Wednesday, 3 June 2009

It's A Mouse Thing....

I shall keep this short and sweet, and sweet they may be but I don't want them in my house. What am I talking about you ask, well we have a mouse or mice thing going on here at the Poppins household. One of the joys of being surrounded by beautiful, pretty countryside.

I was relaxing in my cozy bed and then I froze like they do in the films, there he or she was sniffing away by the bedroom door. I couldn't even open my mouth for Mr. Poppins to come and help the damsel in distress. I made eye contact with the little rascal for maybe 15 seconds and then he jumped in the air and scuttled out of the room and then I screamed !

Well we couldn't find him, and what with all the building work that has been going on, there are many a little hole here and there for him to get his little self through. We even bought one of these mouse friendly little gadgets.

Though he or she doesn't seem to be interested. Please I need your help. Any advice would be so gratefully received and appreciated. Methinks it won't be long before Mary Poppins packs her bags and moves out.



  1. OMG That would be one of my worst nightmares.....eeeeeeeeek Sorry but I would have debunked until it was caught, bad enough in the kitchen but the bedroom noooooooo!!
    Oh I hope your able to get it soon MP ...I'm squirming here as I type xx

  2. i was just thinking how much of a good blogger you were to get a pic of the mouse even in a state of panic then i realised it wasnt a pic of the mouse on your bed LOL
    i know i will be shot down in flames for this but we had little "visitors" at one point and had to go down the "putting them to sleep" route as it was the only way to get rid of them - tried the release ones and other humane stuff but they just kept coming back - apparently they need releasing over a mile away to stop them returning to their habitat but i didnt fancy strapping mousey into the car seat and taking him on a little journey......
    after we got rid we know have those electro magnetic plug in devices that deteer them and havent seen one since and like yourself are surrounded by countryside so they must be working!!
    good luck oh and dont worry if i dont visit for a while ;-)

  3. bad spelling then sorry!
    wanted to add:
    LOVE the new header :-)
    need to get kiddies together as i keep getting earache! let me know if ok for any time next week x

  4. I think Lesley has summed it up.
    We also had a problem a few years back and ended up getting the rat man out because like you I was ready to move out.
    Makes me shiver just thinking about it.
    Hope you're OK, I know this month isn't a good one. I'm a bit unorganised at the moment but do keep a lookey out for the postie, i'll try not to make you wait too long.
    Beki xxx

  5. We have had mice in the past and strangly we were told that they like sticky chocolate bars like chomps!! and it worked, they loved it!! Just take a bit off and put it in the trap. xx

  6. If you can locate him, they can easily be sucked up the dyson and relocated outside. That's what we do when the cat brings them in. xxx

  7. You think that's bad...about 4 months ago,we had ...RATS...hubby insisted it was mice taking the bread in the kitchen and I insisted that it had to be pretty big mice to drag a whole loaf across the set up a webcam...OMG the shock!Two of them.
    It made me feel so ill.
    Anyway,we discovered where they were getting in and managed to completely block their entrance.

    We also had mice not long ago and we bought one of those ultrasound things,which seemed to do the trick.

    Our biggest pest problem is actually grey squirrels.They are a flippin nuisance.I'm all for a mass cull of those.

    The joys of country living!!


  8. Peanut butter works sometimes. Poor you, we've been there! Usually came out when we had guests little sods!!

  9. Eeek! You need a mousing cat. It's mother nature in action - & leaves you sort of guilt free.....squeak!


  10. I'm afraid we had visitors of the mousey variety during the winter - they were living in the cellar. I can vouch for chocolate bars as well - ours liked snickers. You have to persevere with the live traps - ours were able to get in and out of the traps to take the food, but we did catch 2 in the end. Peanut butter is also supposed to work. Or borrow a cat for a few days!

