Wednesday, 29 July 2009

There Is No Place Like....

Well home is where I am sanding, priming, painting, crafting, generally prettying things up. Like decoupaging the lovely home letters using pretty CK napkins I got sent from Little Gem's World in a swap.

Some of you who have been following my blog may know that we are refurbishing our home. We have had a loft conversion and knocked and built walls, you know the usual. We are coming up to the year mark since building work began and we haven't yet one room that is fully decorated. Hey ho is a FUN little journey :)

One room that we are concentrating on for now is the kitchen diner, we bought our ADEL white IKEA kitchen months ago and is only half way through being fitted. The wooden tops, again yet to be fitted, have their original plastic wrapping on them too. Mmmmm I bet you can only imagine the nagging Mr. Poppins gets.

So much so that bless him he was up well past his bedtime, must have gone to bed around 3 or 4 last night building me a false chimney breast.

I know doesn't look much, but when it is all finished, the chimney hood is fitted etc and the little shelf is up to display my pretties, well, I bet it shall look lovely :)

I have also had a little re-think for the decorating scheme in the kitchen diner, I originally was doing it all in LAs ERIN in chalk pink, now I have decided to do the ERIN in our bedroom. Mr. Poppins loves pink, well he shall do :~)

And as I have the curtains, wallpaper etc Mr. Poppins shall be pleased I don't have to buy anything new :)

What made me have a little re-think was finding these. Well in fact two pairs of these.

I bought these pretty curtains years ago from the M&S sale for a bargain, they were a bargain when they had the ticketed £5.00 on each pair, one is floor length and one is sill length. Though when Mr. Poppins and I got to the till they were even cheaper, so a really pretty find :)

Anyway I knew that a designer was involved in the Vintage Shabby Chic range at M&S and I was also considering chopping them for crafts etc as they were not being used, in perfect condition and really are pretty. So I asked my lovely friends at the SC Cafe what they would do and it was then when I did a little research on the www that I realised it was RACHEL ASHWELL who designed them for M&S. Mmmmmm think no chopping there then ;~)

So I have now decided as they really are Shabby Chicy, to have the floor length pair in the dining area of our kitchen and the sill ones in the kitchen area. I also have some pink spot prettiness going on and the two work really well together.

One of my makeovers of an Ebay bought for £10.00 butchers trolley.

I used F&Bs POINTING in water based eggshell and covered the top in some Globaltex fabric, I have the pretty and very CK esque pink spotty oilcloth though that is being kept for the dinning table, when it eventually gets put together and shall use some of that for more protection. Though I do think the fabric looks nice for now.

I have also begun prettying up my again Ebay, bought dresser. It was a very orangey pine and now having done the top in the same F&B POINTING is looking very shabby chic. I really don't know what to do with the bottom, to paint it all, or to leave the top part unpainted and waxed. Mmmmm decisions decisions.

I think it is begging for my pretties to be displayed on it.

Well I best get on with some more Shabbying, they won't do themselves, though ocassionally I wish they would :~)

Happy Shabby Chicing :)



  1. Your butcher's block looks lovely Mary and what a good job you didn't take the snips to those lovely curtains!

  2. everything looks gorgeous - including your in progress kitchen - good ole mr poppins :)

  3. Wow I can't believe you have kept those napkins for over a year! Glad they now have a permanent home in your home! :D All your makeovers look brilliant and I cant wait to see the finished kitchen!! XX

  4. gorgoeus stuff Mary - well done

    April xx

  5. love how you have done the HOME letters..a very clever idea that im going to have to copy sorry!!
    love the butcher block.. that fabric is so pretty
    what a total bargain with the curtains aswell
    your plate rack looks lovely up..your kitchen will look gorgeous when its all done cant wait to see it!!!

  6. All lovely Mary....talented lady!x

  7. Wow, your finds and makes are looking fantastic!
    I am sure once everything is finished your place will look amazing, if the pics today are anything to go by!
    I guess it can be a bit of the pain while it's all being done, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end :-)

    Rose XXX

  8. all looks luverly as usual - am itching to get the paint out now but then end up trawling the www and wasting more time!
    those curtains will look fab in the dining room (and kitchen) have you got them up already?

  9. Oh my goodness I love it all but I so love the HOME letters where you have covered them in CK napkins.
    Would you consider doing this for me and charging me of course I would pay. I just love them all x

  10. Love everything!!! You have been so busy, I can't wait to see that kitchen finished!!!!
    I ordered some of thise letters from Ebay yesterday, and can't mwait ti get sticking!! THEY LOOK FAB!!!!

  11. Hi Mary

    Your kitchen is going to look so beautiful!
    I'm so impressed with the butchers trolly it looks very pretty and love, love, love the 'home' letters. I am going to have to try something like that too!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  12. You are the queen of bargains! I'm off to look for a dresser on ebay! :)

  13. Right I have bitten the bullet so to speak...... and have ordered the HOME letters. Just need to pop into CK and get some napkins and then some pva glue from craft shop.
    If i give you my email will you send me instructions please......
    Thank you for answering so quickly to my comment x
    love Mandy

  14. It's coming on just fine, I should say. I'm new to shabby chic and could do with an explanation?
    Blessings, Star

  15. you've done a great job on the butchers block - bargains like that are just great! I also love the decoupage idea on the letters, they look fab!

    BH x

  16. i'm loving your makeovers esp those letters x

  17. You've been so busy!

    We're in the middle of having our kitchen done and without an oven for over a week now and it's driving me nuts! The novelty of takeaways wears out after a while.

    Victoria xx

  18. Arrrgghhhhh now I desperately want to paint my dresser right NOW! It looks gorgeous!

    I remember the Rachel Ashwell range being in M&S, I so wanted the blue for my old bedroom and never got it *sigh*. If only I'd known then what I do now I would have snapped it up! Amazing what a bargain your beautiful curtains were.

    I think your kitchen is going to be amazing!

    Mel xxx

    PS is it hard to decoupage letters? I have our initials to decorate in some way and don't know what to do but yours look divine!

  19. Wow! Your kitchen is looking fabulous!!! You have done an amazing job with it all. Love the pink spots and the curtains are perfect!

  20. Wow! love the makeovers very much and the kitchen will be brilliant once you have completed this project. I love to see what everyone does with their decorating.

  21. Mary it is like fate. I ordered the HOME letters yesterday and today as a present someone bought me some CK napkins!!!!
    Can you email me best way to do it xxxx

  22. Ooh you won't be disappointed with this book I'm sure, I just love it!

    Thanks so much for getting back to me about the decoupage letters, I might have to get some more tissues (the ones in the giveaway are looking very tempting right now...) and have a go at it!

    Mel xxx

  23. Loving your kitchen make over. The Butchers Block is such a fab find, and the pink dotty fabric looks great, cant wait to see the finished kitchen.
    Sophie xxxx

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