Thursday, 2 July 2009

Strawberry Delights And More....

My goodness, I say it every year, but aren't the days flying by, it only seems like yesterday I did a blog post, though looking at my date it seems it was not yesterday at all !

So, how do you all fancy a post piled high with pretties that have danced their way into my Home Sweet Home since we last met. You do, fabulous, lets do it :)

Well, my first pretties I found at Mr. Tesco, I adore strawberries, in fact we all do in the Poppins household so when I saw these very cheap placemats and coasters, well of course they were homeward bound. I love them and they really cheer meal times up.

So cheery too is the Tesco value very CK looking partywear, you never know when one may have an impromptu party and I couldn't leave them there on the shelf now could I. Master Poppins shall nearly be three, so maybe I shall save the partywear for his little garden party :)

Then it was off to a couple of posh shops, yes occasionally I do go to the posh ones, nice to have a looky don't you think and get lots of yummy ideas. So out came my purse for one of these, a glorious tea towel from the children for Mr. Poppins for Father's day, don't laugh, he loves tea towels does my Mr. Poppins ( can't you see I have trained him very well !)

And then one of these for his birthday, my, how lucky are we that we both share the same initial, now I can get enjoyment out of his present too ;)

I had decided a while ago to help out at a local jumble sale in aid of Charity, and soon the day came and it was a super success :)

A super success for me too, the organisers wouldn't accept more than £10.00 for my lovely goodies, here are some of my favourites.

Gorgeous basket wear, I am going to line the big one in one of my pretty fabrics.

Some beautiful brand new, unworn, Ted Baker summer sandals. They even had the original stickers on.

Some lovely vintage floral coasters, they look lovely with my vases of flowers on them.

A wonderful and pretty real leather John Rocha bag.

C.S.Lewis books that I was so happy to find.

Miss. Poppins was helping me too, and found a cute little rag doll.

One of my favorite books of all time.

I wonder if I can shabby chic up a wonderful Century Cabinet I found, well, we shall see.

Old Disney books for the children.

A sweet little posy dish.

And some beautiful floral notelets for sweet messages to family and friends.

So, a very tiring day and I did have a couple of pangs of guilt being able to have first dibs and put my little things on one side before the jumble sale began, but the organisers ( friends ) insisted that I did so. If you get a chance to, I would say definately help out at your local ones :)

Look at the beautiful swap I recieved from Raspberry Grace over at the SCC. I was also so kindly sent, the most delightful hand knitted cupcakes, in memory of a special little someone close to my heart. They are so beautiful and I shall have them in Master Poppins bedroom, on one of his little shelves. I shall always smile when I look at them. The swap was a love themed one, and how loving of my dear friend to make them.

Also in the swap parcel for me was a pretty little heart oil burner.

How sweet the smell shall be coming form this pretty heart shaped dish.

A wonderful, and Ohooo so cutesy Recipe Journal

Not much can get me to unwrap my prettily wrapped CK hand soaps, though when I saw the lovely heart soap dish I had been sent what a wonderful excuse to get the soap in there, isn't the dish sweet.

And the prettiest heart card, in to a frame it went.

Thank you so much Raspberry Grace
I love all your special, generous, kind and loving gifts and shall indeed treasure them.

More shopping, LA sale :)

And now the BHS Sale :)

I adore these cute little saucers, were only 50p because they didn't have their cups, and I thought would be lovely for my candles :)

The laundry bag goes perfectly with the matching shower curtain I got.

And what a lovely CK looking oilcloth bag, not the CK price though, at £3.20.

I am so loving BHS and their Vintage range, you really can pick up some super little things in the sales.

I decided to share a little of my fabric out, and sent my good pal, Dolly Dollop some of my least favourite lol and look what came in the post for Miss and Master Poppins. A gorgeous little fabric boat for Master Poppins that shall look so at home in his CK boats bedroom.

And Miss Poppins received the most prettiest scented candy ice cream pillow, aren't they really lovely. Thanks Claire, you are very talented and can't wait for your shop to open :)

Talking of shops I am having a little re-jig in my little All Things Pretty blogshop, the crafty makes have really taken off, especially the bunting which seemed popular with the Mummy's at the school fair. Here are a couple of my personalised orders for you to have a gander at.

