Thursday, 28 May 2009

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life....

I have been a little out of sorts lately, been a little under the weather, and with the house the way it is, am kind of getting used to these ups and downs I keep having. We take one step forward with the building work, things look pretty for a while, then more building work, 10 steps back and we are back in a building site once again.

I do feel a little brighter, the weather helps I know it, as does pretty fabric, and like so many of you, enjoy bringing new ones to my stash. Am already thinking of what pretties to make with it, no more fondling of the fabric here, need to be cutting and getting on with it :)

One little thing I enjoyed making was my first Morsbag I even made a little brooch to pretty it up, and I think looks really sweet. I love the ideas behind these Morsebags, I know I would rather put my groceries in one of these handmade pretties than an old tatty plastic bag. The one I made is going off to a lovely new home, hope you like it.

I have also been spoiling the children with little gifts. Computer games? no, new shoes? no, squash buckling DVDs? no, CDs? no, crocheted cushions? yes, however did you guess ;)

They shall look perfect in their pretty attic bedrooms and go so wonderfully with their CK wallpapers. Thank you so much Aunty Wainwright's Treasures for making them so lovingly, please do pop over to see what pretties there are on offer.

Master Poppins' shall look so sweet on his little bed.

And Miss. Poppins' looks like one of those delicious swirly lollipops and looks good enough to eat, it goes wonderfully with her Paris Rose wallpaper.

Am I the only one who adores getting little parcels in the post, especially when they are from a lovely friend who seems to know exactly what would light my eyes and bring a huge smile to my face. I had a little inkling that a certain someone had seen something that would be right down my street.

I was overwhelmed with how pretty they were and how special and loving of my friend to send them to me, knowing that I would love them, and boy did I love them :)

How sweet, how very, very sweet. I have fallen in love.

It is the eyes, like little pools of loveliness, I want to dive right in.

And look at the wonderful handmade button heart with baby blue ribbon, maybe this person knows I am thinking of someone very close to my heart at the moment, whose special anniversary is coming up, and maybe she also knows that this year I am finding it harder than ever before. Thank you dear friend, I shall treasure it :)

What fun and enjoyment I shall have learning from this wonderful Ann Ladbury's BBC 1976 Dressmaker book. Mitmot helped me when I was struggling with my first dress for Miss. Poppins, I am keen to make clothes for all of the Family and this fantastic book is exactly what I need.

Look at the wonderful fashions, I love the clothes form the 70s and would happily wear any of them in the book. It is a very thorough and brilliant book for a beginner like me, and I know shall be very well loved and used.

Thank you so much Mitmot, you are a very kind and thoughtful person, who seems to know me so well and who I really, really hope to meet one day :)

Is it me or is everyone going a little CK crazy. I am finding Ms CK everywhere I look, on TV, in magazines. I am now doing my best to slowly wean myself from buying as much CK as I do. I am realising that there are far better, cheaper alternatives out there. And dare I say it, and never thought I would, but when I hear the words CK, a rather long yawn befalls me. Ohooo dear, is someone going to jump out and tell me, " It was only a phase my dear "

Are you all as excited as ever over CK, or, like me, do you think the sparkle, originality and rawness that once was, has gone a little. I do love the odd little splash of her yumminess here and there though my purse isn't too fond of it ;)

I was glad therefore when I saw these little pretties in Mr TK Maxx, and all for a little over a fiver :)

I love Mr Maxx, and always seem to come away with something when I go there.

Pretty books. This one shall come in very handy, now I am a Great Aunty :)

Anything with the word floral in, and in the shopping trolley it goes.

What pretty little spoons.

Talking of pretties, look what a lovely friend gave me, knowing my love of all things shabby chic, and her not having any use for it anymore, I am now the new mummy/owner of a delightful little shabby chic plate rack. I have been looking for one for yonks and was so happy and delighted to have been given a very special gift from my friend. I treated her children to a couple of pretties which they thoroughly loved.

I am happy to announce that I have now finished my FRIENDS swap for you A Day In The Life Of A Krafty Gal and its on its merry way to you. I hope you like everything, I reckon I may not be the only one who has found this one a little tricky, I and D had me stumped for ages ;)

Enjoy your little pretties. If you would like to see what I sent do please visit the Krafty Gal, and keep your eyes peeled for the big unwrap ;)

Right, better get making the popcorn for I say Britain, you say talent, Britain's got talent, it's the DJ talent. :) :)



  1. Mary

    How clever are you, that bag is wonderful and yes so much nicer than a horrid plastic carrier bag!
    Those pictures, what can I say, they are gorgeous. I couldn't think of someone more deserving of such lovely gifts!
    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  2. Oooh, you have a lovely fabric stash there. And hasn't the bag turned out well? It is so pretty.

  3. wow what an amazing post. everything is so stunning the bag and brooch are stunning. im new to a alot of this ck stuff but i agree that there is alot of great cheaper alternitives out there if you are willing to look which is half the fun i think :) keep smiling xx

  4. Love the bag you made but I'm going to show my higgorance now Mary what is the difference between the morsebag? and a tote anyway whatever it is I love them both lol

    hope this find you a little brighter hun ...I know the bugs of building work no matter how much you think its all going to be worth it sometimes you just can't see it happening ..but it will and it will be wonderful.
    I know its a difficult time for you so am sending love and warm hugs to help you through xxxxx

  5. oh and I'm glad your seeing the light re: CK :)

  6. ok I'm no longer ignorant...I followed the link Duh!

