Monday, 3 August 2009


Well we have had a sprint to my Mums in Wales for the night. We had some presents to drop off, a party to attend, some keys to pick up, a Sister and yummy Niece's to see, a Grandma to cuddle, a Nainy to kiss, a Great Niece to coo over and plenty more besides, all in one day.

Ohooo and I also wanted to go to the Car Boot :) Yes me, the love of your life Mr. Poppins if your listening, I know is not a great love of yours but you know how happy and giddy I go over them, I only go very occasionally, and I mean how could you not go all swoony over the pretty things I purchased.

You know that YOU are are the best treasure I have ever found :)

Anyway back to pretties, yes the lovely pretties from the CB.

Lovely vintage quilt, Mmmmm think there is a blanket inside and has been handmade,I may unpick and have a little looky.

Lovely dressing table set in perfect condition.

Pretty crochet.

Florals and pretty cottages, what more could a girl want.

Lovely annuals for Miss. and Master Poppins. I bought two of the same one so I shall be offering one as a little giveaway. It is a 1958ish GIRL ANNUAL the one at the end with the title in yellow writing. If you would like to go in the hat to win the annual say hello and Miss. Poppins shall choose a winner in a couple of days.

Good Luck if you enter :)

Vintage tins.

Scales that I thought would look pretty in our kitchen when it is decorated, Mmmmm the weights have been sprayed in a silver, I am undecided if I prefer them sprayed.

Playing cards, a pretty mini cake stand, Sadler bell, gorgeous little tray cloth and a Purbeck little dish.

Yummy sweet cake stand, which is going to be re-homed with a blogger friend who fell in love with it, she truly deserves it :)

Treat her well dear friend ;~)

The sweetest little thing, a vintage lipstick holder with mirror.

And a fabulous best bargain of the day, from a lovely elderly gentleman who was happy for my pound to bring home with me his beautiful full length Bevelled mirror.

Yes I was embarrassed, £1.00, a pound, a pound, one pound, but he could see my eyes twinkle and he explained that in itself was worth it's weight in gold ;~)

I hope you enjoyed, most of those pretties were found in dusty old boxes under the tables, always look in the dirty boxes :) The tins were in one that I had to really rummage in as were the crochet and floral pretties. I also got two wonderful vintage deckchairs, though they couldn't get in the car so are at my mums.

So, wonder when I shall be back at the booty, not too soon Mr. Poppins hopes.

But what he doesn't know....

Happy Carbooting :)



  1. I can't believe you found so much!
    I love it all..but especially the pictures!

  2. ooh what lovely stuff you found. The mirror was a bargin what a genorous man. Love the pretty cake stand too.

    Well hope its not too long before you go carbooting again. You obviously get some great bargins.


  3. What great finds! The fabric on the blanket/throw is very pretty. You did do well!
    Hen x

  4. Wow what great finds, I espically like the beautiful cake stand, you did a really great days work! I would love to be included in your draw for the girls books!

  5. you did great!! i love love love that cake stand x

  6. you have found some fab things!
    no one could be disappointed with that haul :-)

    Rose XXX

  7. Oh what lovely goodies!! especially the Girl Annuals, I love those books, I have the very first one and re-read it all the time!

    And what a nice man, happy with a smile - people like him make it all worth while :-)

    April xx

  8. What great finds! Of course I do love the tins.....


  9. I very much like the story of the twinkle in your eye that got you the mirror for a pund, what a fab find! That is so sweet.

  10. Hi Mary Poppins!
    What lovely finds! Especially all those tins! Lucky you!

  11. Oh so many wonderful things you found. That cake stand is truly wonderful,

    Victoria xx

  12. Hello! Ohh what lovely finds... again! I love the girls book, I collect old books for children, so I'd love to enter!

    Have fun with your pretties :)

  13. Seriously? These are all from the same Carboot! That's amazing - you must be a real magpie! They are all lovely - I love the tins (they're useful Mr. P!) great haul!


  14. You did so well!!! I love the mini cakestand and the tins especially. Well done you!

    Mel xxx

  15. Fab finds, and great thrifting. CBs can be so exciting at times. x

  16. Oh my word what a wonderful haul! I was thinking of you last night as I was looking at the lovely crochet mat one of the things you sent me in your giveaway,its so pretty! & the smalls still love their bags & no I still cant bring myself to blow my nose on a CK tissue lol lol!!

    As a child getting a Christmas annual was the highlight of that special day! in the afternoon I wold curl in a chair & start to read it,I still have some of my old annuals,I hope the smalls like them when they are a bit older lol!

    Hope you are all well
    GTM x x x

  17. I don’t know how you do it, but every time you seem too find gorgeous things.
    I love the cake stand, I WANT ONE! I have finished stamping my feet now.
    Have a lovely week-love Lou xxx

  18. Oh MY GOSH!! That cake stand is Amazing!! Love the crochet pieces too! Great treasures!! Must be a good week for treasure hunting, I didnt do too bad this week either!!
    Annie x

  19. Do you know what, I think I had that "Girl" Annual the first time round!

    Brill post as usual Mary!


  20. obviously one of the better car boots that are about!! Great finds there!
    I wonder if you could possibly tell me where you got your fab letters from? I'd love to do 'BATH' in a similar way - yours are just soooo pretty

    BH x

  21. Blimey what a great boot sale!
    The quilt is fab and the dressing table set very pretty, Katie is collecting that cololur!
    The scales, the mirror, the lipstick holder...all if it is perfect booty.
    Show us the quilt once on the bed.

  22. I need to go to a bigger car boot more. Not been to a big one at all this year and I am sure if I had I would rival your treasures. Ok maybe not as I doubt I have as good an eye ;o)

    Lovely lovely haul, I especially love the mirror. I want, no, need a bevelled mirror in this house!

    Is this the post for the draw comments? Dunno if I'm too late but woul dlove to be included if not :O)

  23. I just came upon your blog through another blog and I am so glad I did! I love your blog, and what wonderful finds!! Looking forward to seeing much more!

    Seeya soon,


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