Thanks to Lissy Lou and Mitmot for the awards and tag, you know what I am like ;) but wanted to say thank you.

A couple more pretties perhaps.

Ohooo goody, how about one of these then, of which I am about to dive in right now, help yourself :)



  1. What a wonderful selection of pretties! I love those pink coasters, the soap dish and the bhs bag. Lovely! x

  2. Oh my goodness that was a pretties overload - I love it! More please Mary, it cheers me up just looking at all your pretty photos. How sweet is that red partywear!?

  3. So many pretties, and I love them all! - also love your new blog header, what fantastic pink roses. Thought about you lots today coz I started on the cupcake swap sewing!

  4. Oh Wow! You HAVE been busy!

    I popped in BHS the other day... They have such a great selection of Cath-a-like's at the moment don't they!

    Rose XXX

  5. Oh that was such a treat !! Those coasters are adorable !


  6. What lovely new things Mary!

    Thank you for your comment. So sorry to hear about mst p.
    Your lucky it has been found though.
    My condition wasn't found until i was 25 (i'm now 28) even though i've been back and forwards to doctors since i was 6 weeks old with problems. When i was 23, one doctor told me i was a hyperchondriac!!!! and should stop wasting doctors time!!!!. I must say it has all really messesd me up - i had to go to The Priory every week for a year last year because of OCD, anxiety and health anxiety, mainly caused by my bad health - luckily i'm feeling like a different person now - just with occasional off days :)

  7. OH it's all so gorgeous!!! Love everything, wish they were mine! The heart things are all so special. And that CK bag is just the prettiest!

  8. what a feast for the eyes! I'm going to have to have a looky at BHS now :O)

  9. oh lots of pretty things mary - think I need to go to BHS!

    April xx

  10. I haven't been in BHS for yages...methinks a visit is on the cards!!!
    Thank you for sending me your least favourite fabric - I'm sure I'll find something to make with it ;)!!!!
    love the tesco partywear - yes indeedy very CK - fabulous :~)

  11. Oh wow, how many things did you find? I think you've been using my quota as I'm not allowed to buy things at the moment!

  12. I do so love your posts full of pretties! Some lovely goodies you've had through the post :) and some wonderful things you've made yourself. Looking forwar to your shop overhaul so I can see more pretties! XX Gem

  13. Oh my needed the cakes to replace the energy you must have expended scooping up those wonderful goodies, well it has been lovely for me just to look at the beautiful photographs you have taken of them.
    Love and hugs Lynn xxx

  14. Wow, when you shop, you SHOP!!!! What a bunch of wonderful goodies you found there. You know I'm loving that Cath Kidston bag.

  15. No Cath Kidston bags, only looky likeys :)


  16. wowser thats some major shopping your such a bad influence as i then get the urge to do lots of shopping myself ;-)
    hope your all well - ive been a poorly girl this week so will be in touch next week xxxxxxxxxx

  17. WOW you have been on a rather fabulous shopping spree haven't you!!!!

    Aren't we both lucky to be receiving knitted cupcakes.

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xx

  18. Hi there!
    Please say thank you to Daisy for her lovely comments!
    And thanks to you too!
    Have a great weekend ;-)

  19. Wow what lovely things!
    BHS is amazing, snap on the Laundry bag! Isn't it great?
    I never knew such tresures could be found at Tesco though!
    I shall be arranging a trip shortly thanks to you :)

    Love Kelly

  20. Oh I love your blog it is sooooo pretty, like your new header too, I live in a fairly rural part of Ireland and we dont have any Cath Kidston shops here or Bhs I yearn for a good look in one every now and again but come to your blog instead! Also those pastries have my mouth watering!

  21. Hi, love everything! Where is the tea towel from and the picnic hamper? Love the little boat also. Kate xxx

  22. I really enjoyed reading through this posts and all your lovely pics you have found some lovely bargins! x

  23. So many pretty things as always, I don’t know how you do it, but I love it all.

    Your stall looked amazing in your other post, well-done you. I am so glad you liked my rain hat, its going to be the next big thing.

    Enjoy the rest of the week-love Lou xxx


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