Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Thrill Of The CS And A Little Heart....

I don't know, whether like me, you like a good root through pretties in Charidee shops, I love, love, love, love, love them. I may be wrong but I reckon many of my friends have never even stepped foot in one, though I am NEVER ashamed and am ALWAYS proud to say to my friends I love them. Plus the money saved by shopping in SOME of them brings a lovely SMILE to Mr. Poppins' face.

Maybe many of you saw the recent Mary Portas television series, I am all for bringing more money in for the charities but I didn't really like the new re-fit, you know me, I like pretty, light, candy coloured, airy spaces :) However was an enjoyable watch and I always got excited seeing what people were donating.

I do get much more excited about the bric-a-brac than the clothes, though have found some lovely items of clothing, Ralph Lauren, Monsoon, Burberry, Gap and the like.

I mean 10p each for these two sweet UJ flags, I had been on the hunt for these for a while, we had a street fayre and they were selling similar for £1.50, no, I knew one day I would find some far cheaper.

I adore them.

And you would be hard pushed to find such a wonderful array of glassware, all for a fiver I hasten to add, from a new shop now would you.

Dainty 50p teacups, I love the idea, and something which I think many of you do, of making my very own tea cup candles. Probably need to check up on the health and safety methinks, I have heard there could be cracking issues from the heat of the candle. Now I wouldn't want that, my little teacups are too pretty to have cracking issues ;) I do however have little tea lights in some of mine and that looks quite pretty too.

Would you find delightful beads like these vintage ones in the new shops, I fell in love with the fabric covered ones as soon as I laid my eyes upon them. And all for probably the price of one new pair of plastic beads.

I haven't seen any plates like these in good olde Ikea.

Contrary to popular belief, I think you find the best buttons from the CSs, and after a quiet spell, I now seem to have jars of them, and all for a couple of pounds maybe, and oh so vintagy.

I can never find as wonderful and inspiring reading material for my children AND ME as these CS bought little beauties.

Spode for 50p anyone.

I wouldn't find a sweet little sign like this vintage one in the modern shops.

So, what do you think, have I persuaded you to have a little looky in one, when you next walk past. Could that ever so wanted treasure be lying in wait for you to come on in and buy it. I do love the new shops a little too, I think you all know by now I am an utter shopaholic, but for thrill seeking, adventures, good old fashioned chit chat, and for me wonderful service, and bargains galore the CSs win, win, win ,win. win :)

Right should be at my sewing machine, more bunting lol

I am so enjoying making for the the younger market. I made this sweet little personalised lavender heart for a baby. I always ask Mummy's if there are any allergies and the like with my scented gifts. Her Mummy loves it, and is so nice to think it is now hanging in her little girl's nursery looking pretty :)

Happy Shopping and Making :)



  1. Wonderful treasures and I like you I'm never ashamed to go inside but prefer the bric a brac to clothes.

    Unfortunately a lot of my local charity shops are "pricey" and trying to be far too modern but I still have one or two "old school" CS I visit and find my real bargains.

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Mary,
    So long as your teacup is in good condition without cracks, chips etc, there shouldn't be a problem if the candle is made properly with the right ingredients; paraffin wax burns at a lower temperature than boiling water which the cup is able to contain without breaking. I could be wrong (!) but mine have been great so far.
    Hen x

  3. I love to shop in charity shops or carboots - infact i'd just shop there (except sometimes you just need something and can never find it!!!).

  4. i havent been to charity shops in a while!i should really venture in them more.
    im very envious of your pretty treats


  5. Since blogging I have to admit seeing other people's lovely bits and pieces I have been intrigued.

    But I have to say it must be where I live but the CS here just dont seem all that inspiring. I did spot a lovely plate a few weeks back in CS window, when I asked how much it was it was priced at £4.50! a bit pricey I thought. The only thing I do own that I brought a long long time ago is a little china pig with blue flowers over him. Only 50p! I also brought a lovely colourful bag at the same time. I loved it and used it to death even sewing it up when it fell apart. That was in an oxfam shop. in the early 90's would you believe.

