Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Crafting Mojo....

Hi there, thanks for all your lovely comments on Master P, his good looks are purely down to his Father ;)

Quick post to ask if anyone finds my Crafting Mojo, please could they send her back my way. My crafty little area is spying on me wondering where I am, and now when I walk past, I shut my eyes and pretend she's not there.

Like the photograph I took on our little mooch in the lovely town of Conwy We went along the castle walls and the photograph reminds me of my Crafting Mojo, she is there looking at me saying Peek-a-boo, I am here, come and find me ;)

Anyone else out there lost their Crafting Mojo. Or indeed, know of any tricks to win mine back.



  1. Mrs P I do not know where my mojo has gone lately. I've been trying to free up some time to get on with more crafty things and when it comes down to it I can't find the enthusiasm to actually do anything!

    Victoria x

  2. I bet when you find your mojo, mine is hiding behind it :) Twiglet is starting full time school tomorrow - gasp! so I will at least have some time to search for my mojo. hope you find yours soon.
    Twiggy x

  3. Perhaps with Autumn coming it will come back, i'm sure hoping mine does!
    Beki xxx

  4. Mine's gone too!! I am trying to get it back desperately!!!
    Glad I'm not the only one!!
    Maybe when the children are back at school????!!!!!

    Sharon xx

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  6. (sorry wrong acct logged in)
    its probably with my ironing mojo somewhere so send both back please ;-)
    if you feel like you have to do something it does tend to take the fun out of it - looking at books/blogs to build up enthusiasm ?!

  7. Wise words Lesley.....:>)
    I had loads of ideas last week...this week....can't be bothered!
    Hope yoyr mojo returns Mary...prehaps its still sunning itself somewhere on hol's.....:>))


  8. My everything mojo has disappeared!! I made 2 pe bags for my friends children yesterday quick and easy but I have a list of things I want to try and cba tbh lol!!!
    My house is chaos too and I have mislaid my cooking mojo but not my preserving mojo, and man can't live on jam alone!! ;)
    Hey Ho...bring on September lets hope all these mojo's leap out at us!!!
    ps made my CK order this weekend, I had a panic that my flour dredger would sell out and mum wanted one too so we talked each other into ordering NOW!!!
    dh said to keep something for my christmas list but I just smiled sweetly and said but Cath will have a new catalogue out by then hehehe!!
    sorry long waffle I should have written you a letter!! xxxxxx

  9. I hope you find your mojo soon - I have been a bit like this lately. Half because there are so many things I want to do but apart from not knowing where to start I'm still suffering from sewing machine fear...

    Maybe it has something to do with the rapid approach of autumn too?

    Who knows, lets hope we get our craftiness back soon!

    Rose XXX

  10. When I used to do pencil portraits and dough craft for friends I loved it ...but then when the orders started coming in and deadlines loomed it took the enjoyment from it and became serious esp when one shop would order 16 pansy baskets.

    I know you have received a large order from a shop...do you think this may have something todo with it ..or am I rambling yet again xxx

  11. I think a lot of people are having similar problems at the moment, not sure why, perhaps the thought that summer is nearly over?

  12. I think it may be where my 'where- have-the-hours-in-the-day- disappeared-off-too', sat with my marbles that appear to be missing as well!
    Perhaps it will return with avengance when Master Poppins starts pre-school!

  13. It seems that plenty of us have lost it, mojo that is. All though there's been plenty of occassions i've felt that i've lost the plot too recently.
    Now, i'm thinking that if I treat myself to a pretty CK sewing basket and some nice new pretty fabric, I might get mine back. What do you think? 'hehe'!
    Beki xxx

  14. Great to hear that mojo could be returning!! Well done starting your quilt!! It takes quite a bit of time choosing the fabrics, but once you start machining it up, it will grow quickly!
    I started cutting out a quilt for DS last December, put the bits away for Christmas, and thats as far as it has got!! Shame on me!!

    Happy Stitching : )

    Sharon xx

  15. I had 2 hunni which is good, one for me and one for Jess lol.
    I think those little y fronts are a must for our little men, they are definately on my shopping list xxx

  16. Oh I hate this, I get like this quite often actually ~ where it goes I don't know but thankfully it does always come home again!
    Hope your naughty mojo is back now.

  17. Lovely patchwork…it’s nice to know your mojo is back and working hard. That little man of yours is gorgeous! I can see him breaking a few hearts when he gets older.

    Take care…love Lou xxx


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