Saturday, 8 August 2009

Happy Days....

Well it has been a very exciting couple of days for Mary Poppins :)

Some of you may know I have a love of the theatrical world and entertainment, I also love a bargain, so what a wonderful idea I thought it would be to apply to the television programme BARGAIN HUNT, Ohooo yes a wonderful idea I thought, now I need a like minded friend who is a jolly soul to come on too. Well I think I thought for maybe 2 seconds and of course there was only one person it could be my lovely Blog and Internet friend Mary

Luckily for me she agreed, we had never met, though had built up a lovely friendship over the year and knew we would get on perfectly. So we applied, had interviews and auditions and seemingly they loved us and we eagerly looked forward to filming.

Of course being the fiesty gals we are, only went and asked, well if I am honest, demanded that we would very much like to be the red team, suits our complexions better and is so us. So what a fun day we had with the production team, I think we were good entertainment Mary and I. We are yet to go to the auction and see if we have indeed won the programme by making the most, if any profit.

Though actually win or lose, makes no difference to me as we had a ball.

Mary bought along some wonderful presents for me. The cake stand that I have for her as seen in my previous post I forgot to bring, yes I am a ditsy, so was a little embarrassed that I had nothing in return for her when she handed over some pretties for me.

One of her wonderful handmade tote bags, an adorable wooden hanging heart with exquisitely hand painted Butterflies and Daisy's, some adorable wrapping paper that I fell in love with and a cute and very thoughtful hand knitted chocolate cake with cream on the top, made by Mary's Mother who is in her 80s. Very touching, I blubbed.

Being as ever generous Mary also saw some wonderful original oil paintings, that she says were a bargain from the CB, aren't they the sweetest little things, and one of them, the little girl holding the dog, is one I have on a card and one I love, so very heart warming that Mary saw it and thought of me.

Thank you so much Mary, I had a wonderful, happy, special day with you, I thought we made a brilliant team, was fun wasn't it.

Of course I couldn't leave the antique fair we were filming at without purchasing a couple of pretties for myself. We were allowed half an hour or so to browse and these are what took my fancy.

Two lovely vintage irons that I am going to use as bookends.

A wonderful vintage Perter Pan card, I think I am a little Peter Pan, never wanting to grow up.

Some wonderful embroidered tablecloths, I have never been lucky to get as good a bargain.

And a lovely little treasure that summed up the wonderful day.

With a sweet little inscription.

Right I have a Birthday party to organise, someone very special in the Poppins house hold is 3 :)

Happy Days



  1. oooo looks like a fun day was had by all!! cant wait to see you on the goggle box :-)
    hope your all having a good day today :-)
    Lesley x

  2. Lovely post Mary. You 2 are bound to win, how could it be otherwise !!!

    Love and blessings

  3. It sounded a wonderful experience made all the better by each others company
    Goodluck girls but as you say Mary it matters not if you win as really you already have done xx

  4. How much fun does that sound! Well done. And what lovely memories of the day you've taken away.
    Having spent time with Mary, I know it will have been a complete hoot, beginning to end. Fab stuff. xxx

  5. Oooh how exciting! great idea to use the irons as bookends, I have one and never thought of using it like that! I'm now thinking that it might work well as a doorstop too!

  6. I did chuckle at your comment, remember the Jack in a box? well, J has destroyed it, such a shame as he loves it. I will try and find another at a bargain price of course but keep it for Mummy and J playtime only untill he is bigger.
    Make sure you let us know when you will be making you on screen debut, can't wait to see my famous ('hehe') friend on the box.
    Beki xxx

  7. Oooh how exciting? And you had a lovely sunny day to rummage around in. Can't wait to see it on the telly.

    Happy Birthday to your little one too :)

  8. It looks like you both had a fantastic time - Fingers crossed for the red team!!

  9. Oh what fun, and what lovely goodies from the day too!

  10. What fun! Do let us know when you'll be appearing on the TV! Fingers crossed you win... and oh I'm so jealous of those beautiful embroidered tablecloths you found! :) Maybe you could hire yourself out as a bargain finder for other people Mary.

  11. love your pics, looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Rose XXX

  12. ooh cant wait to see you on telly!

    my friend is on the next how to look good naked, friday was the big reveal, quite a surreal day.

    Cant wait to see both these now!!

  13. Wow that is incredible , lucky friends both of you .

  14. How exciting... should we start asking for autographs now?!

    So many lovely pretties as well,

    Victoria xx

  15. Cute picture!
    Good luck with bthe BH program!

  16. Wow two of the brooches on TV how exciting! I am sorry I missed all your exciting news this weekend but am so looking forward to seeing you and Mary on TV!!

    I hope it goes well with the shabby chic shop lady - I am sure it will - your goodies (handmade and vintage) would look wonderful in a pretty shop and I am sure they would do well. Let me know how it goes - fingers crossed for you! XX Gem

  17. That looks like a great day out. Esp. love the table clothes and the books. We have an iron as a doorstop - can't remember where it came from but it has moved house with us lots!

  18. Love everything but esp the peter pan card.

    Happy bday to the little one xx

  19. Wow, brilliant I will really look forward to seeing you on the box!
    Please let me know when.
    You found some great booty too!
    So glad that you both met and had a wonderful time together.

  20. you have an award and tag waiting for you over at my blog. x

  21. This is very exciting news. I can't wait to see you on the programme. Do make sure you tell us well in advance please. Is it too late to go in the draw for the Girl annual?
    Blessings, Star

  22. How exciting! Hope you do really well & don't forget to let us know when it's on!


  23. Oh WOW, how exciting. Can't wait to see you both. When will it be broadcast?


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