Saturday, 9 May 2009

I Am An Olde Romantic....

Are you romantic, I think I am, or rather, I like to be romanced, and made to feel very special and told that I am loved every day. Now here at Home Sweet Home I am afraid romance left a long time ago. What with all the refurbishments that have been going on for months, romance and I love yous decided to up sticks and go walkies. Waking up to a big plastic sheet across the bedroom wall, half a tonne of plaster on the floor, unpainted walls, clothes in suitcases and plastic bags and bare breeze blocks doesn't entirely rock my boat and help me feel the passion. Looks like myself and Mr. Poppins have lost our mojo.

So I have to find my passion elsewhere and what better place than adding to my collection of vintage postcards, and 20 or so I chose depicting young lovers and romantic scenes. Are any of you in love with vintage postcards like me, I adore them I hope you like these, some of my favourites, too.

I think my first delightful couple have got engaged, what with the adoring way he is looking at her delicate finger.

Can anyone help me out with the translation.

Look at the way this fine fellow is gazing at her, my, how I wish to be gazed at like that again.

I wonder what this pretty lady is thinking, Ohooo I could think of some cheeky things ;)

A secret meeting perhaps, what wonderful and pretty roses.

Ohooo saucy.


Maybe we could get our mojo back.

I adore reading the beautiful writing, though do feel am being a little intrusive on these people's lives.
Maybe that is what Mr. Poppins and myself need to do, write a little love letter to say why we fell in love in the first place.

So hopefully these beautiful images can help bring forth the romance and we shall find our mojo again hidden amongst the sawdust and paint. Do you find time for romance in your lives.
Talking of painting I have gone a little pink mad, no really pink mad. My mum came to visit and saw some of my newly painted made over pretties outside in the sun and declared,

'Ohooo those are nice, lovely for big sister's bedroom.'

Well no, they are not for big sister, they are for me, to put my pretties on. Now I know not all of you are a lover of pink, though I am not ashamed to say I love pink, it's for me, cheery and pretty and sweet and cute.

I couldn't say goodbye without letting you see a couple of newly bought second hand pretties.
I seem to be having a thing about trays and I fell in love with a delightful Michael March one.

The wonderful florals.

A sweet little boy, only 50p bless him.

A very special photograph frame.

What beautiful words and perfect for someone I know.

And a couple of good olde fashioned Enid Blyton favorites.

Right I am off to find something I can paint pink :)



  1. The postcards are beautiful Mary, I don't think romance like that exists anymore x
    I'm in a very pink mood at the moment, would like to paint the bedroom pink but I don't think Rich or J will go for it, maybe the bathroom 'hehe'.
    Sparkly and glittery aswell, that's how i'm feeling maybe there's not enough sparkle in my life at the moment. Perhaps I could add glitter to the paint lol!
    The little boy is adorable, just the thing Jess and I are looking for for her room, so if you find anymore and decide to put them in your shop let me know sweetie so I can snap them up before anybody else does.
    I'm off to play with my scraps and glue, hope you're feeling a bit better hunni.
    Love and big squeezy ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  2. Hiya,

    I love the postcards you sent me, so beautiful!

    I'm not a huge fan of pink, only REALLY bright not muted. I know you are so how funny that the things I have made you are pink! :-)

    Btw, I will post them for you next week.

    Sian x

  3. Hiya hunni
    Your postcard collection is the greatest where do you find these. I'm sooo jealous

    A rough translation of the french text on the first postcard for you is ...
    In my heart I'm having troubles, Love is the crime and You are the culprit.
    Hope this helps
    Hope you are all well

    Hugs and kisses

  4. Only me again
    The text on the other postcard ( the one with roses on it) is written in spanish and reads ( again roughly translated)
    Before your seductive lips, Roses with vivid colours are dull.


  5. I don't think myself or dh are romantic at all but we do say I love you every day - aw!!
    Beautiful postcards and great finds. You are so lucky with your CS finds :)
    Looking forward to next week xxxx

  6. You have to let things out hunni, like you said the build is the worse bit. Thinking of you and always here for you xxx
    Isn't it funny how you can know what each other likes and yet never of met.
    Boy or girl, she wants to go for a bit of a kitsch theme in her room (grown up tacky lol).
    I've been looking for a little babysham deer aswell or something similar. Always the way, when you're looking you never find!
    Love and hugs
    Beki xxx

  7. Mary,
    I am thinking I'll have a blog just for family photo's. I'm a bit uncomfortable posting some of the things i have iyswim??
    Its so difficult as I want to share - my wedding for example - as I feel a lot of my fellow bloggers are friends but its so public??? I don't know - I need a think!!!
    (who needs pink is a reference to me and 5 boys!!! therefore a lot of blue lol!! there is nothing on there yet!!)
    also nobody in my 'real' life know about my blogging - and I googled something and my flipping blog came up at the top and I just feel a bit weird!!
    Anyways we can talk next week. Soooo excited xxx

  8. hang in there missy! if it's any consolation we have been here 12 years, over seven of them in a very basic caravan!! and still we are working on the house and the garden is a whole project of it's own!! but it will be so much your home it will be worth all the chaos and really it's true what they say - it does all come together all of a suddne so keep at it! can't wait to see the pics when it's all done - more pink more pink!

  9. you hit the nail on the head Mary xxx My friends don't get the excitement at getting a new pretty for your home for thruppence halpenny!!!
    1 friend loves her house as much as I love mine but she is new all the way or if old then 'proper' antique!!! (beautiful home and always tidy too - I should hate her lol) I sometimes see her squirm when I mention a 2nd hand quilt or plate!!
    So I need my forum and bloggy world!!

  10. What wonderful postcards.
    Ruth x

  11. I loved your postcards and your flowers. Great style - v-e-r-y feminine, I applaud you.
    Blessings, Star

  12. Oooh, love all your pretties, and I'm a romantic heart too!! Can't wait to see your pretty new bedroom when it's done. Thank you so much for the sweet comments today.
    ♥ Teresa

  13. Hi Mary,
    Congratulations on your new finds. I love the postcards and the tray (also the one from the previous post)
    Have a nice Mother's Day.


  14. What's romance! Stress, work and children seem to get in the way in our household!!
    Love the postcards and the little 50p boy - what a bargain, he's so sweet.
    Keep your chin up!

  15. I am a total romantic! I love your postcards and finds. xxxx

  16. Lovely goodies Mary.

    Hang in there with hubby - romance is wonderful and the fact that you are doing all this stuff together to make your dream home is real romance. Romance as a living thing!

    I love pink too!!

    April xx

  17. Those postcarsds are lovely - a real romantic bygone age that is a shame it is so different today.
    Good luck with the DIY!
    BH x

  18. What beautiful cards - you could chose one for us to post a caption. Although that could get out of hand! Funny though!

  19. I do love vintage postcards... and PINK!

    Victoria xxx

    PS I saved £125 in my money pot - not bad for somewhere I was just throwing my change.

  20. Beautiful postcards and I love the little boy he's so cute.
    Yvonne x

  21. Oh, I just love all those vintage postcards~ thanks for sharing! Just discovered your blog- an instant fan!!!


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