Saturday, 2 May 2009

Reasons To Be Happy....

The beautiful tray I had my breakfast in bed on. I adore butterflies and having this little wonder look at me as I am munching on my croissants with jam, really makes me smile.

New lushalicious fabric being delivered by our lovely village postman.

I am loving Globaltex's Dotty, a little like me really ;) and is for some pretty roll up blinds I am having a go at making.

My new, well new to me, little biscuit tin.

I love little doors that one shouldn't really take a peek through but you can't resist, must be the Alice In Wonderland in me, I would love to know what beholds me behind this one.

And really making me happy, my new, vintage ceramic Hen Egg Keeper. I have been wanting one of these for some time. I knew I could have bought a brand new one but you know me, has to be old, well used and loved. When I saw Little Hen I had to have her, a beautiful price too.

I adore her and one of the reasons Little Hen makes me smile is it reminds me of the programme Bread I loved it, I think Ma Boswell kept all the housekeeping money in one of these, do you remember.

It has a makers mark too, Walchester, has anyone heard of them. I reckon Little Hen is quite an olde bird, and has a little crazing though to me makes her all the more charming.

How could you not fall in love with her.

So what is making you happy, I would love to know.



  1. That biscuit tin is so pretty. x

  2. Lovely photos Mary xxx
    Please do tell where you buy your fabric from, I love the patchwork and dotty!!!

    Love and blessings

  3. loving the new fabric and the egg keeper reminds me of my childhood what a lovely find!
    Lesley x

  4. Pretty things MP .. the Globaltex fabrics are great too ... they make an affordable alternative to CK and LA and are just as good quality. Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. What a beautiful tray, I wouldn't mind eating breakfat in bed off of that!
    I love Globaltex and have both of those fabrics but like with any of my fabrics, I really don't like tho cut into them. They're so pretty to look at lol!
    As for your chicken, well, lucky you. I've been trying to get one for ages. I saw one in a CS a while ago but he was considerably overpriced so I left him behind. I can remember my Nan having one but I can't remember if she kept eggs in there or money 'hehe'. Bread was great wasn't it?
    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  6. I love all you pretties, that fabric IS lushalicious!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with that pretty stash. Fabric makes me happy too, what is it about that? lol!!
    ♥ Terea

  7. I remember the Boswel hen...very cool!
    Love the fabric hunni!xxx

  8. OH, your little hen is lovely

    April xx

  9. Hi Mary

    Those are some great reasons to be happy! The hen is fab, I remember the one on Bread too.

    Mel xxx

  10. Hey Mary!

    My best friends mum (when I was little ) had one of those hens...I thought it was the poshest thing!!

    Sam xx

  11. Absolutely charming, a delightful post. xxx

  12. Aaahh lovely fabric , thankyou !

  13. Hello hunni,

    You know i'm thinking of you don't you?

    I know how bad you are at picking up your emails lol so just to let you know i've sent you one.

    What's making me happy?....... having wonderful bloggy friends is one of the many things that keep me happy!
    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  14. Great photos. You're right, it does take a very nice photo.

    Thanks for the tip!


  15. Hi Mary,

    He are some links for veggie kids food that i've used in the past -

    LissyLou x

  16. i LOVE those fabric prints, they are lovely :-)

    Rose XXX

  17. I love that tray - really pretty.
    Thanks for popping by and for your lovely comment.
    Hmmm, inspiration is such a difficult thing, isn't it. I find the more I do the more inspired I am to find something different than what I've seen everywhere. I get bored doing the same old thing, but obviously we're all inspired by what we see around us. The letter bunting was inspired by being asked to make lettered bunting - letters on triangular bunting was what was meant, but that was a bit dull for me in terms of crafting, so I experimented... I'm just beginning something I had an idea about over the weekend, and I just refuse to google it in case it's already out there. I'm sure it is, but I'll know that the pattern I come up with is my own if I do it that way. I also dip into old old old vintage old magazines - they are treasure troves of forgotten arts and crafts. What I do know is, what I said... it seems to get easier the more I do because I get more confident. You've got a fabulous eye, and you make some gorgeous things, so I'm sure you're able to come up with some brilliant things. Let's brain storm when we meet! ;-) xxx

  18. Oh bliddy heck, didn't mean to write an essay...should have emailed you instead. Sorry... just found it really interesting thinking on what you'd said. x

  19. I forgot this one:

    They have under 5 recpies too x

  20. Hi there, I've gave you an award over on my

  21. I often think about croissants for breakfast, so now I shall have them.
    That is making me happy!


  22. Lots of good loot you have there! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. You asked about zips, yes I think they are OK. Maybe don't do a curved zip first off :) Just like everything a little practice makes perfect. x

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    Take Care
    Love Melanie xxx

  24. pretty tray. I need a breakfast in bed day i think.

  25. Hi again , thankyou for visiting and following my blog , its nice to meet you . Did I tell you last time I have a brown glass chook exactly the same as yours .

  26. Hiya,

    Yes, I got it hun. Thank you so much. I love the heart and have found the perfect spot for it already. I will be blogging tomorrow. I've been clocking up 12 hour days at work for the last 2 weeks - there just aren't enough hours in the day! Anyway, I am posting your goodies tomorrow - I've had them made, boxed up and under my desk all week and haven't even had time to venture downstairs to the post room!

    I've go 3 days off next week thank god!

    thanks again!

    Sian x

  27. what pretty finds!

    im not sure if you got me email address before for swapping details for the swap?

    i didnt want to leave it posted for too long.



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