Monday, 1 June 2009

Sunny Days....

Well I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine.
We went down to the beach for a couple of glorious days. My, don't you think our seas are looking much nicer these days ;)

Ohooo the children had such fun, and I enjoyed many a Yum Yum, I adore these sweet cakes. They are melt in the mouth delicious and definately seem to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Well leaving the children and family for half an hour or so, I managed to get a little thrifting pleasure in.

A delightful yellow rose Colclough tea cup, saucer and side plate set and all for the grand sum of £2.50. It was the yellow roses that spoke to me, I have a very special fondness for Yellow roses, they hold very dear and special memories for me so when I saw the little set, home with me it was a coming.

The side plates too are so pretty.

How could I leave him behind, so Hummel looking too. He was only £1.50, I have a couple of Hummel plates and figurines and he looks right at home nestled amongst them.

And what a pretty pair of eyes.

With my love of books, I had to have these, the gorgeous vintage Louisa M. Alcott's Little Men, 95p.

And a delightful anthology of children's poems and verses. I adored flicking through the little pages, 25p.

I also found a little thrifting treasure from a lovely little street fayre. A gorgeous 5 inches tall china posy for 50p. It was a little unloved I think when I bought it, though is getting much TLC from me, I have been using an old toothbrush to clean the dusty petals, can't do much about the broken ones though looks like there are only a couple and when it is turned round you can't see anyway.

Now I have somewhere pretty to house my thimbles, I think I shall paint it white like I did with the last, smaller one, and frame the back with little squares of pretty fabric.

How sweet the little oil painting looked.

I have been doing a little sewing too, some for my giveaway winner and fancied a nice little project for me.
What could be a better use for one of my CK Circus print £3.99 Mr. Maxx pillowcases that weren't, for some reason, doing it for me as pillowcases on the bed.

One of them now looks lovely as a little, cute and funky apron with pockets. Here if you want to have a go.

So what does one wear on pretty sunny days like these, here is a little taster :)
I adore getting my summer wardrobe out, I feel so much happier in pretty and floraly clothes with bonny beads and the like.

I want to thank you for the awards blogger friends, have to say am rather lazy at getting these on, but is very kind of you to think of lazy olde me ;)

Enjoy the lovely sunshine.



  1. I love all of your thrifting finds!!
    The oil painting is beautiful.

  2. Lovely photos Mary, especially the cute postcards, the third one down is a sweetie!

    Love and blessings

  3. lovely photos, looks like you had a fab time :-)

    I think we are all enjoying the lovely sunshine :-)

    Rose XXX

  4. what a lovely time you must have had at the beach!!
    i love the apron you are immediately transformed into a domestic goddess ;-)
    pretty dress as well bet you look gorgeous in it :-)
    Lesley x

  5. Oh what great finds. They all look great. I am definitely going to give the pillow case apron a go I think even me with NO sewing skills could manage it x

  6. Hi Mary
    Love the cute posy.
    If this weather continues we might be getting some sea like yours!

  7. great thrifting finds. I always put my china floraly things in the diswasher, obviously i do not have your patience with a toothbrush! glad you had a good break and enjoyed the lovely weather M xx

  8. You found a lot of pretties!!! They are all really great!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  9. Hi Mary, I've given you an award over my blog but no worries about mentioning it... I know they can be difficult to work into posts!

    Great tea set, I'm pretty sure I have something similar.

    Victoria xx

  10. I don’t know how you do it but every time you seem too find lovely treasure!

    Those tea cups are very delightful… love Lou xxx

  11. Sunshine, sea, gorgeous treasure and yum yums, what more could a girl want!!!

  12. I love getting out my summer wardrobe in Australia ive just put mine away preparing for winter.
    Your blog is very pretty...i love the name of it...Mary Poppins...was always on of my favourite movies.


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