Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sarah Smith, A Giveaway, And Pretty Pink....

Whilst perusing the lovely Sarah Smith Add A splash Of Colour Blog , I stumbled across a couple of my favourite blogs listed on their Things We Like sidebar. The very serene Vintage Heaven and the wonderful Lavenderhouse

As I scrolled down looking for some more familiar lovely faces, there, with a little exclamation mark, was little old me, ha ha did make me chuckle, I nearly spat my coffee out ;) After my little woe is me story, to see that the wonderful Sarah Smith and her brilliant team thought my little olde blog was something that they liked, I found very sweet.

So sweet in fact, that I have decided to do a little giveaway, of course a Sarah Smith product has to be one of you little gifts along with a couple of surprise pretties.

So, if you would like to enter, please leave a comment telling me what you would make craft wise with your beautiful Sarah Smith cloths. Obviously if you were the winner you don't have to make them into something pretty, you can use them for their intended pupose. A winner shall be picked from the pretty tin on the 24th of May.

Please do visit Sarah and her team's blog for inspiration. And good luck, Ohooo and tell me your favourite colour too, as then that would give me a better idea of what Sarah Smith product to send you with your goodies. Don't worry if you forget, I shall have a good guess at what colour you would like.

Seems to be many a painting going on here at the Poppins household, if you don't like pink, best look away now.

The paint is a Dulux Gloss in Rock Candy. They mix it for you. My pretties are not in their rightful place, as you know is a tip here at Home Sweet Home, what with the 8 week refurbishment, ha, more like 8 months, but I know shall look so pretty when they are in their proper little spot.

You can imagine what the before's were, think orangey pine. I need to touch them up a little, and they have mostly only had one coat.

One before I have.

I sort of quite liked it as it was, £2.00 from a car boot last summer, though the pink in me took over.

Ohooo not quite finished off painting the pitched ceiling in the attic room.

I love these pretty towel rails, and would love one for every room in my house. Was £2 from the reclamation centre.

A lovely bargain matalan mirror, was white, though being a Pink Person wasn't moved, so the pink paint came out.

And a lovely little shelf from a CS, was £1.99.

Well I have more furniture to paint, going to be like Barbie Land here, good job I have an understanding husband.

I know is not everyones cup of tea but they shall be spread out, even to me looks somewhat too much when you see them all like that together.

The mirror is going to go in the main bathroom, the shelf is going in Big Sister's bedroom, the little shelf is going in the kitchen and the towel rail is going in my, oops, our bedroom.

Good luck for the giveaway if you decide to enter.



  1. Mmmm I do love the pink, one of my favourite colours! Must check out the Sarah Smith blog too.

    Mel xxx

  2. I do love the Sarah Smith cloths.. but when I bought them I gave in and used them and really regretted if I was lucky enough to win I'd make them into a beautiful display by keeping them all lovely in a nice basket in the kitchen with my CK dusters.

    I like the pink or blue ones bestest!

    Your pinkness is just fab, very well done!

  3. I'd never heard of Sarah Smith until you mentioned, so I will def go and check the blog out now!

    What better way to learn than to win some of her lovely stuff! Thanks for the chance to win... What would I do with her cloth? I don't know, I am off to investigate ;-)

    I'v never really been a "pink" fan, but my daughter is pink crazy, so I have to admit, you are winning me over with your lovely pink painted furniture!

    Rose XXX

  4. I think I might just be tempted to do some dusting with one of those LOL x

  5. Like rasp I use mine then instantly regret it....but they do brighten up the dusting and washing up :)
    I thin k I'd make maybe some bunting?
    And I don't need to tell you my fave colour :0!!
    yes pink! or red is a fave too xxxx

    (glad you stayed around xxxx)

  6. i love the makeovers - M would love those pink things in her bedroom better not show her this :-)
    i finally got my finger out and did a blogpost ;-)
    get you on the Sarah Smith blog - does that mean i know someone famous ;-)

  7. Bring on the Barbie is what I say 'hehe'!
    I'm not sure what I would make out of the cloths, mine get used for cleaning and dusting. Maybe a fabric covered notebook, oooh now there's an idea, wonder if it would work! I'm actually in the process of making a notebook for Jess' birthday on Monday as she was so pleased with her scrapbook. It would have to be the pink ones though, hmmmmmmmmmm!
    Have a great weekend hunni.
    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx




  9. Hmmm depending on how much material there is I would definitely make a summer dress for one of my girls! I am determined to make at least ONE garment that I can force them to wear b4 thy get too old and picky.

