Friday, 24 April 2009

Go On look In The Skip, I Dare You. And Thank You Clare....

Do you like skips, well I do. Yes I know they are not much to look at though these days you can get pretty pink ones which I think are rather nice. Yes I love skips though much prefer what may be lurking inside. And hey if our very own Kirstie Allsopp can do it then I don't see why little olde me can't too.

So when I saw a friendly looking lady heaving this into her skip outside her home I couldn't resist asking if I could give it a new home. She was delighted that I could give it a new home and I also asked for a pretty wicker stool too.

Here it is now hopefully looking pretty in Miss. Poppins Attic Bedroom. I have painted it and lined the back with the Paris Rose wallpaper.

Some of her pretties. The pretty little initial was lovingly handmade for Miss. Poppins by Little Gem's World for a swap we did.

And here is the stool, which I gave a little paint job and made a pretty cushion for.

So next time you see a skip, you never know what may be lurking inside and don't forget your yellow gripper gloves a la advice from Kirstie Allsopp ;) I would love to know what you think of her new programme.

Happy Hunting :)

I have been so very touched and moved by a wonderful handmade gift that has come my way from the delightful Clare Clare wanted to make me a special personalised heart and I asked kindly if she could make a little heart that I knew would make me smile every time I looked at it. It has been lovingly handmade in memory of a very, very special little person and has indeed made me smile, it is truly beautiful.

Look how beautifully it was wrapped and the most exquisite handmade and embroidered name tag.

Wrapped in one of my favourite prints.

I was thoroughly overwhelmed by its beauty.

Gorgeous ric rac edging.

A very special feather.

And its little home, in the children's room where it belongs :)

Clare it is a wonderful and special gift. I know you know how much it shall mean to me and my family. Thank you so dearly.



  1. It never ceases to amaze me what some people chuck out .. looks lovely and that slice of cake looks good enough to eat. Keep on rummaging x

  2. Mary, the heart is beautiful. How lovely and sweet of Claire and clever, mustn't forget clever.
    What a lucky find with the unit and stool and you've made it look so pretty, well done you.
    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  3. What a fantastic skip find! I def need to do this when I move out.

    I'm enjoying Kirsty's program so far but I do think some of the "crafts" are obscure.

    What a thoughtful gift, bloggers never cease to amaze me with their kindness.

    Victoria x

  4. It is amazing what some folks throw away, one mans junk is another mans treasure! I love the website Freecycle, you get some wonderful things from there.

    Take Care
    Love Melanie xx

  5. Well...some of the things that people throw away! They really can't have much imagination eh?
    Lucky for you though!! ;-)

  6. I've gone all goosey over the heart. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift, and the fact it is so darn gorgeous is just a bonus xxx

  7. I think that heart is just about the cutest most perfect little heart I have ever seen! Claire is blimmin amazing!! Love the skip makeover too :)

  8. what a fab job you have done with the bookcase and stool!! they look so pretty :-)
    and the heart from clare is beautiful and very special indeed
    lesley x

  9. Well done what fab finds!! You've made then up really nicely. Yes i will be on look out for goodies in skips since watching Kirstie. I really enjoyed last nights episode, and i think she is really lovely. xx

  10. Still loving your makeover - you are better than kirstie any day xxx:)
    The beautiful heart has just made me well up - its just gorgeous, how lovely of Clare xxx

  11. I love skip diving its a great way to spend a few hours.:-)
    I love love love what you have done with your skip treasures, Lovely.:-)
    The heart is adorable, well done claire.

    Oh and a message for D, i am 149 years old, but please do not tell mummy because it should be our secret...[ok, you can tell mummy, cos we mustnt have secrets from our parents, but you must make her pledge alleigence to the *save the angel society* He he he heheeee].
    Thank you for leaving a message on my blog, i love hearing from you... oh and your mummy.:-)

    Love and mahosive hugs. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

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  13. You lucky lady - Clare's gift is stunning ... if you would like a love letter just let me know what you would like and I can make one up any time

  14. OOO lucky you, that wicker unit is fab!!

    that heart is so beautiful too :-)

    April xx

  15. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for leaving a comment. It is fun to read what people think of when they think of Holland. I had the idea to incorporate that into the give-away when I was typing the text for the post.
    Have a nice and sunny weekend.

  16. What a beautifully made blue heart and what a beautifully thought out gift.

    It took my breath away.


  17. Oh ... and I forgot to mention the delightful skip wickery!

    It looks wonderful!

    I got some kitchen doors and cupboards from a skip and someone's front lawn once (cupoards cost a tenner).

    Well done Mary! xx

  18. You've got to have the eyes to see the potential though if you want to go skip diving or thrifting. You certainly have - love the wicker stuff!

  19. I spotted a wicker chair thrown into a skip coming back from the petrol station but didn't have the guts to go and look! Its rained since so I bet its gone all sqidgy.
    You've done a lovely job with yours, brilliant

  20. How lucky that you were passing and saved those from the skip - they look wonderful. I feel so touched by your post about the heart. What a lovely thing to make - perfectly thought out and crafted. And very special. xxx

  21. Owww! fabulous skip finds sweetie, loving the new look you've given them too.
    And your prety heart is just lovely.
    Hope you've had a good weekend.
    Much love,

    Catherine x

  22. Hi there, I was just wondering, do you know of anyone who is looking for a swap partner? I am longing to join in on this swapping lark, so any help you could give me would be greatly appriciated.

    Thanks So Much
    Melanie xx

  23. WOW!
    It looks amazing too!
    How do people throw things like that away?

    Sam xx

  24. You have made those skip finds look like new, well done. I am so inspired by kirsty Allsopp's new programme...the credit crunch has made even the TV programme makers jump on the bandwagon of thrift!

  25. Ohh what a sweet little heart...

    And good job on finding those lovely things in the skip! How sweet!



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