Thursday, 2 April 2009

UJ Love And Lost And found....

Mmmmm am I taking the UJ love a little too far do you think, though at 99p from a lovely CS, couldn't resist. Gap too ;)

I had wanted the Matalan Mat for a wee while.

And I love these cute little cotton bags from M&S in their Food To Go range, they are so cute, £1.00, and I think make lovely little gifts and are perfect for your little sandwich and drink.

And then something to clean the dishes with.

Thank you Ludabelle for helping me find these too, I saw some on Ludabelle's lovely blog and thought they looked really pretty and asked her where they were from.

What do you really think of the UJ love, is it for you.

I have made a lovely purchase, these adorable hangers with their pretty hand knitted covers, I am so pleased and had wanted them for a while, they were lovingly made by Raspberry Grace and she has some really pretty beauties in her Shop please have a little look. Thank You Raspberry Grace I am so happy.

Some of you may know I have lost my pretty engagement ring, I am not giving up hope, it has been five months I think now since I had it, I have had the brilliant suggestion of hiring a metal detector to find it, and have heard some wonderful stories of people loosing their precious items of jewellrey and then them tuning up years later :)

Here it is, a very similar one, to give you an idea of what it looks like, if you see it looking a little lost you shall keep it for me won't you ;)

Talking of precious things being found, I thought I had lost my special Tiara I wore for my wedding day, nearly ten years ago, and I don't remember seeing it for maybe two years. Well I found it a few days ago looking as pretty as it did on my wedding day, looking beautiful on Miss. Poppins :)

So there it is, proof indeed, my ring may turn up you never know.



  1. Oh what a shame about your ring, I hope you find it soon, I would be lost without mine. Those coat hangers are gorgeous, I'm off to check out that blog shop now. Hope you have a fab weekend.
    Hugs Pixie xxxxx

  2. Oh my goodness, I know exactly how you feel about your missing ring...My husband threw mine out with the rubbish - that sounds a bit dramatic (!) but when I was in hospital after having the little munchkin my fingers were a little swollen, so I put it in a little box for him to take it home, we can only think that he threw it out with present wrappings... Anyway, good ending to story is that luckily it was covered on our household insurance and he felt so bad (blame the post partum hormones) that he bought me an even more beautiful ring!!
    Fingers crossed that you find it/are insured!!
    xxx Steph
    ps. loving the flag love! x

  3. Ooooh, I have UJ envy!
    That t-shirt is too cool and I MUST MUST MUST have one for my little man lol but what is CS or am I being dim?
    I've been after one of those doormats for a while but not been able to get one and the little M&S bags are lovely.
    Do you think maybe we're taking it a bit too far 'hehe'.
    I'm sure your ring will turn up when you're least expexting it, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Beki xxx

  4. oh I need one of the M&S bags ! where did you get it from? which M&S I mean :-)
    Master P looks ever so cute that was a good find wasnt it!
    and of course i love the doormat i just need to find mine after the winds took it away LOL
    love hangers as well i wondered who bought them :-)

  5. Such a shame about the missing ring, i pray that you find it.

    I love the UJ bits - i think it's good to keep Britain great. I have that teatowel on my birthday list. Did you see the UJ shorts on my post?


  6. Gorgeous tiara Mary xxx Fab taste as always xx
    I have a lotta UJ love going on - you must tell me where the EOI paper chain UJ's are from:)
    I got a few of the little bags and have indeed given as presents xx

  7. I think you know I love UJs at the moment, they are the new thing at the moment! Master Poppins really reminds me of Cruz Beckham in that photo...thats a bit random sorry! Well done on getting the coathangers they are lovely arent they. Will keep my fingers crossed that your ring turns up soon xx

  8. I've been wanting a matalan uj mat for ages and ages! Now I am jealous ;-)

    So sorry to hear you have misplaced the ring - hope it appears very soon for you.

  9. ooh thanks Mary we are going to JL on Saturday in Norwich to spend our wedding spondules :)
    very excited about that xxx
    I have one friend who I'm not really sure how she'll take the old handmade easter thing rather than a kit kat egg!! But this year I care not a jot - Claire isn't buying eggs!!

  10. Oh Mary I really hope your ring turns up, loving little mans shirt.
    But I want to see your cushion. i asked in M&S today about those bags and they said they had never herd of them.

