Friday, 24 July 2009

Sweetest Little Sewing Kit....

I wonder, have any of you ventured into the sales lately. Have to say I don't really jump for joy with the sales these days, I don't do crowds and never seem to see anything that really catches my eye. Though when I saw this beautiful little sewing case with some treats inside in Monsoon, I had to have it, especially as it was half price. It really is the sweetest little sewing case I have ever seen. Is meant for children but, well, I am a little girl at heart, does that count ;~)

It even comes with some cute Handmade with love for you labels.

So Miss. Poppins didn't feel left out, I treated her to a beautiful outfit that was half price. Monsoon really is a favourite of mine, though alas only in the sales, as I think is rather a luxury for me to shop there regularly.

And Master Poppins shall look a very smart boy on his 3rd birthday in his half price Next outfit, of course I shall swap the white linen shirt for a pretty pink one :)

And although not a sale purchase, one I was very happy with.

I was also happy with a felt corsage I made, I really enjoyed making it. There is nothing like a big, colourful corsage to cheer one up on these rainy days.

I shall leave you with a photograph of Miss. and Master Poppins' lunch. The pretty plates and egg cups looked so sweet, I had to take a photograph. As any blogger knows, a camera is always close to hand, even when littlies are doing something they shouldn't, like painting pink gloss on clean patio door windows.

Mmmmm think I would rather look at their lunch ;~)

Happy shopping, making, thrifting, holidaying :)



  1. gorgeous pictures Mary. I have had a few bits in the Next Sale, oh yes...and CK :)
    Going to Norwich tomorrow so may get to pop in a few nice shops xxx

  2. such a beautiful, tranquil post. I felt happy and cozy reading through it, how lovely that you shared your lovely life...

  3. ooo i fancy a boiled egg now - can I borrow the plates though as it wont look the same otherwise :-)
    had to giggle at the paint "accident"
    lovely outfits and loving that sewing kit !
    Lesley x

  4. How lovely was all that?!!
    I love all the pink things!
    Hope your weekend is a good one ;-)

  5. I have not been to the sales yet, have shopped online. Seeing that gorgeous little sewing kit makes me want to pop into Monsson and have a look. Perfect gift for my daughter who wants to start sewing.
    Isabelle x

  6. love the sewing kit..its sooo sweet
    had to laugh at the gloss on the window..u dont know if to laugh or cry somtimes do you
    my boy has the same little next linen jacket its gorgeous!!!

  7. Lovely pictures there. Love the pretty sewing case. And you little boy will look really cute for his birthday. Love the brooch you made too. really beautful!

    But oh lawks I dont envy the clean up job that must of been undertaken after the painting that went on! little monkeys! they have you in fits of tears of laughter you are never sure which one is next! lol.

    Have a great weekend.


  8. I just stumbled upon your blog and now I am at home. Such, interesting and lovely lovely photos. I will be back this weekend to read some more of your posts. I just had to sign up as a follower and will place a link to your blog on my beau-TEA-ful blog. If you have a moment, please stop by my cottage, I will love to have you visit and will much appreciate it if you would join my followers as well.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Duchess xx

  9. I too love Monsoon. You should go to their Bicester Village outlet store, there are some great bargains! He he, children and paint, well next time you need a wall painted... ;)

  10. I would have bought that sweet sewing kit for my self too!!

  11. Lovely things Mary, i love Monsoon too, the girls clothes are soooo pretty x x x

  12. The dress is absolutely lovely D wil look gorgeous and the little suit is awwwwwww so cute O will look fabulous, and I'm inviting myself over for boiled eggs and soldiers byeeeee xxxx

  13. eeek to the pink gloss!!! I agree the lunch was much prettier. I love boiled eggs and soldiers, just reminds me of being little.

    I love the sewing case too.

  14. Very sweet!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Christina :)

  15. Love the outfit for Miss Poppins & I too like Monsoon but only in the sales or off eBay! What naughty small people you have - but very lovely lunches.

  16. wow great post. oops gloss on window doh. yes its rohan. still need your address to send goodies. many thanks xxx

  17. I very rarely visit the sales these days myself, I can't stand fighting people to get to shelves that look like jumble sales... and not the sort us bloggers like to rummage in!!

    Victoria xx

    PS Can I come round for egg and soldiers?!


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