    BTW I LOVE THE MIRROR!!!!! I have gone painting mad at the moment (see my blog if u like)


  10. That's spooky - I got my tin of pink paint out today to paint a couple of shelves I've got - hubby will freak out but as I'm in a house with 3 other males, a girl has to have some girliness!
    Love the Sarah Smith cloths. Mine are on display but quite tempted to make some hearts with them.

  11. what would I make, mmm, I know a peg bag!
    Josie x

  12. Gosh you have been busy with the paint brush and it all looks very pretty. I bet you were tickled pink seeing you name on Sarah Smiths. I must have a look there.
    I wish I could paint something pink!!!maybe oneday.

  13. Hi
    So much pink...i love it! lol x If i was to win, i would actually use the to dust as t the moment im usng dd old vests!! My favorite colour is pink too just incase you didnt already know! lol xx

  14. What a generous giveaway. I am not very talented in the crafty way, so I am starting small at the moment. I think that they could make a lovely peg bag, what do you think? I love both the pink and blue ones. I am very impressed with the pinkness :)

  15. You are so generous Mary *mwah*

    If I were to win them, I think I'd make a pretty bag to keep all the grotty cloth in, then it would seem to me like I only have pretty cloths.
    Or maybe I'd make some cleaning mitts but using the SS ones for the backs so they didn't get too marked.

    Love and blessings

    Ps, love all you pinkness too xxxx

  16. I love all your pink furniture!

    April xx

  17. Love all the pink painting :)

    If I won it'd become part of my patchwork chair, I think! xx

  18. Thanks for your lovely comment and link! I am desperately trying to track down where I got those transfers,as there are a few people who like them!

    Stay in touch - I love your blog!


  19. Wow, all that gorgeous pinkness! My daughter-in-law would want to move in straight away, lol.

    I finally managed to get hold of some Sarah Smith dusters yesterday, they are usually all sold out when I go shopping. I think for a while they just need to be prettily rolled up in a basket on my desk...... to be fondled lovingly....... because they are so soft and look so cute.

  20. Just been to Sarah Smith's blog and there you are, famous!!I think I might cover a notice board with one, been wanting to make one for ages and would enjoy seeing it all the time. I rather like the yellow and red ones.xx

  21. you is famous Mrs - do we have to pay to talk to you now??!!

    Loving all your pinkness

    the cloths are far too nice to use, so i would stroke them for a while and let them tell me what they want to become!!

  22. I love pink! I had never heard of Sarah Smith until now, so going to check out her blog.

  23. I love your painted goodies. Good choice of colour! As to your giveaway, how lovely of you. Mmmmm, what would I do. To be honest, I think I'd find it very difficult to cut... I'd probably hang it next to the unused Cath Kidston apron I have hanging in the kitchen.
    Thanks for your lovely comment this morning - hope you are feeling more cheerful. As to the crafting, it comes and goes, doesn't it. Now, I'm not gonna write another essay and bore you. Have a good weekend. xxx

  24. Yay you!

    I love those cloths, although Mr Thrifty used mine to wipe paint! The git! I love all of those colours because it is such a novelty to find something so pretty for cleaning purposes.

    Great makeovers too. I think you should open a shop missus.

  25. Good Morning - I am so glad that I found your blog through Sarah Smith's blog. If I had the chance to win your give-away I think i would make some pretty hearts. I'm going to have alot of fun reading through your archives.
    Smiles, DianeM

  26. Hi Mary,
    Well done on your SS fame! :) Please do not enter me for your giveaway as you have already sent me some SS cloths which I havent decided what to do with yet! Love your makeovers too xx

  27. Ok but if I win you have to send the cloths to someone else :) so they can have some Sarah Smith prettiness too! I am very busy, and tired, but not long left to go :) XXx

  28. I love these cloths! they make me smile when I clean up & they last yonks :o)
    Wow am stunned folks make stuff out of them?what do they do? I am not creative it seems lol I just wipe :o)
    I so love the saying ~the pink in me~
    GTM x x x

  29. This looks like a great giveaway. Anything Pink is great. Do we really have to do the dusting can't we just display them. Happy days.

  30. Hi hun, well I am a Sarah Smith virgin...having never heard of her or her products, but I must admit they look like they would make the household chores a little less arduous :)
    I would try and make a roll thingymebob for my artist brushes xxx

  31. Ooooh I do love those sarah smith cloths although I have yet to get my hands on any. Pinks and blues are my favorite colours and I think I would make some lovely mini bunting especially for my pink and blue kitchen.