  7. Are you being naughty again my lovely?
    I'm not the only one who should be keeping my eyes peeled though 'hehe'!
    Love and hugs
    Beki xxx

  8. Mary,
    I have missed your cheerful posts, and your beautiful photos. Your fabric stash is buiilding up very nicely indeed!! Gorgeous bag you made, and such pretties from Mitmot too :) and such a sweet button heart xx

    Oh and as for CK, I find that I go into the shops, but don't know what I actually want, but I have asked for a handbag for my birthday which is coming up!

  9. I love that bag you made, so pretty. I have a thing for bags myself! Yes CK is very expensive which is why I don't actually own a single piece, but I do love to look at it. I think those boxes are more than a good subsitiute. Good buying. I love a good buy over something expensive anyday!

  10. Darned DIY & building work - what we both need is that lovely Nick from DIY SOS to come & sort things out, or at least make us smile... Love your fabric stash & envious of your sewing talent... Enjoy your lovely gifts, you deserve them.
    Love Lydia xx

  11. Such very pretty things on your post. I loved the shopper bags and the little brooch on one of them. You have an eye for the flowers too, don't you.
    Blessings, Star

  12. You have alot of pretties posted there for us today. I love your bag!! I've been thinking of making a few of these myself because there is talk of a tax on plastic bags over here. Yea like we need another tax. ;) I'm loving your fabric stash, I'm addicted to fabric, and for the CK stuff? I'm sorry, I"m in love with her fabrics, we don't get to see them here in Texas and they're soooo hard to come by. I did order a catalog just haven't quite figured out the money conversion and if it's worth the shipping. ;) So, I admit I'm in love with her fabric. ;) Hope you have a super evening.
    ♥ Teresa

  13. i am super super excited about this swap even more now after seeing them all wrapped up like that!!
    im sure i will love everything!
    i had me really stumped too for a while....sticking to those letters was hard!i kept seeing things that i wanted to get you,but they wouldnt fit to the letters!!grr

    ha,d.j talent.he made me chuckle.

    have a fun day whatever you get up to!


  14. Hi Mary
    The bag is wonderful and such a lovely post. I'm struggling with crochet so maybe buying some crochet cushions will be my answer!
    Hope life picks up for you very soon.

  15. i love the bag.. it sure gives ck a run for her money!
    i agree about getting a tad bored with her now. its because we are able to find genuine vintage pieces very similar but for so much cheaper!!!

    yes my picture is an albert williams one.. its the only one ive ever come across and although its quite dark it fits perfect !!

  16. A lovely post Mary, all the goodies you have shown us are gorgeous, the cushions are brilliant...I want one now! Your bag is perfect, these fabric bags are so useful now that we have to pay for a carrier in M&S, I do get the hump if I have to pay for a bag and I have forgotten mine. The fabric stash is very pretty too.
    The waether does help, I have so enjoyed a bit of sunshine.
    Hopefully off camping this weekend!
    Have a lovely weekend MAry,
    Carol xxx
    I am glad that you are a bit brighter, building work is a bit of a nightmare to live with. Everything will look lovely when finished and I am looking forward to you showing us.

  17. what a lovely post of lots of lovely things my eyes are spoilt :-)
    love the CK boxes how long ago was it that you got them? i do agree as you know about the whole CK thing but your right a little bit here and there is the best option!!
    hope your well and hope we see you soon!

  18. Dear Mary,

    all the thinks you are creating and all the photos on your Blog make me fell good!I think your heart is full of groove.

    Have a sunny day!

  19. wow, your first Morsbag looks great, the flower is a nice touch. I've been making bags since July last year and I'm up to 41 at the moment, and I've just ordered some more labels for my bags. (the label is the difference between a tote bag and a Morsbag)
    Have you registered a pod on the Morsbag website, mine is Barnsley Blog Bags, and if you look on my Flickr link on my blog you can see all 41 bags I've made. Welcome to Morsbaggging,
    Josie x

  20. Hmm it is the 2nd week in June :) but don't be silly sending me anything, you are too lovely and generous Mary xx

  21. I must be alone then with just window shopping in CK.
    I love it all, just never find anything I truly want!


  22. Such lovely pretties Mary and thanks for featuring my cushion covers ... hope you don't mind but I've put a link to this post in my blog shop. Have a lovely weekend x

  23. The bag is lovely especially finished off with the pretty brooch! I also adore the crochet cushions! Lisax

  24. Mr Maxx certainly did you proud - the boxes are lovely!

    I must make a note to pop in one day soon.


  25. I went in my first CK shops the other week and I must admit I was astonished that people actually pay those prices for things. My totes are much better than hers and for a fraction of the cost! (If I may say so myself) Plus there is too much the same - nothing really original. But that is my own personal opinion.

    I've enjoyed your lovely chatty post. :-)

  26. lovely bags and cushions :-)

    just to let you know, I have nominated you for an award at my blog :-)

    Rose XXX

  27. Lovely lovely post Mary!

    Sam xx

  28. Fabulous cushions Mary, they will look so lovely.

    Hope you've had a great weekend,

    Victoria x

  29. I love your cushions. I have similar ideas to make for my 2 kids as well. I also love the bag and thanks for the link, a friend made me one and would have linked it ages and ages ago and I was thinking just the other day that I couldn't remember the link and there you are with it!

  30. the morsbag is great - i have made over 200 of them now, in fact the one i sent in your swap last year was a morsbag, so glad you liked the pictures and other bits
    M xx


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