  11. There is only one way to catch mice the old fashioned mouse trap. You dont want them living anyway. From 2 mice they make 2,000 mice per year, have a 90% mortality rate but that still leaves 200 buggers running around. They pee all the time on everything.

    i dont eat meat but i dont hesitate at splatting these little rodents. If you catch one, keep putting the trap back down. We caught 17 last year in our little back yard following a bit of cake being dropped in the garden.

    love emma xxxxxx

  12. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk! (sorry flashbacks) lol! From my experience (and I'm sorry to say this) it's usually not just one. We lived in the middle of nowhere and fought these little boogers like crazy, I hate mice, and am sooooo glad we moved out of the boondocks and left the house for the little mice. ;) Good Luck Mrs. Poppins!! Really, I always set the good old fashioned snap em traps baited with peanut butter on bread and they always worked like a charm.

  13. Years ago we rented a little terraced house which shared an open roof across about 10 other houses in the row. After a mouse ran over my hand as I sat outstretched on the carpet one evening, the rat man was subsequently employed! D'you know he came every week for about a month in total and each time all the poison had been eaten in the little boxes distributed around the place. He said we had an infestation. I was left in no doubt about how quickly they multiply! We even had a cat too!

  14. Katie has an ongoing problem with them too. They are coming from under the row of houses she live in. Which mean she probably will not be able to seal all holes!
    Love your banner Mary and the quilt is simply beautiful.

  15. I love these little creatures! and my cats are always bringing them in to me. I have kept them as pets and they make good pets! However, if you want to catch it, the best thing to do is to put an inverted jam jar over the top of it. With luck, the mouse won't see it coming! Then, slide a piece of cardboard underneath and take the mouse outside. Please don't kill it. It is one of God's creatures, just like you, after all!
    Blessings, Star

  16. Beautiful Banner!!
    As for those pesky rodents, I would get a few traps, or borrow a hungry cat!!! I hate mice & rats too, and reading Sal's comment about the two rats, I froze!!!!!!! That would definitely have me leaving home!!!
    Oh the joys of living near open fields!!
    Hope they "disappear quickly".

    Sharon xx

  17. Lovely new header Mary, you really must give me lessons!
    As for little mousey, babies are quite easy to catch, just pop them in you wheelie bin and they go off to the tip, but I'm afraid adults get the chop here!!!
    Don't really get mice much since the cat that brought them in died about 6 years ago. Our last cat only ever caught one baby, mind you she never caught cold either LOL
    Anything sweet, especially chocolate, will tempt them, whatever kind of trap you use.

    Love and blessings

  18. ooh Mary come and stay with me *shudders* - I don't do mice :) Loving your blog makeover beautiful header pics xx Not been around blogland for what seems like ages but I have working computer so hope to get back into the swing of things. Hope you are well xxx C

  19. Oh I feel for you and know exactly what you are going through .

  20. Thankyou! I've trained him well in the gift buying department - failed in the housework department though....
    How are your house guests?
    Love Lydia

  21. Place some chocolate in the contraption .When you catch him be sure to put him on a bus to far far away place or he will be back .

    I caught the same Mouse 3 times,In the end I had to use the nasty trap.

    Hope you catch him

    Love from sesga xx

  22. I can only thinkto say...'I hate those mices to pieces'....xv

  23. I hope you get rid of your mice
    We live beside a farmers field and one year we caught 17 yes 17 from december to february
    oh i can tell you i hate the things
    So from now on i keep nothing in packets in my cupboards its all in jars and tins
    The cheecky things ate their way through 5 packets of noodles lol
    we have had none this past winter thank goodness

  24. As a long time country dweller my advice isn't sweet - mouse poison or you'll have hoards of the little blighters moving in. Phone up the council & they'll send out their local mouse man who will sort them out in a jiffy. Mice can get into & under the tiniest of spaces.

    I am on first name terms with our mouse man as he has come out about once a year. We've had a few scratchings in the night recently but they've stopped now so I'm suspecting that the poison left over from last time has done the dirty deed.



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