Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Well I can't go too long without buying pretties can I, would you like a little looky at what has made its pretty way home with me.

Right well, don't know whether you may go for this one or not, think it was the pretty rose detail that did it for me, and I could certainly imagine our pretty plates piled high with all sorts of yummy cakes and pastries being wheeled out for a little picnic in the garden. Actually has become the favourite toy of the moment for Mr. Poppins he loves it, as you can maybe see from the photograph, I couldn't get a decent photograph of the pretty vintage tea trolley without him holding on to it. He has certainly got his five pounds worth, was from the reclamation centre.

I had a lovely pretty surprise too from the very talented Dolly Dollop a little birthday treat, isn't it the prettiest little thing, a gorgeous dreamy bird catcher, thank you so much Claire, I love your pretty make, so very girly and cute.

Then it was a little browse at the CBooty, I found some lovely books, and was especially pleased to find a Girl Annual and Ladybird books. I now have all the What To Look For In series :)

I love the gorgeous artwork in the Girl Annual.

And love the things to do pages.

I also found a couple of lovely ones too.

Some yummy and very pretty glass candlesticks.

I couldn't resist a little Cara Staffordshire china posy brooch for 50p, a couple of teeny chips, but I am not fussy and you can't even really see them.

A delightful children's china tea set for £1.50, so, so sweet don't you think. Maybe wait for Master Poppins to reach adulthood before he can play with it ;)

They all have different little Nursery Rhymes on cups etc.

A beautiful silver photoframe for a pound, I think it was made for the Poppins Children to go in it :)

Mmmmm now a little scoot to the CSs :)

A couple of vintage, in perfect condition 1978 and 1964 Fuzzy Felt toys, Ohoooo how I love Fuzzy Felt, and certainly lovely to find beautiful vintage ones. A fantastic bargain at 75p

Mmmmm yes, you two little beauties are coming home with me :)

A beautiful silver embossed hand mirror for £2.40

Can you find the little Cherub.

So, some lovely thrifted pretties I hope there for you to browse at.

I do love shopping, especially for my daughters clothes. Considering I am an avid shopper it seems my daughter doesn't share my passion, infact I would say Miss. Poppins detests shopping. Like many children Miss. Poppin's would probably prefer to be getting dirty in fields and parks and doing what is in her eyes fun things. So I am the one who often chooses her clothes, though I do get told I always choose pretty not cool clothes for her.

Well as long as I am choosing and doing the buying, pretty they shall be. I don't know about you, but am finding many girls growing up too quickly, and if you have been following my blog for a while may know that even with Miss. Poppins, we have had concerns that physically she was growing up quicker than her peers. Luckily everything is fine, at 7 Miss. Poppins is my little girl and if I feel I want to dress her as one then so be it.

I am always surprised that in many shops, the children's range I love for my daughter only goes up to maybe a five. Am I so out of the ordinary to want to see my seven year old in pretty dresses and not rock chic hot pants. Anyway it was lovely to see a pretty range in George at Asda and I could find my daughters age range. So very, very Joules, they all co-ordinated and I practically bought a new wardrobe for her, do have a look if you shop there for your little girls. The daughter even gave it the thumbs up :) I purchased 2 cardigans, a lovely pretty checked frilly skirt, a gorgeous Joulesesqe top, and a coolish body warmer.

Two of my favourites.

The pretty detail on the top

I love some of the bargains you can get from the supermarket, look at these £2.00 CK esque shorts from Tesco, of course I couldn't resist.

Pretties that have been making their way to friend's homes are my Flutterby swap on the SC Cafe, I was sending my swap to The Balancing Kiwi and am so glad you like everything.

Being a flutterby swap I thought the vintage embroidered tray cloth was very butterfly looking. It was the lovely one on my last post that My Friend kindly gave me.

I hope you are finding some lovely pretties wherever you are, I love seeing what comes home with you all :)



  1. What lovely finds - I used to read Girl magazine years ago, it was a higlight of my days - before I moved on to Smash Hits & Wham! Thought about you today - can you remember back in March when you commented on my Grumpy Old Man mug? It's back in the Lakeland Christmas magazine that dropped through the letter box this morning... I'm sure it'll be on 'tinternet'
    Enjoy the goodies - Lx

  2. Hello Mary!!
    I love the trolley....adore it...I'd have that in my sewing room!
    With all my sewing pretties piled upon it!!

    I know what you mean about girls growing up quickly....thankfully our Jess is a little girl....enjoys her toys and dresses her sister prefers it that too...she is only 6!
    I saw lots of girls round here with belly tops on and wearing make up...for goodness sake...its dreadful!
    We are quite old fashioned I'm glad to say!

