Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Thank you so much for all your lovely messages regarding my soon to be BH appearance, I shall of course inform you when it is to be broadcast, think we should all have a little party with some specially made BH bunting :)

It is days like these when I can enjoy a couple of my vintage pretties, like these two lovelies purchased from the CB. After some negotiating I bought them for £7.50 for the pair and think they look as sweet as candy :)

What is your favourite pretty at the moment.

Hope the sunshine is your friend too, wherever you are :)



  1. Lovely Mary....such a fab sunny day!
    The chairs are great!

    My fave pretty.....would have to be....my rose bracelet that I'm wearing now....bought in a CS in Withington...some great CS there...just down the rd from Didsbury!xxxx

    P.S...going to the library tonight, after seeing all your fab books!

  2. Oh I love deckchairs...tend to get in a bit of a muddle but hey thats half their appeal....atm I'm liking my transformed rocker which I blogged about....I've got lots of pretties but thats the one that immediately springs to mind, lets just see if it sells, though I wouldn't be heartbroken if it didn't :)

  3. Lovely chairs Mary. Hmmm what is my favourite pretty at the moment? Would have to be my Lloyd Loom chair sitting in the corner with the crochet blanket, cushion and owl I made.

  4. You had a real bargain with those deckchairs!

    I have so many favourite things right now... I am particularly loving the two CK Mugs I got at the weekend on offer :-D

    the sun def was shining here today - i think I have managed to get myself a little burnt!

    Rose XXX

  5. What a wonderful buy at just £7.50 for the pair!I love the colours too.Car boots are great places for bargains. I love going to them when I have the time.
    Isabelle x

  6. Love your deckchairs! What bargains!

  7. Very Sweet!
    I missed a pair of vintage deckchairs at a booty earlier this year. Drat!

    I'm glad to see that you are still car booting btw! ;-)

  8. I have just spent ages wondering what CB is. DOH!!!! Hope you have lots of sunny days in which to use your deckchairs.

  9. What a bargain.

    My fave find recently has been a bookshelf for 50p. Waiting for a nice day to slap some left over paint on it.

  10. Brilliant bargain Mary! No wonder you're on BH xxx

  11. How lovely to find your blog. I feel we are two peas! I collect Ladybird books (I have 979) at the last count. I love art deco and have a lovely little Clarice Cliff collection. Sunday mornings are religiously car boot day and I feel very happy at your blog.
    I have added you to my blogroll!

  12. OMG - I wouldn't have minded paying £7.50 each for these - deckchairs with arms - soooooooooo comfy :)


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