!! haven't you been busy Mary?!!?

  10. Hello lovely!

    ooohhh....CK emery boards....ME!!!!

    Love it all Mary!
    Such a brill and happy post!xxx

  11. Ooooh Mary if you're going to buy your little man the briefs then you must you must you must get the vests to match too.
    Aren't the cowboy wall stickers gorgeous? They had them on display in the shop and even my Mum who's not a CK fan fell in love!
    Beki xxx

  12. I am new to your blog.Love all your 'finds',and the pretty cushions.Will pop in again!


  13. Great post - I too have just bought Quilting in No time and can't wait to get started on some's hoping!

  14. I love all your delights! As I probably say in every comment, I love vintage embroidery. Those gingham tea towels are fab, I better get to tesco. I have a couple of Laura Ashley ones, but they tend to be a bit dear. I use them as little cloths and a kitchen blind! They are too nice to use as tea towels. Suzie,. x

  15. ooo too much to take in in one go will have to go back and browse over the yummy pictures again :-)
    your cushions look fab i need to invest in pom pom trim so will get details from you!
    those are lovely spotty tins wish i had some ;-)
    (i found a spider hiding behind a conker in the house so am sceptical!)

  16. Your stockings are wonderful. I keep thinking about making myself one this year.

    Now why haven't I seen those tins in Tesco yet?! I'm off to the superstore at the weekend, fingers crossed they'll appear.

    That is one gorgeous necklace you lucky thing!

    Glad you like the catalogue, I knew you would enjoy looking at it.

    Victoria xx

  17. Wow what a lovely post, with such fab pictures. I love it all. You really are doing so well with your sewing now... you've obviously come a long way in your confidence. I love the neat buttonholes! xxx

  18. Tudo muito lindo ,adorei tudo...

  19. This is such a lovely post. The stuff you make is gorgeous. I too have put that CK book on my B'day list, have to watch my pennies at the mo.

    I'm doing my tesco shop this afternoon and sooo hoping they have the towels/tins there!!

    Have a lovely day. xx

  20. What a wonderful blog! It is a beautiful place to visit, thank you for sharing those fabulous posts. Lovely greetings from Spain!

  21. lovely lovely post Mary...just in the middle of a catch up post meself - my life is not as pretty as yours lol!!! ;)
    Still enjoying my gorgeous package *sniff* perhaps you get used to the smell of your own - lavender!!!!
    I have grown mine in the front garden from 6 teeny plug plants - in a pot the first year then transplanted taken 2 years and they are mahoosive now...don't know how easy it is to grow from seed????
    Will look see if the paris fabric G gave to me has a selvedge it is very pretty...actually I have some other 'travel' inspired fabric you may like too - will hunt it out...

  22. hang on a mo - did beki just mention cowboy wall stickers???????

  23. Hi Mary,
    I still use the quilt on my bed although annoyingly the patches made from the CK duster that you sent me have gone rather 'dustery' and a little bit grey, I haven't washed it yet as I am scared the fabric might run...have you washed yours? I think I need to give mine a clean but dont want to ruin it xxx

  24. Wow lots of pretty eye candylious stuff! you have been busy!


  25. Hello Mary

    You have bee a very busy bee indeed! I love the green CK cushion! I was always on the lookout for that fabric on Ebay.My thoughts are with you and your family.It must have been a very heart wrentching time.I understand your loss and feelings of sadness. In 1998 I had a late miscarriage. I will never forget the day I was told that my baby's heart was failing and that I had to wait for her to die inside me. Two weeks later Emily died. "Footprints" were read at her funeral.I have that poem on the wall in my work room. You never forget...Like you no doubt do, I sometimes wonder what she would have looked like and been like.
    I tell Miss P that Emily watches over her. I know that I will see her gain one day..
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  26. Wow, you have been busy, I'm exhausted just reading your post! I love your little lavender tag, and I going to pop into my local Tesco to see if I can find some of those check tea towels :0)

    Welcome to the christmas swap. I'll be in touch soon after 15th Oct to let you know who your swap partner is.



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