Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Time To Move On Perhaps....

Is it only me that is maybe, dare I say it, getting a little bored of Blogging and everything that comes with it.

Yes as you can tell I am having a little moment, a little quiet time of reflection. What is this Blogging lark all about. I have always been a little compulsive, obsessive even, and when I stumbled upon a lovely little blog way back when, I had to have my own little blog too. Though now feel I am perhaps, maybe, a little blogged out. The skies are getting warmer, the fields are greener and feel maybe my blog days are numbered.

Don't worry I won't make a big song and dance about it, I shall slowly float away like a little cloud in the sky :)

I applaud those of you who have been blogging for years and wonder if maybe my Bloggy energy can't keep up, is there somewhere I can go, Bloggy therapy perhaps, to regain my energy and enthusiasm. For me, like good stories, I like to have a good begining, middle and end. Well I have had my begining. For me, my middle was a long time ago so maybe it is only natural for things to come to an end perhaps.

I haven't even baked you a little lemon drizzle cake to apologise for my gloomy post, hopefully my pretty blossom shall do.

So Please do enjoy your Blogging, you are all so good at it, though methinks I am in the bottom set, I really can't keep up.



  1. I've found blogging to be a weird thing to get my head around. I think I try to pin a theory to everything for some strange reason.
    It is supposed to be something pleasurable to do but it can end up bogging you down or just feeling 'meh!' doesn't it?

    I've started a new blog. I am going to do it for me, going to make it simple, going to post what I want, when I want and hopefully feel safe and free in doing it.

    I'd miss you if you floated off, but I think we all understand why and how it happens.

  2. Mary, you are lovely, please don't ever think you are in the bottom set :(

    I understand all the pressures and feelings that blogging brings though, I really do.. I always feel that mine is really crap and I just can't compete...when it shouldn't even be a competition in the first place.

    I do hope you don't leave, but feel better after a little rest

    Have a hug from me, Rasp xx

  3. I can see where you're coming from Mary and I would certainly miss you. I think while we're blogging we're always trying to think of what to do next so that we can blog and not taking enough time to smell the roses.
    I have found a new love in scrapbooking and for the first time since blogging i'm more interested in that than worrying what i'm going to write about next.
    We both know this isn't a good time for you so don't disappear too quickly but whatever you decide to do I have to warn you, you won't get away from me that quickly my lovely friend.
    Love, friendship and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  4. I know exactly what you mean, I dont feel I have anything exciting to add to my blog at the mo but I still like popping in to every one else's! There are some fab blogs around (your included of course) that I would miss reading and I know a few have expressed that although they enjoy it they feel guilty if they havent replied to every message which can be time comsuming of you are very popular. I know I feel guilty if I dont, prehaps we should all close our comments for a while and can only be contacted by email if you really need to be!!
    Take care.......Claire xx

  5. I have only been blogin for a month and perhaps that is why i still love it. If it ever becomes a chore or an irritant because I feel as though I have to compete or impress - i will stop. Life goes on without a record of it. However, I really enjoy your blog - I don't think blogs have to meet any standards (certainly not mine) - just an enjoyment in sharing and knowing there are people out there that appreciate your work.

    perhaps just have a set break - make a date to return - something to look forward to come back to, if that's what you decide.


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  7. Em, that's a shame. I haven't been doing mine for that long, but feel so guilty if I don't reply to the comments, I equally feel annoyed when I can't think of anything to write about, which kind of defeats the object of doing it really!
    Enjoy a break and that might help you feel refreshed about it.

  8. Oh and another wee thing is the feeling that you owe your readers something. Does that make sense? That used to b(l)og me down a lot.

    I love and appreciate the fact that people follow my blog, but I found taking the 'follow me' function off my blog took away a lot of the assumed pressure. Phew!

  9. Mary xxx
    I know exactly what you mean. My enforced break made me think A Lot....
    So I am going to blog about the things I started the blog for - my house, thrifting, makeovers - an extension of our lovely forum:) (its not the end of that for you too is it?? xx)
    I'll add in that crafting that I do, and no more personal stuff. I am feeling uneasy about stuff at the minute. So when I get a free hour or so will move stuff - possibly? maybe!!!
    I hope you do continue in a non pressured way - I've decided if I have nothing to say I won't lol!!
    I don't like that feeling of - what can I blog about!! I love the blogging 'community', the swaps, the generosity of others and I love being part of that and I love to read other people's blogs and see their makeovers, thrifty finds, non thrifty finds etc which stops me feeling silly that I post about cushion fabric iyswim!! Though maybeI should just post when I've actually made something hmm!!
    Like Beki said - you won't get rid of me either xxxxxx
    take care see you v v v soon :)

  10. Don't float too far away Mary, I'd miss you.

    Blogging is different things to different people and something you should only do because you want to, not because you feel you have to. I think we all have points where we're not sure what we're doing, now I'm working again I am blogging less often and now that some members of my family have discovered my blog I feel I have to censor myself a bit more and I really hate that.

