Monday, 8 June 2009

Bargains Galore and A Lovely Kitchen Swap....

Thank you so much for all your wonderful help, advice and fantastic tips for my little mouse problem. He seems to like it here, well that makes one person who does, and we hopefully shall have him evicted very soon, hopefully in our little mouse friendly trap :)

Doing my best to forget about my little friend I decided to go on a fabric hunt, Ohooo look what goodies I found. Some really pretty ones.

I couldn't wait for my fingers to get busy making.

I found a wonderful Orchid in M&S half price, was £9.99 now £4.99. I wouldn't be surprised if one of you have bought this bargain as everyone in the M&S I went to seemed to have one in their arms.

Having a certain lack of pretty pots at the moment, the pretty Orchid is now in one of Master Poppins tin buckets, and I have covered that in a pretty little fabric holder. I think it looks really sweet.

The pretty fabrics look perfect together.

I have also popped into Mr Tesco to buy one of these. Miss. Poppins had to have one also and we saw some lovely matching accessories that we may go back for.

Whilst there, being a robust bargain hunter, I saw something Union Jacky looking for a little boys room. Well a, I love UJs, and b, I have a little boy. Brilliant, in the shopping trolley it went.

A beautiful Union Jack fleecy throw, and a bargaintastic £2.00, they were originally £8.00. I would get down there if you likey as they were selling like hot cakes. Appreciating the UJ love could more than likely only be a sweet little phase for me, I was more than happy to hand over my 200 pence.

Ohooo it looks like a cosy UJ swiss roll.

Talking of pretties, look at the beautiful 'Kitchen' swap I recieved from the lovely Country Bliss over at the SC Cafe.

A beautiful card with the most adorable handmade little knitted cupcake lady, she is so sweet and what intricate work the little beads are.

A gorgeous handmade egg sign, I love, love, love, love it.

A wonderful pair of Espresso cups and saucers, I think would make sweet little egg cups too.

The most gorgeous handmade felt Home Sweet Home heart, So pretty, and a beautiful colour.

And a wonderful and quaint teabag holder, too pretty to use.

Thank you so much Y, I love everything, so pretty and so me and all in my favourite kitchen colours. You are very clever, and your beautiful makes shall take pride of place in my kitchen.

And now for the upstairs bathroom, well that needed prettying up and I found a sweet little 2 piece bathroom set in my local market for £3.00.

A pretty pink polka dot bath mat with matching toilet mat. I almost wasn't going to use the toilet mat as I don't really do toilet mats, but actually it does look rather sweet. The mat looks lovely againt the white bath.

I really am so happy to find the lovely bargains I do, especially in the current climate. I have seen a beautiful bedspread I purchased for approximately £40.00 on a website selling for £145.00, now that is one mark up and in my opinion doesn't seem fair. Yet I see it so often the same goods being sold with very different price tags. I am all in for making a little profit when it comes to selling vintage and handmade goods, but these brand new items, I really don't get it.

Now that I have some more yummy fabric and really don't waste my time fondling it anymore, my next little project is to make a seat cover for Master Poppins highchair, he has the Tripp Trapp

His seat covers could do with a makeover, so am going to use one of them as a pattern and make him up a new one. If you have this chair I would love to know how you are getting on with it and if you like it, I love the idea that can be used as an adult chair too.

I would like to thank Blooming Myrtle for her present. The prettiest handmade bag of buttons I have ever seen. E thank you so much, the buttons are very special to me and shall be well used. Thank you too for the beautiful bag, so pretty.

Happy making :)



  1. What's the bet my Tescos won't have the UJ fleece. Will be sending Rich down as soon as he gets home.
    Hope you're well hunni!
    Beki xxx

  2. Lovely bargains Mary x Don't you just enjoy things even more knowing its a bargain??!! xxxxx
    Take Care

  3. What lovely things! I love the teabag dish ... I have the matching mugs!
    Like an idiot I walked away from the UJ doormat in Matalan - and when I went back, they didn't have any more :( I can guarantee that my local Tesco won't have the UJ fleece either which is a pity.
    Hope you have had a lovely Monday

  4. Oh Mary more fabric?! And I know just where its from ;) love the pink versions of the paisley they are gorgeous. Well done on your UJ fleece, I saw a cushion in there in the kids range which was about £10 I think, but £2 for the fleece is a great bargain! Did I mention how excited I was about your stall at the school fayre? I'd love to do one myself one day. I hope yours goes down brilliantly :) XXXX

  5. AndI could not wait to see all the lovely thinks you will conjure from the pretty drapery. I am impressed by your richness of ideas and creative genius.

    Hugs from Cornelia

  6. you do seem to find some fantastic bargains!

    Rose X

  7. Now you've made me want to go out & shop! Will have to run to Tesco soon!


  8. rather nice fabric wish i had some ;-)
    love the UJ fleece very nice indeed ! our Tesco is a piddly little one so lucky if you can get broccoli never mind lovely things !!!
    i was lucky enough to get the UJ notebook in my friends swap as wanted it for a while!!
    take care

  9. What lovely swap things. I'll be down Tescos this week to see if they have any UJ fleeces!! I have that lovely flowery UJ notepad, they really are starting to do some lovely bits in there aren't they?!

  10. forgot to ask how my "custom order" is coming along ;-)

  11. Brilliant bargains - better get down to Tesco's before everyone else does!

  12. wow what a lot of pretty. hope you are well and happy :). can you send me a message if you know of a swaps going. many thanks
    tracey xxxxxx

  13. I love your new header!!
    It brought a tear to my eye, because I know the meaning behind the heart.

    Y was my swap mate last year, shes lovely isnt she.

    Lovely post too.

    love Clare

    Thats a lot of love!!

  14. Some lovely goodies there MP. XXX

  15. What a lovely post!! The fabric stash is gorgeous,mugs are beautiful,the teabag rest is too, that little felt heart is sooooo cute, and I love it all : )

    Enjoy your week : )

    Sharon xx

  16. Everything is so lovely, would have liked a better look at the fabric though *wink*
    Y has done you proud in the swap, bless her, but then your's was pretty fantastic too.

    Love and blessings

  17. Isn't Tesco doing some fabulous things at the moment.

    You've received some lovely swap things.

    Victoria xx

  18. Those fabrics are so pretty! I would love to open my cupboard and see those.

  19. Mary, you have such a good eye for pretty things! I love the plant pot cover, your crochet tablecloth (to die for) and well, just everything on your blog really.

  20. lovely swaps, i really need to go to tescos now to buy one of those note books, he he!!
    felicity xx

  21. i do love a good bargain,
    i wanted to get an orchid so much!but i am petrified that i would kill it and i just dont think that i could bear killing a plant thats so pretty!


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