    We popped to Carrington CBooty today, got some marvellous things...will post later....or tomorrow.....working at 1pm....but free for 4 days then....yay!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  3. Can you believe that when we moved into our flat the landlord offered us a trolley just like that (was his mothers who owned the flat)and I said no. What on earth was I thinking?
    You keep dressing Miss Poppins in pretty clothes and keep her young for as long as possible.
    I've noticed such a difference in Jess in recent months especially now being at the comp. They grow up so quickly anyway that I can't understand parents who let them dress like mini adults.
    I was really shocked at the weekend, a group of Jess' friends allowed down the beach at 9.30 at night on their own and then walking home on their own. Luckily enough Jess doesn't want to be out then, even if she did, I don.t think so!
    Beki xxx

  4. Great finds! I particularly like that beautiful hand mirror. Well, anything with cherubs is so cute.

  5. I found the cherub :) xx
    I am totally with you on the dressing children age friend told me that if I had a girl I would feel differently but I don't see why..there are so many pretty things for girls why would I go for cropped tops and hot pants?? I dress my little boys like little boys too, my eldest said get C skinny jeans - nooooo! he's still a bubby!!!
    I will do a tute for the dream catcher on scc will schedule it in!!!

  6. So many pretty things as usual Mary!

    The tea trolley is fantastic, I'm always admiring them on my hunts but just don't have anywhere to put it at the moment.

    Fuzzy Felts were a fave of mine when I was small and well done on completing a Ladybird set.

    Victoria xx

  7. Everything is lovely - but i really like the teaset and what great fuzzy felts!!

  8. wow you have been lucky with your thrifty finds. you've got some lovely things there.
    miss poppin's new clothes are right up my street. I wonder Asda has anything as nice for boy's I'll have to go and take a look.

  9. Mary i always get to the end of your posts and feel sated.



  10. I do indeed love my swap and showed my MIL my gorgeous goodies this afternoon.

    You have a found a nice lot of pretties and I love the way you have displayed the pages - they look great. I haven't found much at all lately.

  11. Lovely pretties as always MP ..... I would hang on to the children's tea set as it is a collector's item and not for little hands to play with ..... keep up the thrifting x

  12. Who`s been a very lucky girl... Finding so many pretty vintage treasures!
    The trolly is fab.
    I sold a few in the past, and before they were sold, I used them for storing my pretty bedding, so it would be on show to everyone to see and enjoy...


  13. My mum had an identical trolley to that one,
    plus I have that silver hand mirror upstairs but an oval shape not a circle, and my aunt had the glasses lol.....I just loved fuzzy felt as a child ...thought it was brilliant .
    Love all your finds as usual xx

  14. Hello Mary
    Wonderful finds, especially the books, mirror and the 2 glasses. I have the jug and 6 little glasses and have been looking for the larger ones.I love the design.

    I am very much in agreement with you when it comes to decent clothes for children. My daughter is 9 and it is a job to find nice clothes for her. It ends up being Joules, Boden and the odd item elsewhere. That's why when I go to France, I stock up on clothes there. They certainly know how to dress children and for the appropriate ages. Something I feel quite strongly about! Over here in UK children grow up too fast! I found that out when I moved to UK when I was 14. There is a big culture difference.
    I really like the outfits you have bought, great finds.
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  15. All so lovely again! I want, I want! Lucky you! Suzie. x

  16. Oh, lovely finds! I think the craft pages are just captivating...

    I am personally glad to have boys, because I find the 'girls growing up too fast' thing very unnerving. Even then, as our boys wear almost entirely secondhand clothes, they generally do look a bit less trendy than their peers - I go for classic looks that haven't dated.

  17. Lovely finds. I love the little china tea set, so cute. I managed to find The Fisherman and What to Look For in Winter books in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago. My Mum used to have the Girl annuals - fab!! The trolley is great my mum has one that Twiglet likes to hurtle around on!!
    Twiggy x

  18. Ooh, I love your pretties posts Mary! My favourite thing is the flamenco dancers artwork... I'll have to do a post of my pretty flamenci dancer doll... she cheers me up! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Love it all Mary, the School Friend Annual I have too, same year! My big sister gave it to me.
    I have not been going to the Cs's lately. Saving my pennies for winter clothes! I have to learn to go out and look and enjoy and then come away without buying!

  20. Lovely blog Mary. Now I have remembered how to leave a comment there is no stopping me!!

  21. I have ooo'd and ahh'd and squeaked at many of the things in this post! Great finds.

  22. Mary, what a lovely post. Your finds are always so fascinating - love that book, though I have to admit I'd be tempted to take the pages out and frame to admire them on the wall, they are so special.
    Tell me about it. My girls are older, but they do grow fast. To be honest, I kept them dressed young when I could, but they now very much have their own style (though I have to say, it's fortunately not trashy in the sense of the mini hooker clothes you see now (only way to describe them really!)). I hate some of what they produce for pre teens. xxx

  23. Wow you found gems darling. I love them all, they are so my cup of tea. Enjoy them darling and have a lovely weekend.


  24. Hello
    I am a bit late with this comment but wanted to say how much I agree with you on the dressing children issue. I really feel strongly about it and in Australia in Melbourne a mother started a group called kidsfree2bkids over this issue. It is really disturbing when you see children dressed in adult version of clothes often with some very suggestive comment as well. My daughter is only four and I am dreading it when she is older and I have to fight the peer pressure of 'everybody else wears the make-up, hot pants etc' I believe children should be left as children as long as possible. In Sydney it sadly doesn't happen in a lot of cases and they grow up far too quickly. xx


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