Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Little Man....

I know the little man in my life can drive me mad sometimes, but Master. Poppins you really are the most precious, sweet, adorable, funny, talented, gentle, handsome, polite, friendly, and loving little thing I know.

It is hard to remember that your Daddy's wedding ring could have been your little bracelet when you born 11 weeks early. I so wish I had been awake to see you born but know they had to get you out quick. Daddy had been sent home and was called back the minute he stepped through the front door, he got there as you were being wheeled out of theatre.

You were like a little bird, a little bird that needed nurturing.

Looking into Daddy's eyes.

Every time I held you I didn't want to put you back.

I wanted to hold you forever.

Special time with your big sister.

Your delicate little face.

Having a joke with your daddy.

I know it was getting you down being in the SCBU and you wanted to be home, but you were being well looked after by all the kind nurses. It made us all giggle when we saw your little gesture in this photograph.

Even the premature size baby grows looked humongous on you.

Your fist day out in some fresh air.

And look at you now Master Poppins, I am so proud of how far you have come, now 2, a big boy and a very happy, most of the time ;) little boy.

I love with you with all my heart, you mean the world to me and I ....well I wanted to tell you that, so you don't forget how much I love you.

And if your big sister is reading this, well, you know I love you too, you are my little princess, a mini me ;) Well almost, as my tantrums can give yours a run for their money.



  1. (((Mary))) what a beautiful post.
    Thank you.

    Love and blessings

  2. What a lovely post!
    Your gorgeous little man was so tiny, not like my beefy 8lb babies lol!
    Love the bottom picture of Miss Poppins.
    Love and hugs
    Beki xxx

  3. The word verification is 'bless'.
    I like that as I was just thinking 'ahhh bless them'.
    Beki xxx

  4. Such a gorgeous and very special post. Thankyou for sharing such lovely special photos with us. Your little man is adorable :) and miss poppins photo too! XX

  5. What a beautiful beautiful post with wonderful pictures of your little man and of course your princess xxx

  6. That was gorgeous, it brought a tear to my eye.

    Your little boy reminds me of my eldest, he had the same haircut at that age and a stripy cardi like that. I wish he'd never decided to cut his hair - i lost my little boy that day!! Still now i have a handsome young man (as he prefers!!)

  7. Oh my, they are both simply adorable, you must be very proud!

    As the mother of a teenager I think I recognise that look! LOL

    God bless you all,

    Love, Rasp xx

  8. Oh I have just had a look at the new photos in your sidebar and your UJ cushion is gorgeous, and the boat shelves :) lovely Mary, they are fab xx

  9. What a handsome little man, and a lovely little lady!!!
    These are beautiful pictures,and hasn't little man come on a long way, bless him!!!
    My son was 9lb 2oz!!! ouch!!!!

    Sharon xx

  10. beautiful, such precious memories. Mary you brought tears to my eyes.


    April xx

  11. What a beautiful little man you have, such a fighter bless him!
    Miss Poppins looks adorable.....the look says it all!
    Claire xx

  12. You have beautiful children and they obviously make your heart sing with joy (((hugs)))

  13. What a beautiful post. My family were only saying on Saturday how lucky we have all been with our babies, grandkids and greatgrandkids. That must have been a very worrying time for you all. What a lovely pair! Isn't it great to spoil them. SueX

  14. GORGEOUS!!!!
    what a delicate little thing he was.. and how robust he looks now.. children are amazing creatures arnt they ( most of the time!!)
    lovely post mary..

  15. that is so lovely :-)

    my daughter was 7 weeks premature and very ill when she was born. They kept her in for a whole month. Your post has brought back memories of the smallest newborn nappies being too big, and us being so impressed when she began to feed just 1ml of milk at a time!

    Glad to hear your little one (like mine) is now big and happy and full of energy :-)

    Rose XXX

  16. aaawww how lovely - you have two of the most lovely gorgeous children i have ever had the pleasure to meet :-)

  17. He was (and still is!) gorgeous, I love the picture of him and his daddy having a laugh, and the one in the stripey hat. Your little girl is lovely too.

    Mel xxx

  18. Ohh what a sweet and caring post, thank you for sharing!


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  20. Sooooooooooooo tiny!
    Such a beautiful post and what gorgeous children you have!

    Mary how could you use the F word, I am so glad it’s not just me who laughs when people fart. ;0)

    I hope you and your lovely family have a fab weekend…love Lou xxx

  21. Only just caught up here Mary ... what beautiful photos of your precious little boy! The ones in the hat are my favourite - he's so very sweet and I can understand how very, very treasured he is.

    As for the photo of Miss Poppins ... well, fabulous, that's definitely one to show the boyfriends later on in her life!!

    Willow xx

  22. I had a little look on ebay for the fabric you mentioned, and it is indeed very similar, the blue background looks the same colour. Very petty! Thankyou for letting me know xx

  23. Totally and utterly cute!

    He is such a lovely boy and your little girl is super too!
    Have a super weekend Mary!xxx

  24. Hello Mary, such a beautiful post, your little man is a real cutie,
    Bertie x

  25. Oi I don't need to cry at the weekend you trickster! Really, really lovely post. Squeeze from me to you.

    Love Emma xxxxxx

  26. Such a touching post and what wonderful pictures to have shared with us. How proud you and Mr Poppins must be of your two little Poppins.xx

  27. What a beautiful story and pics, thank you for sharing with all of us xxx

  28. Gosh those pictures brought back memories of NICU,the smalls were born at 32 weeks not as early as your darling but early enough.The staff in them are angels arent they :o)
    I still have some of the tiny clothes,the smalls chortle at them when I hold them up & say you wore this & it was too baggy!!
    Precious days indeed & how blessed we all are to have such precious smalls
    GTM x xx

  29. How precious!!! Your little boy sure looks like he's grown to be a happy healthy lil guy, I'm so glad. My little boy just turned 3 last month so I couldn't help but tear up when I read this post.
    You should be very proud, you have 2 very beautiful little children.

  30. Oh what a lovely post. It brought a tear to my eye as my almost 20 year old son is being a pain right now and it only seems like yesterday that he was born!


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