Thursday, 10 September 2009

Lavender, Vintage Fabric, Auctions And Pretties....

I am really enjoying collecting and harvesting my own lavender at the moment. I was talking not so long ago to a friend who was saying that lavender by the scoop can be quite costly to buy in shops, I tend to agree. I find there is something very satisfying about drying out ones own lavender and using it in your own handmade pretties, very rewarding. My lavender mostly comes from my childhood home in wales, friends houses and even the lovely MIL has let me help myself to her wonderfully fragrant stash. I found it so kind of the owners at the shabby chic lavender farm I visited here not to have charged me for their lovely lavender, though I am sure the bees would have if they could.

I love making my little lavender pillows using vintage embroidered fabrics, they are right down my little street and I think are very pretty, I like to have a couple of vintage buttons on there too and I always give them a little spray with my Ohooo so gorgeous spray.

How lucky was I then to be given a wonderful array of vintage embroidered linens from my dear friend Sew Hot Mitmot Mary is so dear to me, is forever treating me, never expects anything in return and always chooses the most prefect pretties. I was amazed when Mary told me these beauties and more, were only purchased for a couple of pounds or so.

Perfect for when I make my round cushions as seen in Sew Sunny Homestyle.

A wonderful way of repurposing old loved fabric I think.

Mary also gave me a wonderful crochet blanket, and I have to say the little beauty looks perfectly at home and is now well loved by a certain couple of Poppins and myself of course.

The Poppins also got a wonderful vintage Janet and John Book, from Mary, Through the Garden Gate. Doesn't it look sweet on the little skip find that I made over.

Thank you so much Mary, it was lovely to see you again for our little Bargain Hunt stint, I hope you like your cake stand :) Yes, Mary and I spent a day at the Auction House to see how our treasures faired at auction. You may have to wait a wee while to find out ;)

One treasure that came home with me from auction was a very gutsy little number, and she has quite a story to tell you one day. Her little mate has gone a home with Mary. I really hope you like her. Her name is Dresden and she is quite a lady. I think is a pretty little number. And was very, very and meant in the nicest way, cheap :)

It was lovely to experience the thrill of auction, I even saw a couple of items that I had at home, commemorative tins, which I had thrifted for pence go for £30-£50

Talking of thrifted pretties, aren't these little glasses in the cutest of colours, 6for £1.95 so sweet.

And I have bought some lovely fabric from here Very cheap and very pretty.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the patchwork quilt. Ms. Crafting mojo did go, again, briefly, but has come back and the quilt is coming along very nicely.

A cheery Mr. Wonnacott who we had the pleasure to work with on BH, and who, I have to say, is a thoroughly pleasant chap :)

Isn't it lovely to see the the sunny skies, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are



  1. ooh first comment!!!
    aaagh..I LOVE yes thats capitals there, LOVE your candlestick, fabulous, I'd have had to bid too ;)
    very jellious of your embroidered linens - beautiful xxx
    hope you are well xxxx

  2. wonderful linens- Love the lavander sachet you made -cannot wait to see what you do with the rest of the linens...

  3. I love the old linens, and the gorgeous sewing, so , I really love these! I am growing lavender too, but not to dry it, though I may have a go now! I bought some not long ago, but it so expensive! Ive got only about 15 plants so far, but its a start. Is it? Suzie. xxx

  4. Hi Mary! You home is looking so pretty. I love all the embroidery items. And your quilt is looking so lovely and girly.

  5. Hi there, ive just come over from Florence & Mary blog. I love everything in this post, your finds are just amazing. I love how you repurpose gorgeous vintage fabrics. And that candleholder is quite special, i havent seen anything like it before.


  6. I love all your fabrics - just great!!!!

  7. Morning Mary!

    OOhhh some lovely finds there!

    Tha candle stick is so pretty!
    I saw one at Carrington CB on wednesday....but put it down.....never mind!

    I'm out today at the CS, hope there are some goodies today!

    Have a super weekend!xxx

  8. Love the linens, and yes you can't beat drying your own lavender.

  9. How dreamy is Dresden!! So envious of such a beautiful thing!

    I also come to visit to tell you that you won my Romantic Home magazine giveaway so if you'd like to email me your address I'll get your mag in the post ASAP!

    Victoria xx

  10. I love those kind of linens too and also make cushions and lavender bags out of them! I love the way that something that is no longer wanted can be made in to sdomething so much more 'useful'.

  11. Hiya Mary

    isnt it horrible when you lose your creative mojo!

    Glad we both got it back though!

    Cant wait for bh, do let us know when you are starring!


  12. My mojo seems to have returned too - hooray!!! Lovely pretty goodies and I love the candlestick.
    Twiggy x

  13. Hi there!

    What a wonderful post - so many lovely things! I don't know where to start lol

    You really must tell us when you are going to be on tv :-)

    Lavender is so wonderful - I can;t wait to have my own garden so I can grow some! For now I will have to keep my stashes growing from my nan's garden :-)

    Rose XXX

  14. Gorgeous linens Mary and that candlestick is truly beautiful!
    Funnily enough, we've been harvesting our lavender but sadly don't have too much left!
    Have a great weekend
    Beki xxx

  15. Hi Mary,
    I am so pleased your mojo is back! Look forward to seeing the finished quilt too, and of course seeing you and Mary on tv!!
    I did receive my pretties thankyou so much, they got posted next door and the lady next door was away so she returned them yesterday thankyou. :) I hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

  16. Thanks for your comment - such a pretty tin isn't it? Great minds think alike Mary!!!!

  17. P.S...I din't think the one at the Cb was Dresden....not for a £1!!!!

    Its so pretty....a lovely special find!xxx

  18. What a lovely candelabra! And those embroidered linens are right up my street too.

  19. I adore the lavender and he seems to me to be very pretty to be able to cultivate and do these beautiful cushions it, I congratulate your blog and everything what you show is very beautiful.
    I like to weave to hook and the blankets remain wonderful.
    Regards from Chile, Titi

  20. Oh I do not know where to start!
    Those blankets are just great this time of yeat, I love to snuggle on the sofa with mine. The emroideries are very pretty and so good to see them being used in such nice new ways. The lavender pillows especially!
    Lots of yummyness here today Miss Mary!
    Carol x

  21. What a lovely bright and pretty post Mary...loving your use of the embroidery fabric ...really gorgeous and your Candelabre is so you and how special that you and Mary have 1 each xxx

  22. What a lovely cheerful post, it is positively bouncing :-) Lovely embroidered pretties, you lucky girl! Gorgeous candlestick as well.

  23. I want those glasses!!! They are adorable, enjoy them. Darling, have a lovely weekend.

    Love, Hugs & Tea
    Duchess ♥♥♥

  24. Hi
    Lavender is lovely. My neighbour kindly gave me loads which I have now harvested. I must say while doing it I could not stop yawning!, I guess it really does help you sleep!
    Love the glasses too by the way they are lovely
    x Dom

  25. I love your selection of embroidered linens! Lavender and linens are the perfect match. The frosted glasses are lovely. I keep looking out for those at boot fairs or charity shops but not been lucky so far, I am bound to find some eventually. unfortunately our lavenders have died, I think too much rain! Will need to add a lot more sand & grit to the soil to try and help drain better!
    The book cover is very sweet and the candlestick, I love it!!!
    Isabelle x

  26. Hiya hunni
    Those vintage linens do lend themselves wonderfully to being lavender sachets don't they I'll get my hand's on some one day.

    Please can you let me know When your Tv adventure is to be shown I'd love to see it.


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