Friday, 28 August 2009

Seaside Swap Pretties, A Dress, More Bunting And Master P....

As mentioned in my previous post I recieved a lovely Seaside Swap from Tracey's Crafting Adventure

I was so delighted with the pretty treats Tracey handmade for me.

Wonderful seaside bunting that shall look right at home in Master P's bedroom, aka my craft room ;)

Miss and Master P are sharing one of the attic bedrooms whilst we refurbish and decorate our home. They seem very happy together in their little space for now, so I thought it would be alright with Master Poppins if I made myself a little crafty area in his bedroom that was only really being used as a store room, for a little while :)

I love looking out of the round window, daydreaming of pretty things to make.

Tracey also sent an adorable vintage anchor sign, again shall look lovely on his wall. A cute felt boat, some lovely rock, prettily wrapped sweeties for the children, which of course have been eaten and pretty hand picked shells from the beach.

A so cute handmade seaside hanging heart.

A beautiful handstitched felt brooch.

And a glorious handmade seaside card along with some blank ones and lovely seaside crafts for myself and the children to decorate our own.

Thank you so much Tracey, I really enjoyed swapping with you :)

I wonder, what clothes style are you, I would say I am definately a dress or skirt kind of gal, I love pretty floaty dresses and was delighted when I found a gorgeous vintage esque tea dress from M&S in their 125 year range.

I love the pretty detail.

And I especially loved the price £8.59 :) Was £49.50

Talking of bargains, I found some sweet John Wilman curtains from the CB, only £2.00 for the pair and are so pretty.

They are lovely and wide and for £2.00 I can make many a pretty from the wonderful fabric.

What I have been making is some of my personalised bunting, it is for a Mummy who is decorating her little girls room in a beautiful pink theme and thought the bunting I make would look sweet in there too.

I have also hand sewn a couple of pretty and sparkly buttons on the bunting, I hope Molly likes it :)

I really enjoy making the bunting, I like that my customers can choose their own fabric from my stash, choose how they like the letters to look and in what fabrics. If you would like me to make any personalised bunting do let me know at Vintage Daisy I shall update my Blogshop with costs and how to go about ordering.

Well Master Poppins should really be thinking about going to Pre-school now, so I am
gently telling myself it shall be the right thing to do, and let him out into the big wide world. Doesn't make it any easier though ;)

He and Miss. Poppins have had fun and frolics over the summer holidays, and many a lollipop too.

Actually there is quiet excitement in the Poppins household as some photographs Master P had taken, he is a little child model, are about to go to print. I am so proud of my little 3lb at birth baby, he has come along way.

Mummy's little hero :)



  1. Master so cute!
    What a super picture!

    I love the fact that you are sharing the space for your craft area!
    How lovely it looks!

    I imagine when your house is complete it will look fabulous!

    Have super weekend!xxx

  2. Hello Mary Poppins! I absolutely adore bunting, and I am sure Molly will love those sparkly buttons! Master Poppin is absloutely adorable and I am soooo jealous of that lollipop. Yum! Suzie. xx :)

  3. Wow what a gorgous little boy Master Poppins is. So sweet.

    Love your bunting, and your new if only temporary work space. I have had a bit of a change about in my craft room too. Makes all the difference dosnt it.

    Pretty dress too. Bargin price.


  4. My Miss P has fallen in love with you Master P!!!!

    And did you say there was a sale at M&S????

    Love the Molly bunting - so well made.Clever M. Poppins.


  5. Love your bunting!
    And of course.Master P is adorable!
    Have a lovely weekend ;-)

  6. hi there - love the new craft space its yummy and i look forward to having a dig around in there for goodies ;-)
    little one looks gorgeous as usual :-)

  7. Mary what a post full of eye candy xxx
    Loving the swap, fab bunting :)
    The M&S dress is lovely and great bargain too x
    I need a re jig in my craft room - it hardly seems fair I have to share it as a guest room too!!! I have stuff everywhere and I can't part with my scraps of fabric so need better storage!!
    Master P is stunning, let me know where he is published so I can name drop :D xxxx

  8. I do love your blog!!! Especially the photos! Your temporary craft room is so pretty. When my little people go back to school I have big plans to turn our "office" into my own pretty crafting creating space, I would love it to be as lovely as yours! Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, Sally xx

  9. where to start with this lovely post?!

    I love the swap goodies!

    That dress is beautiful, what a great price :-)

    those pics of your house look fab - I so want a lovely craft area!

    Master P is gorgeous! My daughter was premature and small and it is amazing to think they grow up so quick and recover from such a traumatic start!

    Rose XXX

  10. Lovely pictures of Master P! Ah the innocence of youth, how I wish mine were still that young, they grow up far too quickly!

    Your craft area is so inspiring, I almost can't wait to start on mine, I just wish it wasn't because of such sad circumstances.

    The seaside swap goodies are great!

  11. As always a lovely post full of lovely things :) your new dress is very pretty and a bargain too! As you know I am highly jealous of your crafty area but spotted you got a new chine, think it must be the next one up from my new one? Thankyou for sharing the photos of master poppins, he is adorable!

  12. Now how have I missed that dress in M&S its lovely.

    Master P is adorable, I can see why his photos will soon be in print... I image he'll be a heartbreaker when he grows up.

    Victoria xx

  13. Loved reading your post.Master Poppins is absolutely gorgeous :)

  14. Ooh yes I can see now it is the same one, I am not sure why the price was different though? Did you get a refund on the old one? I was very sad to see the red one go, but was told in the long run this would be better for the amount of sewing I do.
    Just noticed the 100 followers too, perhaps I should have a giveaway (she says quietly!)
    Regarding P&P something pretty would be absolutely lovely :) thankyou! xx

  15. im so glad you liked your goodies i loved the swap to. master p is stunning. have fun this bank holiday

  16. What a little cutie! And your house is really looking lovely and pretty. Love all your pretty fabrics.

  17. Well, I loved this post. What a gorgeous little man you have. You must get stopped all the time and told that. I do love to see little boys with their hair long.
    Love your style. Bunting, everything.
    Carol x

  18. Your baby is delightful - Have gone all goey....

    Love Lydia xx

  19. Such a gorgeous boy - reminds me of my eldest when he was little.

    Great swaps too xx

  20. Hello darling,
    I am back and have missed you terribly!! I have a post on my blog that explains my lengthy absence but enough of that, I just wanted to stop by and see how you are doing and to wish you a sunny day. I am now off to read the posts that I have missed and to look around your lovely blog.
    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥♥♥

  21. Master Poppins is absolutely adorable, what a gorgeous looking boy!
    Thank you for sharing all of that wonderful eye candy, you sure have been busy.


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