  32. Hello Mary,
    The pink fabric is lovely :) Well on the website I linked to it costs £12.10 a meter, sadly I didnt get it for 50p lol but it was £5.99 plus VAT. I thought that was pretty good considering the fabric is quite thick and very pretty!! XX

  33. Oooh, I think they would look great as a patchwork pinboard in the kitchen. Would be quite fitting really. Think it could be a bit of fun too!

    Nice pieces of furniture and sooo cheap too, looks fab in pink!

  34. Came over from Sarah Smith blog!! You have a fun blog!! Awesome giveaway.

  35. I love what you have done with that Pink paint it looks fab! Lisaxxx

  36. I do love the fact that you don't conform to this 'everything must be white' mantra. Whether it's my taste or not (I love my blues and greens) I admire that about you. How lovely that Sarah Smith follows your blog?! Almost like CK following it! :-)

    I would make some sort of patchwork with themI think. I do love her designs! :-)

  37. Hi Mary,

    So glad you like the things I made you. It was funny, I'd already painted them pink and then you have done 2 pink blogs since then! :-)

    Sian x

  38. Pink is taking over I love it!!!

    Victoria xxx

    PS I intend to start reading through my Enid Blyton books very soon... I pretend I'm buying them for my nephew and friends children's to read when they visit me but really they're for me too!

  39. Ooooh your painting looks lovely i need to get some painting done as all my thrifty finds are all different colours ... more shabby than chic looking that's for sure !!

    I would make a feather duster type thingy with them and wrap it around a stick to get the pesky cobwebs i cannot reach !! Ooooh now i think i shall have to dash off to the shop to get some and have a go !!!

    I will blog about it if it works if not it will never be mentioned again ;0)

    Sara x

  40. Me again , i have made it and its on my blog !!!

    Sara x

  41. Love love love that pink!!!
    And see, you ARE special!!!

  42. Don't worry about paying no intention to the words in my post, I've been guilty of drooling over pictures before I even think about reading anything! ;o)

    Victoria xx

  43. Me, serene, I've never been called that before, my family most certainly wouldn't agree! How nice to have been listed on the Sarah Smith blog,please count me in on the giveaway.
    Loving all that pinkness going on, you must have been painting for days!
    Julia xx

  44. I've just discovered your blog and I'm just getting into sewing, so if I had the chance to win one of the Sarah Smith cloths it would either end up as a bag or it would have to go into my patchwork quilt collection of fabric that I'm currently compiling! Oh and it would have to be the red version I choose as I looove red :0)

    I love your blog and am inspired to keep on sewing! Thankyou for giving me some fab ideas!!

  45. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the lovely comment, as for a career path that is one of my worst questions! I think I would be happy doing anything creative, but don't know where to go with it all at the moment. Any suggestions? XX

  46. Hi hun

    Thanks v much for the hugs for my DD! I think she's back to normal today. She slept in our bed last night and was all hot, was having vivid dreams with a lot of shouting at her little sister in them!!! She's now at preschool and seems back to her usual self.

    I got my lavender from here - - it is very strong smelling (which I like as it lasts longer!) but is a really nice fresh smell. That was the best value I found at the time as well.

    Hope that helps! Mel xxx

  47. WOW, you have been busy, I have got so much that needs to be painted, I think I might get you around too help.
    I will do you lunch, All of it looks lovely, you have done a fab job!!!
    Thanks for the link, check you out girl, how famous are you now! ;0)
    Love Lou xxx

  48. Hi, just come across your blog and would like to say how lovely it is, lots of inspiration! I got my first set of sarah smith cloths today, I'd never seen them before.

    I think I'd like to make some super cute little bags for my daughter out of them. My fave colour combo is pink and green :O) One day I will have my bedroom all nicely decked out in these lovely colours and it will be a haven!

    Hope to read more of your posts soon.

  49. I will make tiny totebags from the Sarah Smith Cloths to use as party favours for my daughter's end-of-the-school-year tea party.

    Love your blog, BTW.

  50. I'm loving all this pink, lovely!!

  51. Ohhh such lovely fabric! I'd love to turn the fabric into pretty hearts or even into a little purse!

    What a lovely idea for a giveaway!

    Have a nice day :)

  52. Can't remember how I got here but v pleased I have!
    What a lovely blog and gorgeous photo's.
    Will come back another day for a delicious peruse through your blog and your finds.

  53. pink pink pink! We do love pink in our house, i think my little lady would probably steal my sarah smith item and add it to her housewife area-ironing board(pink)mini washing line(pink)apron,oven gloves(pink!)...and mollycupcakes pegs. Lovely blog ms poppins! x


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