Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Little Summery Skirt And A Couple Of Pretties....

Here is a little summery skirt that took maybe half an hour to make. Was really simply made, two squares of pretty fabric, hemmed up one side, made a casing at the top of skirt, threaded the elastic through, then hemmed the bottom and remaining side.

The very simple elasticated waist.

The dungarees I made, or rather, attempted to make for Master Poppins did not turn out quite so well. No pattern and not a very co-operative child and well, they weren't the best and definitely 20 sizes too small for him. I left them half finished.

Vintage & Cosy gave me the brilliant idea of buying a cheap pair from the CS and then rip them to use as a pattern.
Gladly they are off to a new home so the fabric can at least be used for something more useful than what I had made :)

As for goodies to show you, I found these in the sales.

A couple of rolls of CK wrapping paper.

A bag for Master Poppins.

A bag for Miss. Poppins.

A couple of lovelies to add to their collection.

Two marvellous children's book, The Little Prince which also includes the wonderful history behind the book and author. I purchased it for 25p and it is a wonderful story, and one I think every child should have on their bookshelf.

I was amazed at the price that was originally paid for it

The message of the child with the golden hair managed to reach out and touch people all over the world.

I also couldn't leave her behind, though paid a little more for her, she was worth it though, look at her lovely slip jacket and inside cover.

We had seen Green Gates Mr. Snake for a while, he was always there looking at me when I browsed in a lovely shop I love to visit. I wanted to bring him home so much, yet he was a little pricey. Imagine my delight when he had been reduced, I was so happy, we all love Mr. Snake and he always brings a smile to our faces when we play with him :)

Hope you are having a happy week :)



  1. Hi there,

    how clever you are to make that lovely skirt!

    fab finds too, CK wall paper AND that cool snake!

    Rose XXX

  2. Love the skirt! It looks great on too!
    Looks like you grabbed a few bargins there :)
    Really like the paper, looking forward to seeing what you do with it!


    Kelly xxx

  3. Oooh Bunty...that takes me back!
    I loved it..and 'Judy ' too!

  4. i used to love Bunty :-) your package went in the post yesterday so keep your eyes peeled!

  5. Mr Snake looks like he's very happy to have come home with you today!

    Well done on making that skirt, you say it was easy but to me it's like you've discovered the wheel!

    Victoria xx

  6. Wow, some good finds there! Love the snake. We have my husband's 70's brown and orange horror, would much rather have yours ;)

    Mel xxx

  7. That skirt is looking good! And I love those little bags, looks like you can store a lot of goodies in there.
    Greetings, Marianne

  8. You got some good buys there - my boys would love that snake!!
    We have the little prince but haven't got round to reading it yet - we're still making our way through the roald dahl books x

  9. What a pretty skirt! I would love to have a go at something like that! And we all love the snake so cute! I bought a big stack of Twinkle annuals the other week at our local car boot sale, they really take me back!

    Sally x

  10. I couldn't have resisted the Bunty annuals, I loved cutting the dolls from the back of the comics when I was little.

    I've a feeling you could start a whole new childrens range with those dungarees Mary, have you thought of contacting CK???? ;)

    Love and blessings

  11. LOL with the dungees! Just like me with youngest's dress - but I have to say - they look great can't he squeeze in? OK so he might not walk well etc, but he'll look fab!


  12. Such lovely things! I am inspired to have a go at making a skirt myself!

    Hope you are having a lovely Friday!


  13. Hi I'm italian, I'm new, your blog is fantastic!!!!Katia

  14. Lots of interesting new pretties! I especially like the vintage books...!


  15. Definitely stick to skirts not dungarees! Only joking. I think a nice jean pair of dungarees would look great with a CK patch on them.

    Love Emma x

  16. Lovely, everything you touch turns out gorgeous. I envy your talent. Again, your blog takes me to places that I love, thanks for having such a lovely blog and making people like me happy. Darling, I thank you for visiting me and leaving kind comments and poems behind, much appreciated.
    Duchess xx


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