    I think I will still dip in them every now and then.


  6. I love CS's :o) Luckily I have a few on my way to work on a Sat, have found some treasures but not loads yet.

    I love your pile of ladybird books, just clicked on the pic to read all the titles, such fab non dumbed down books. I love em!I've a way to go before I get a collection like yours though :O)

  7. I wouldn't shop anywhere else .... if I can't get it booting or at the CS or Fleabay I don't get it .... can't remember the last time I set foot in a shopping centre and absolutely hate them ..... but shhhh MP you're encouraging even more competition for those lovely bargains ;-)

  8. I charity shop regularly but rarely find as much lovely vintage-ness as you. Although I am finding them a brilliant place to buy books that are only a few months old! "Wife in the North" and "Me and Mr Darcy" for 95p!!

    April xx

  9. Oh such lovely finds, Unfortunately I live in a very rural area and dont get to many charity shops or car boot sales which somehow are not as popular here in Ireland anyway, I would not be ashamed to go into any Charity Shop, I would love to go to them! Hold your head up high ladies it is far better to make use of these beautiful items second time around than to be polluting the earth further by buying more and more mass produced items.

  10. I too am compleatly addicted to CS's, as well as Car Boots, Ebay and Free Cycle. I have a weekend mantra that I must visit at leats one CS and come home with something.
    Lovely finds.
    Sophie xx

  11. Since reading all these blogs I am becoming a charity shop addict. I love all the embroidered table cloths you can pick up for next to nothing, only thing is my cupboard is now full.

    Jo xx

  12. I really enjoyed that post Mary, I am not ashamed to go in the charity shops - although my finds are never as wonderful as yours. I think tea cup candles are a lovely idea too.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE all your beads - so pretty :)
    X Gem

  13. Honestly Mary, you needn't worry about the comment - i didn't take it that you were moaning - just sharing an experience.

    LissyLou xx

  14. I love charity shops too. I treat myself to a visit once or twice and week and I always find something of want or value to me. Over the years I have bought everything from wallpaper to china and never regretted any of the purchases. Apart from giving me pleasure, it helps me feel I'm doing someone else some good.!
    I loved your finds.
    Blessings, Star

  15. Oh I just LOVE your finds!

    I always have a rummage round, but never seem to find anything so fantastic!
    (someone must get there before me!)

    Rose XXX

  16. What terrific finds, Mary!! LOVE the plates and buttons.

  17. That bedroom sign is lovely. I love a good rummage in a CS and always carry around a list of wants in my bag!! It's just a shame so many seem to get carried away with their pricing.

  18. I LOVE your blog!! I'm also a very traditional girl and adore all things old (or new that look old!!). I'm very careful with the pennies and love a good route around our local charity shops (and we have LOADS!). I love the idea that these old things have a history and need looking after! When my nana sadly passed away I was very lucky to have some of her ornaments and baking utensils which I would sooner use over the ones I already had. It's great to see somebody else appreciating these little treasures.
    Jane x

  19. Gorgeous finds Mary! What lovely teacups. I love charity shops, but some of our local shops have really put their prices up :( But I still like a nosey, and you're right, sometimes you find things in charity shops that you'd never find in a modern shop. x

  20. Thankyou again for the lovely surprise :) I will try to get a little something sent your way soon. The blue fabric is similar but the print is different though. Thankyou for deciding to send the beads too, it was lovely of you XX

  21. I love the cake plates. I've got a similar collection and most of mine came from charity shops too. Just a shame that I can't get in most of our charity shops with the big pram :o(

  22. You have found some wonderful things there! Cup candles are great. You can also use hem in the bathroom to hold soaps.

  23. I just discovered your blog today, and I love the name of it. I just mentioned Mary Poppins in one of my blog posts a couple of days ago.

  24. Both my B and me are huge CS fans, and even refer to places by what we bought in them!
    Well done for lauding their praises.
    PS haven't ever had cracking probs with tea cups, once with a glass jelly mould but that was becasue I put too many wicks in and lit them all!


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