  11. Hope your ring turns up soon - one of the small people may have tucked it away somewhere safe - they can be like little magpies sometimes. The UJ bags are in the M & S Food Halls as they are meant to be for the food to go - I have had to get another as my daughter half inched the first one I had. They are a real handy size for popping in WIP - I have a crochet project in mine at the mo. Debbie x

  12. Love the UJ loveliness!
    My mum lost the diamond from her engagement ring and found it months later in the bottom of my brothers sock drawer! and my friend lost their keys from their trunks pocket while swimming in the sea and found them 2 days later on the pebble beach 2 beaches away - so there is hope! Hoping it turns up for you! It's very lovely btw
    Lottie x

  13. i lost my engagement ring 6 months ago too!
    its annoying as i dont know if its in the house somewhere or if it fell off when i was outside =(most upseting.
    im sure yours will turn up.

    btw i love your union jack goodies


  14. I do hope you ring turns up - such a shame to lose such a beautiful ring.

    I'm loving the UJ's too! I saw some gorgeous UJ summer bunting on Posy's blog a while back - I really want some!

    Willow x

  15. I really hope you find your ring; it’s nice you have not given up on finding it!
    I am loving all the UJ bits, it seems to be everywhere at the mo!
    I felt like I was famous seeing my blog mentioned on your post! :0)
    Have a lovely weekend you and your family!
    Love Lou xxx

  16. Oh gosh, I do hope that you will find it! I once lost a pearl earring and have never really recovered from the loss...! It taught me to be so very careful with my jewellery..

    Have a lovely week-end Mary!


  17. I hope you find your ring soon Mary, but loving that you found your tiara after so long, it's really pretty.

    Love and blessings

  18. Thank you for reminding me I really do need to get myself into M&S and pick up one of those cute UJ bags!!!!

    Victoria xx

  19. I lurve the UJ paper chains hun, you must tell me where you got it from it would be fab in DS room instead of bunting :)
    Sorry about your ring hunny :( I lost a fiver today :( (not saying that my fiver is as bad as your ring BTW :) )

  20. sorry to hear about your ring. Look through all your clothes that have pockets - especially coats. Also check your washing machine filter. You can google how to do that on the internet! good luck!

    Love emma x

  21. I hope your ring does turn up. How sad. There must be so many lost special rings out there.
    I love your UJ bits and pieces... I've just bought myself a mat. I like seeing it everywhere. xxx

  22. I do hope you have a happy ending with your special ring .....and as for UJs I like your DS T shirt and even the M&S bag but thats where I stop lol .....but I was thinking of painting a UJ box as it is so popular. oh and Pips hangers are just glorious she is so danm clever that woman!!

  23. I do hope you find your ring Mary
    I love to read your blog and I would like to email you I have a pic I think you would like
    I live in Maryborough QLD Australia the home of Mary Poppins
    my email is
    hugs Beth

  24. There's an award for you on my blog

    April xx

    PS glad you liked your goodies! xx

  25. You UJ items look great - I don't dare start loving anything else, just no room for more! Hope you find your ring soon, how heartbreaking to have lost it.
    Lucy x

  26. Really hope you find your ring . Lovely blog , thanks .

  27. Thank you for your birthday wishes yesterday, I had a lovely day.

    Don't worry I will posting photos of some of my fabulous pressies, I was thoroughly spoilt and still haven't had a moment to sit and "play" with them!

    I love Chanels Rouge Noir too, I love Chanel's nail varnish. My manicurist said how they're one of the better polishs for your nails.

    For info the polish I'm wearing in my photo is Dark Angel by MAC. IT's a great colour.

    Victoria xxx

  28. Hiya,

    You won my gievaway! Can you email me your address and I'll send you some bits and bobs. I have to make them first though so not sure when you'll get the just yet.



  29. I once lost my engagement ring in between getting out of the car and picking the boys up from school I was covinced it had fallen down a drain never to be seen again, hubby found it whilst cleaning the car, wedged in between the runner of the passanger seat even though I was sat in the drivers seat at the time....wierd!! I do hope it turns up for you!!
    I'm loving all your UJ items and the hangers are gorgeous, love the colours!
    Happy Easter to you all......Claire xx

  30. I love Mary Poppins, so when I saw the name of your blog I had to pop in. :) It's lovely.
    I sure hope you find your ring. I would be sick over it too. Glad you found your tiara. And a lovely one at that. I wore a tiara for my wedding also, it's home is on my husbands dresser. Yes i took over that flat surface too.
    Hope you have a lovely day.
    God Bless, Molly


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