Thursday, 13 August 2009

Girl Annual Winner And How Would You Like To Own A Stokke® Tripp Trapp Chair....

Well the hullabaloo of Bargain Hunt made me forget my little giveaway, the sweet 1958 Girl Annual, I apologise but know that you shall understand :)
It is a truly lovely book, well loved I would imagine, with some beautiful pretty pages.

Learn how to care for your kitty :)

You never know when you may want a Ski-Cap.

It even has a sweet little original pressed flower that shall of course be included with the lovely book.

Mmmmm I wonder if your name is there :)

Learn how to pack lightly, maybe I could do with tips there ;-)

To be fair I have included all lovely messages from my last three posts as there were a couple of you who wanted to enter but didn't comment on the post I gave my giveaway on. Also there was a couple from the lovely SSC who don't have a blog but wanted to go in the pretty tin.

Good luck, Miss. Poppins shall do the honors, drum roll please :)

Here you all are waiting in the sunshine for the big shake, as my seven year old Miss. Poppins would say.

Lid on, off we go.

We have a winner :)

Congratulations Suzy's Vintage Attic your book shall be on its way to you, I shall of course send one or two handmade pretties too ;)

Talking of giveaways there is a fabulous one here where you can have a go at winning a brilliant Stokke® Tripp Trapp chair. I have one of these for Master Poppins and have to say it has been a brilliant investment.

If you are lucky and win the fabulous chair, please do pop back to let me know, would be great :)

Please do go say hi to Yummy Mummy Tips and good luck, though please don't make your caption too funny lol, I would so love a matching pair at my dinner table :)



  1. Oh I wish I had found your blog before! I love this book!

  2. YOUPI!!!! Thank you so much! I am so pleased. The giveaway is very much appreciated and will find a good place in my home. Fantastic book!
    You have made my day.
    Take care
    from a smiley Isabelle x

  3. Well done that lady....Mary makes some lovely handmade items...:>))

  4. Well done Isabelle, it looks fascinating!

    Mel xxx

  5. Congrats Suzy... that looks such a fabulous book.

    Victoria x

  6. I'll let my niece Kiosha have it if I won....don't think It'll happen tho!
    So she will have to make do with the tea chest for a while longer!LOL!

    I'm meeting up with my friend Rosina tomorrow, she is taking me out, to cheer me along....
    I'm not having good days at the mo....very unhappy...

    Still....there is lots to be thankful for...:>)

    I so enjoy having the pretty things ppl made me out in my home....makes it cosy...


  7. congratulations to susys vintage attic, i wish id found your blog earlier and entered! he he!! fliss xx

  8. that book looks fab well done to Isabelle :-)
    hope all is well in the poppins house - did you get my email?

  9. I love books like that!!
    well done suzy xx

  10. what a lovely blog you have, i enjoy it, greetings from Holland, Irma.

  11. I used to have lots of these, no idea where they went when M&D moved house - they may still be in a box somewhere would love to find them again. This brought back so many memories.


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