Thursday, 30 July 2009

Why I ♥ The Library....

Happy Reading :)



  1. What a fantastic selection of library books, I used to get loads out from the library but I hated taking them back, so now I'm naughty and I buy them. I do try to get them from car boot sales whenever possible, so I'm not completely extravagant!!

    Sue xx

  2. oooh some more to see if my library has. I'm off to pick a couple of books up from the library tomorrow. Not any of these though (have forgotten which one's I have ordered though!)

  3. that first one looks lovely, I buy mine on amazon - i can't bare taking them back! i like the way it shows you other books in the same category.

  4. How strange. I have just read another blog post from about an hour ago with the same book (the first one)! It's obvioously a good one! Shall be off to my local library as soon as this evil flu passes. xx

  5. I'd love to read Country In The City, must look out for that one!

    I've got Creating Country Style as well as Simply Country, weird coincidence!

    Your library is a lot better than ours, think the most recent home books in there are mid 90's :-/

    Mel xxx

  6. ooo what gorgeous books for you to get ideas from. i never think about going to the library anymore i think its as ive had a fine since i was 13 !!! what a good idea though ..

  7. Wow ! We all know what you'll be doing this weekend , enjoy!

  8. Hi Mary!

    I to frequent the library. I have just got out a book on Paris and one on Barcelona.

    Mainly I read the magazines!!

  9. oooh what a great selection!

    The only trouble is you have to give them back ;-)

    Rose XXX

  10. An excellent selection have inspired me to get back down to our local library...have a super weekend!xxx

  11. Well haven't I got the most perfect little challenge for you! Pop over and check it out if you like.

  12. Hi Mary, I have not been too the library for ages, I think I might take myself over there next week.
    All of them look fab! Your house is really coming along, it looks gorgeous so far.

    You and your family have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

  13. What wonderful finds! Our library is really small and doesn't have any of those books. Sometimes you can order them in, but it's 90p a book!

  14. I do have some of those on my book shelf...great to go and view them first in the library though. I just bought the latest Cabbages & Roses book and was disapointed to find it is almost identical to the one I already own!
    Happy Reading to you too!

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