    I do love reading your blog, and would really miss you, but I do understand


    April xx

  11. I think blogging is a hard subject, at the moment I dont have alot of time for it, and have been feeling like I should only blog if I actually have something to show or to talk about, my last few blogs have not been very exciting at all, I don't think I will ever be a person who blogs for years and years, I think to do that you have to completely open yourself up which I don't feel like I can do. At the moment my blog is safe, it is not too personal so I could probably let it go easily..not that I will yet, but one day we shall see. I hope this is not the end forever Mary, maybe just a little holiday :) xxxx

  12. I am new to blogging, but I have to admit, the sunshine is distracting me from my (recently) "normal" behaviour of spending hours online either blogging myself or searching other people's blogs and commenting a lot. Maybe blogging just has a rest in the summer? I don't know... Maybe we need blogging to fulfill a purpose, and once it has done so it is just not as important anymore... I think you can feel pressure to write every day for your "followers" or to comment on people that comment on your page so you don't upset anybody. I do anyway. But I think it should be about you rather than other people. It would be sad if you went, but you have to do what is right for you!

    Rose XXX

  13. I would miss you terribly but I do know that one must do what one must do. That being said, you should never feel guilty about anything with blogging. You should always post when you feel good about it, not because of any kind of pressure.

    Really and truly, wishing you the best,


  14. You are so not at the bottom... you have a lovely blog, and a lovely way of putting a post together and lots of us would miss you. But I think you just need a break sometimes. I've never seen my blog as a chore - if I do, I'll stop for a while or for ever. I aim to get back to comments, but I don't always, but I don't feel guilty, because I never expect comments back when I leave them. I can't wait to meet you - so glad we know each other thru the forum and not just thru blogging. Big hugs xxx

  15. Well Mary as so many others have said I will miss you x But at the end of the day it is your choice. Perhaps it is because of the lighter evening you are not on your computer so much. Whatever the reason you will be missed. I look at my blog as a diary things that happen to me and are on the internet for people to read if they are a little interested.
    Take care mandy xxxx

  16. Its not just you Im feeling the same ,for some reason ,Im bored with it all and all the work and feeling obliged to answer comments .
    You do whats best for you, I will miss reading your blog.
    Thanks for sharing Love from sesga xx

  17. I will miss you Mary.:-(
    I have not commented on loads of blogs lately because, i feel, that they feel, that, they have to comment on mine.... phew..... i really dont mind not being a good blogger or a literary genius, i just want to have a place to write whats in my head....... [and believe me thats one weird place to be...lol].
    It is lovely when people comment but, i wouldnt get upset if they didnt, you shouldnt feel that you have to comment on others, that to me is a waste of time, because it becomes a chore. iyswim..... i am making a pig's ear of this post but i want you to know. I read your posts because you are interesting, you make me smile, i love what you do, i love you as a friend, but i also understand how you feel.

    Love and hugs honey. Mwah XXXXXXXX

  18. MARY!!
    I do feel the same sometimes. Its like a gambler who gambles too much. When youre in the moment you cant get enough of blogging, so when you are away you from it, its like a release.
    Have a mini break, like we said before, only blog when YOU want to.

    I will def keep in touch though.
    Clare xx

  19. ooo i love your blog..dont go i'll miss you!!!

  20. Hi Mary,
    I so understand what you are saying. I have felt a little bit like floating away too.
    Infact I have really, but only by stopping the commnets. I still get some lovely comments via email.
    I have just decided the whole thing can be a bit....emm how to put this nicely!!??>
    Do not give up, not yet.
    ps I am still trying to catch up with past blog posts that I have missed. This is half the problem...keeping up with it all and just coping with all the other more important everyday family things. xxx

  21. I love your blog, please don't disappear!!

    Just blog when you want, we'll still all be here!! xx


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